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  1. They can have my junky money and give me the benefit of trading IQD for XRP at 1 iqd : 3.22 xrp
  2. The mechanism is simple, get the corruption under control and make it a profitable environment for investors and “they will come”.
  3. ok, i am lost now. if you have a value of $3.22/1 IQD and you change it to $1/ 1190 IQD, why can you lower the value but not raise the value?
  4. Great, now all of my gains from IQD will be lost in tax hikes from all this free money.
  5. I think, JMO , this is major necessity. KYC/AML require this type of approach to bring in a gold backed, blockchain financial coin
  6. What is wrong with virtual sessions? Group of thieves. Using this time to hide there spoils
  7. I wish it was a 1/10 of a penny, I would take that.
  8. Except, the likely location of the 37 billion is in the hands of Maliki and his buds!
  9. Is that early retirement I am smelling on the wind? Could be thanksAdam
  10. Treasury Vault buying for $1000 this morning. Apparently more people are thinking like us
  11. As I look at my email this morning I see Treasury Vault wants to buy my IQD for $950. Hmmmmmm very interesting
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