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  1. Whaaat? Oh c'mon. (.. major friggin' eye roll..) I live in NC and no, this can't be true. There's no way Iraqi, Canadian and Mexican troops are going to be bouncing around NC and I can't imagine for a minute they'd be "greeted" with a big welcome. Liberate North Carolina?? Haha...
  2. I can't help but think there might be a translation issue here? Making a 1,000 dinar bill to a 1 dinar bill is not what we're looking for. Isn't that devaluing the currency even more? (dare I say a LOP) Maybe it's a timing thing.. they make the dinar 1:1 with the USD and then over time drop the zeros? Or, they drop the zeros first and then make the dinar 1:1... that would make our 25k's just enough to buy a extra large pizza. I certainly don't want to believe that. I think we need a little more clarification on this conjunction junction translation malfunction. 🙄
  3. Holy! The guy in the front of the line sure looks amazingly over-fed. Here's a military plan... throw donuts at them.
  4. HeyJonesy


    § 987. Branch transactions. In the case of any taxpayer having 1 or more qualified business units with a functional currency other than the dollar, taxable income of such taxpayer shall be determined— Is this the corporations we set up? (business units) USCO is a calendar year taxpayer. UK is a QBU for section 987 purposes and conducts a foreign trade or business in pounds with a Pound functional currency for both U.S. GAAP and U.S. federal income tax purposes. USCO complies with section 987 based on the method set forth in the 1991 proposed regulations. Ordinary income or loss. Section 987 gain or loss is ordinary income or loss for Federal income tax purposes. It sounds like they are extending tax rules out a few years just to make sure they get their cut of money?? (as they always do... )
  5. The advancements in technology over the last 20 years have grown at an amazing rate. Over the next 20 years I see it growing exponentially. By 2040, I see alternative methods of energy being the norm and far out weighing our use and need of petroleum.
  6. Saw it.. It was actually pretty sad. Whole towns are being forced to leave. ISIS is giving them a choice, convert or be killed. Churches and mosques that have been around for thousands of years are being demolished and destroyed. The history and artifacts from the Christian religion in that region just totally gone. Families torn apart with women and daughters taken to ISIS soldiers for noncompliance. And, sad to think this is all being done by those with IQ's about that of a garden salad.
  7. HeyJonesy

    Adam's Email Today Re: Credit Rating Request by Iraq!

    Great news!! Question... how long does an approval process take? If they evaluate Iraq's economic and political environment to determine an appropriate rate, is that something that takes months? A year?
  8. Hey Machine.. I have to agree.. I've been skipping over posts for that reason. What fully surprises me is how is it that these BS pumpers (the Tony types) still have a following.. I mean, their full blown lies day after day somehow make some believe and they "think" they actually know what they are talking about. Believe once.. maybe twice.. but the Guru (FoolYou) is just never ending. I will say this.. Luigi is not the pumper (so to speak) but merely the one who delivers the garbage. And, for Luigi's sake, don't kill the messenger. I noticed that Luigi has intentionally added to the posts "from another source". There is Adam, Yota, Trinity.. etc. and a huge mix that offer fun, creative and eye-rolling posts on here. Over the many years.. some are finding their contribution, their "post" of information.. good or bad, frustration and BS too... It's a contribution just the same. But, I'm with ya..
  9. HeyJonesy

    Questions for Adam's Update 3-11-2015

    Hey Adam.. thanks for all you do.. With the recent reports of the strength of the dollar increasing around the world... Wouldn't you think that a revalue to match the dollar 1:1 would be more attractive to Iraq now more then ever? Or, [rethinking this...] would it have been far more to their benefit to revalue when the dollar was at a low point several years ago?
  10. HeyJonesy


    More drama... why is it that these nut jobs feel when incorporating drama, it somehow is supposed to make it more believable?
  11. Haha... guru's quiet? Let's count that as a blessing..
  12. HeyJonesy

    I bet no one saw this coming!!!!

    Yep... same stuff, different smell.
  13. okay.. fact is: GM has been a prominent USA auto manufacturer in China for a decade. Nothing is now being sent over... they have GM vehicles there.. so that's nothing new. Chrysler made an official statement publicly today to debunk total misinformation from the Romney commercials that there is no reason, want, wish or plan to ever ship their manufacturing to China. period.
  14. HeyJonesy

    Governor Christie on Sandy, Romney and Obama

    Wow... I think you just summed it up for sooooo many. You don't really care about listening, understanding or working together for the overall good. You have no interest in a mutual approach to working together.... It's all about you and what you want. As you say, "conservatives" and their wants. I'm a born and raised conservative.. always have been. But, your comment is just plain stupid and ignorant. Sorry, you need to expand your ability to learn a bit beyond Rush Limhaugh.
  15. HeyJonesy

    Voting for Obama. He Gave Me a Phone.

    Before many of you find more reasons to complain... it's probably good to check the facts. Obama had nothing to do with this program.. Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. But the program is funded mostly by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it. The whole thing began back in 1996 when the Federal Communications Commission authorized the programs for landline phones. At that time it provided discounts on landline phones only, for obvious reasons. To this day the government provides discounts on landline phones for financially disadvantaged people in the United States and U.S. territories. Over that time, the usage of cell phones rose and the costs came down. So, in 2008 the first application of this program for mobile phones began when a company called Tracfone started their Safelink Wireless service in Tennessee. Aha, some say, that’s the same year Obama was elected! Well, that’s true. But the service in Tennessee was launched three months prior to Obama being elected. And that means the discussion and approval of the extension of the program occurred under previous President's watch.

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