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  1. I'm starting to feel warm and fussy like it's Summer again😁
  2. How will this effect us, the folks holding those larger notes?
  3. Did my location as well. I'm 6 hours ahead of the East coast here in Belgium, so I seem to miss these live chats. Hope to catch it next time.
  4. What's another 6-M after 10 years, that is like 6 weeks and if you take out the weekends, well you get the point... we're on 4th base inching close to a run home. Awesome news Adam. Cheers
  5. Wait for the herd to pass, than it's easier to cross the street.
  6. Great way to end the week Adam, with a tease...stay tuned hahaha🤪😂... Looking forward to many of the wonderful opportunities in the near future.
  7. I've bought from some years ago, no issues. Also but that url becomes a different url name , not sure if it's the same company or not?
  8. I lost track of my source for buying IQDs, Adam, you have any sources to buy still? Cheers
  9. Never a dull moment here at DV, thanks Adam for all the great work you and the support team do. Cheers!
  10. That's absolutely wonderful, congratulations!
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