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  1. I don't think I've ever seen Delta quite so pumped up... I like it!
  2. HI Pitcher, You mentioned a Jag. I owned a black Jaguar XK8 many years ago and loved it. It had a V8 with LOTS of power and style. Something to think about.
  3. This is the opinion and perspectives section. You don't have to believe it but it is still someone's opinion... even if you do think it's BS. Yes, there is occasionally some pretty far fetched stuff here in this section.. but not all of it.
  4. It's called "carpet surfing"
  5. I have never really come to a conclusion whether or not Trump has control over Iraq's monetary reform or policies. It's been talked about and discussed but do we really know for sure? Trump recently said that once we get through this Corona-19 pandemic and our nation opens up, our economy is going to sky rocket and recover quickly. That being said AND with some who fully believe Trump "can" make the decision to pull the trigger on an IQD change, would that pose true if the country opens up, the IQD revalues and a massive amount of exchanged dinars (dollars) are injected back into our economy, we then have a HUGE boost to get things rolling again?
  6. I was thinking the same thing Greg. If someone goes to a restaurant to buy a camel burger, how will they know how much to actually pay? There certainly isn't the technology in place to keep all point of sale terminals up to date on an ever changing market rate. Maybe a fixed "in country" rate?
  7. Great to see you have it resolved. I'm in WNC too and haven't had any issues. Have a peaceful weekend!
  8. I have to believe the good 'ole USA knows exactly the number of trucks, where they came from and where they're going. If we thought for one minute they were a threat, we would have had a quick fly over taking the trucks out within a mile of the Iran border. And, there's nothing discreet about their movements. We are obviously allowing this to happen.
  9. Hey markb, Some of the things that are said in the above statements do have little bits of truth to them. Gold does have some play in every country's financial market. Once Iraq decides to RV, they WANT investors and others countries to invest.. which will increase the value naturally and fiscally. An overnight "global".. no. A quiet revalue and then a steady upswing on the dinar value, yes. Once on the international market, you will see a upward push. Which is great for us.. It's all about timing, waiting, patience. I do know for many of us, our patience is running thin. But, we've waited.. will, and still do.
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