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  1. I’m confused, in the world I live in, when I worked construction, I had to show a paper trail showing all suppliers and subcontractors and employees were paid before I got the final payment. How are these politicians getting all this money? Why are these banks using accountants that can’t follow a paper trail full of fraud and embezzlement? Why are they not doing a life style audit, forcing these thieves to prove where there money came from? Are these guys taking on apprentices? Im willing to learn!
  2. Give the people away to earn a living. Give the people a reason to be proud of where they live. Give the people a currency that can be carried in there pocket or purse. Give the people the right to bear arms and no terrorist will mess with them.
  3. Where do I sign up for an advance on my IQD investment?
  4. I guess I still dont understand how any growth can occur when a countries funds are diverted to a politicians bank account. In Iraq’s case, multiple politicians bank accounts!
  5. Why not link it to gold? worked for us until Nixon changed it.
  6. alreis

    support trouble

    On an iPad now, using Brave browser and not having any problem. no problem using Safari either.
  7. Exactly, that is the way this country has operated for centuries. You want something done, for example senate and congress retirement benefits, tie it to a bill giving taxpayers a tax refund. It will pass faster than food through a goose. just remember, when the bill is printed make the pork in very small print.
  8. Can I have a 40 yr note to pay my debt with? lets see, I’m 60 now, that means I would be, well, dead before I paid it all back.
  9. I’m totally ready to retire, Jan 1st would be very nice start to the rest of my life.
  10. As I recall, Iraq flames off there gas and spill crude all over the place and leave it. when they decided to be environmentally friendly they can pay for improvements from there corrupt politicians accounts.
  11. Mmmmm Testors, used it to put model cars together, back in the day.
  12. Just thinking out loud here, more buying power for the people and more value for the Dinar for international investment might get there economy hauling butt even faster and promote more diversification. RV maybe an option???
  13. Mom said to me, “ I’m sick” Then I said “and tired”, worst beating I ever got.
  14. Ok, we have teams to come in and teach them military tactics and strategies. We have teams to come in and do EMS response and train them to do it themselves. why don’t we have teams of CPA’s and accountants to come in and audit books and teach them to not sign checks to crooked politicians projects. in conjunction with teams of lawyers, judges,executioners and repo men to eradicate the thieving sob’s

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