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  1. I was thinking the same thing Greg. If someone goes to a restaurant to buy a camel burger, how will they know how much to actually pay? There certainly isn't the technology in place to keep all point of sale terminals up to date on an ever changing market rate. Maybe a fixed "in country" rate?
  2. Great to see you have it resolved. I'm in WNC too and haven't had any issues. Have a peaceful weekend!
  3. I have to believe the good 'ole USA knows exactly the number of trucks, where they came from and where they're going. If we thought for one minute they were a threat, we would have had a quick fly over taking the trucks out within a mile of the Iran border. And, there's nothing discreet about their movements. We are obviously allowing this to happen.
  4. Hey markb, Some of the things that are said in the above statements do have little bits of truth to them. Gold does have some play in every country's financial market. Once Iraq decides to RV, they WANT investors and others countries to invest.. which will increase the value naturally and fiscally. An overnight "global".. no. A quiet revalue and then a steady upswing on the dinar value, yes. Once on the international market, you will see a upward push. Which is great for us.. It's all about timing, waiting, patience. I do know for many of us, our patience is running thin. But, we've waited.. will, and still do.
  5. This video just made me shake my head.. Yes, with climate change comes much concern about how weather effects us... coastal areas, farming, animals, insects, our eco system as well as many other valuable aspects of our lives. There have been many that have said future wars will not be necessarily via hand to had combat but by cyber warfare. Technology does exist with the ability to knock out an electrical power grid remotely as well as by launched warfare over head that could render hugely damaged power grids. If the US power grid was disabled, we'd have far more issues then concerns about cell and internet service. If this country couldn't pump gas, drive vehicles and trucks, transport food, cool or heat their homes, run a business, access banks and cash.. no lights, no communication.. we'd immediately be driven back to the early 1900's. Most would never be able to cope with this level of change. Let's not forget how our nuclear power plants need electricity to pump water for cooling and when the generators don't have fuel, it stops and would incur meltdowns nationwide. (massive radiation) I fully respect our military.. the best in the world. The report is accurate and does cover a few of the things of concern. I have to believe the guys in this video are a bit out of touch. At the time of about 2:55, the guy with the sport jacket and 80's t-shirt says " obviously most important is you'd loose your internet and phone service, other than that you'll be okay". What? (shaking my head) And then the twink that snarls his nose at 3:10 saying" let me put this in terms that you'll understand" Climate change is something we have to spend more time understanding... these guys aren't going to get you there.
  6. The US and the Trump administration are the ones calling the shots, controlling the timing on this. Not the IMF and Not the World Bank… Really? I don't think that's accurate. So much of everything we'd learned over the years is all about the IMF, CBI, fully seated government and the oil and gas law. I can't imagine our whole wait has been sitting on any of our US Presidents over the years to just push a button.
  8. This is certainly a good thing to hear even though we pretty much already knew that. It's what we're all waiting, hoping, believing and planning for. Here's the ultimate question of the decade.... when? (which of course we are all wondering)
  9. In this article the Finance committee is expressing that the budget is the "worst in history". It also states they don't know how to deal with the crisis... calling out "the sales of state properties", the "exchange rate of the Dinar" and "tax collections" all to be impractical. I want this thing to pop as much as everyone else.. we all know it's been a long bumpy road but I don't see this pointing to anything positive... help me out here and please correct me if I'm missing something. Thanks and have a peaceful Sunday.
  10. I have to agree that there may be a bit of a translation issue and possibly poor writing when this article was created. They use the words "Benefits and costs" and didn't use the words disadvantages or encumbrances. The comment regarding the devaluation I believe refers to their past tense actions (many years go) And, when they refer to reducing the dinar, they're referring to the amount of paper currency and not the value.
  11. I couldn't help but notice the women in this picture. (Woman - front left) WHAT did you say to me?!?! (Woman - front right) Ohhhh, here she goes again!
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