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  1. Mmmmm Testors, used it to put model cars together, back in the day.
  2. Just thinking out loud here, more buying power for the people and more value for the Dinar for international investment might get there economy hauling butt even faster and promote more diversification. RV maybe an option???
  3. Mom said to me, “ I’m sick” Then I said “and tired”, worst beating I ever got.
  4. Ok, we have teams to come in and teach them military tactics and strategies. We have teams to come in and do EMS response and train them to do it themselves. why don’t we have teams of CPA’s and accountants to come in and audit books and teach them to not sign checks to crooked politicians projects. in conjunction with teams of lawyers, judges,executioners and repo men to eradicate the thieving sob’s
  5. alreis

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    If it is not preceded by a $, it does not make any sense to them
  6. alreis

    XE Heart Attack

    We found the cop in the crowd! Got your back brother
  7. alreis

    XE Heart Attack

    Why go to bed! If that text happens I will not sleep for days
  8. Time to impound politicians bank accounts, all of them. Require the account owners to show paper trail of there assets and funds. Time for across the board lifestyle audits?
  9. Is it time to do Rickard’s Ice 9 protocol in Turkey? Freeze all financial institutions.
  10. Great, they went from #16 corrupt to #12 corrupt. Uhmmmm ain’t they going the wrong direction? And I guess we know who got all that loan money, Barzani, Maliki and friends
  11. My soon to be ex thinks Dinar is a scam. In the financial discovery papers she sure is wanting money from it now. Selfish and greedy POS.
  12. alreis


    I’m 6 yrs away from my 3rd anniversary of my 22nd birthday.

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