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  1. Mother Nature made a vaccine many millennia ago. It is called Vitamin C.
  2. Vitamin C is the future of health care. studies have shown it is very affective at boosting the immune system and allowing our bodies to fight the flu and win. to fight all diseases and win. the studies are out there, the internet makes it possible for all to discover and read.
  3. IMO if Allawi came out and did something monumentally in favor of the people/demonstrators, then he may have a chance at succeeding. Would love to see him bring Maliki to court and nail that SOB.
  4. Where ever your family and friends are, you are also. Much appreciated intel.
  5. Maybe I am ignorant or simple minded but, the only thing of value and interest we have in the Middle East is our own US Military personal. So, why not just pack up and leave? There is nothing else more valuable than human life. Get our kids home. Leave the rest for the indigenous life forms to fight it out amongst themselves, winner gets it all.
  6. Maybe Iraq should hire us to take down all the corrupt players and the people can get on with there lives! Then RV by 1700 hrs on Friday? just thinking out loud
  7. ”first indicators and effects on the financial and banking situation are the low level of deposits, the high level of withdrawals, the occurrence of fluctuations in exchangerates and the local value of currencies Nationalism andthe widening of the phenomenon of unemployment, therefore, these circumstances make it necessary for our banks to adopt conservative policies and strategies in the field of credit and lending in addition to activating the roles of oversight departments in a significant way and in what contributes to reading the economic situation” Let's look at all the crooks making withdrawals and depositing offshore. Then let's get that local value of currencies up in value and begin bringing in investors that will ultimately employ more citizens. Just a thought
  8. WOW, you just can’t fix stupid. Dear Santa All I want for Christmas is to trade the lives of the Iraqi citizens with the lives of all the government officials and there corrupt cronies.
  9. Or do you mean a flatulence from the dollar? inquiring minds want to know.
  10. here is what Maliki is doing. ERBIL — A number of the major political factions of Iraq convened on Thursday to discuss the ongoing anti-government protests across the country, after which they agreed to hold snap elections. According to media reports, the meeting between Iraqi President Barham Salih and political leaders brought the sides together on several decision, including holding an early election, amending the constitution as necessary, amending the Law of Elections, introducing immediate reforms, and protecting the protesters. Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi, Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi, National Security Advisor Falih Fayadh, former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and head of Bard Organization Hadi al-Ameri were present at the meeting.
  11. “- The meeting approved the formation of a committee of Iraqi experts, who are known for complete independence, integrity, diligence and vigilance of conscience to develop a national strategic program to diagnose the problems of the state system in the political, economic, financial, legislative and cultural fields and propose possible solutions. Respect the work and results of the Committee by all state institutions and the forces in force.“ As I pick myself off of the floor from falling off my chair laughing so hard. No where in Iraq do such individuals exist or reside. Be nice if these nards would take the demonstrators serious and get something done to help the people.
  12. Iraq youth want and need jobs, sounds to me a military career would be very much appreciated at this time.
  13. Everything that has happened is what is needed to propel this country to prosperity. International currency has to happen to bring all of the demands to fruition. The loss of life and injuries at the hands of the government is abominable. The PM should resign. The judicial needs to step up and prosecute the corrupt. The government needs to be locked into the cafeteria and forgotten about. The new government Should be elected and not paid until the citizens approve there pay checks.
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