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  1. Hmmmm, they continue to flare gas, why don’t they revalue there currency. Hire companies to come in and work around the clock to capture the gas to power the generators to power the country!! No need for Iran at that point. No need for exemptions. Apparently the KISS principle is unheard of in the Middle East.
  2. The biggest problem they have is the shear number of corrupt government employees. They cannot possibly have enough prisons or secured space to detain the 100’s of thousands of corrupt people. The employee training facilities cannot possibly be large enough to train a new work force. Nor be staffed by honest instructors. IMHO they have a catch 22 to the highest degree. They need to remove corruption, but the replacements will be under trained and soon be so overwhelmed that they to will become corrupt. Without an RV the new staff will become as dejected as the current corrupt staff and soon realize you can’t beat city hall.
  3. “The report said that "the Iraqi community is waiting for the first meeting of the second legislative term of the Iraqi parliament on the fifth of March next, as it is expected to be full of important files. He pointed out that "the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbousi issued a ban on the leaves of deputies during the second legislative term, while decided to take action against MPs absent." “ Sure hope Halbousi stands behind this and enforces it. People need to know that someone is there to fight for them. These politicians need to put out or get out.
  4. About the only surprise I want to see is my financial status vastly improved and the door hitting my bum on the way out from both of my part time jobs.
  5. About time some progress on corruption. Now, let’s set aside these reimbursements and use it for the RV payouts.
  6. He is feeling guilty about all the billions of dollars he stole or trying to cover his bum because investigators are ready to put the noose around his neck.
  7. I, for one, would be very happy with a resolution to this adventure, BUT, the voluminous corruption is not under control to meet outsider investment needs, of course that is my opinion. I would dearly love to see there prisons, over populated with bureaucrats and there ill got funds returned to the people.
  8. Corruption, in Iraq, big news. Who would have thought that possible.
  9. I would think, if they round up all of the corrupt politicians and put them on bicycles with the little generator against the wheel, remember those as a kid to power the little light, they could probably generate the 1200 megawatts Iran is providing them.
  10. Why would any company invest in corruption? i feel one of the problems here is the velocity of there currency. So much of it goes into politician pockets and is moved out of the country in an attempt to conceal. If the people had pocket change the way the politicians do, there economy would take off in a whirlwind of activity and prosperity for all. Just saying, I know if my Dinar RV’d I would enjoy a rather robust period of high speed spending to get caught up on all that I have done without for 60 years.
  11. I will believe it when I have a pile of non Iraq currency in my hand that is great than or equal to the number of Dinar that I have.
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