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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 3 February 2021

Adam Montana

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Thanks Adam for all you do


I was going to say something else, but after watching that thing go round and round, I forgot what I was thinking....... I think I forgot who I was for a little bit too


Oh yea, hope this wait is over soon and we have an RV and we all get together 

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43 minutes ago, MillieChatham said:

We will not have hysterics until the deed is done and then we will calmly proceed to do what ever Adam says, smiling broadly all the way. Until then, calm prevails (not really).

I’m outwardly calm( like you I’m not really) .. inwardly impatient, excited and hoping “soon”  is not weeks away. 

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I think that yellow and black vortex has been my favorite graphic posted here at DV! It fits this mess to a T! I vote best graphic of all time 2 there is one that makes a sound it’s hard to discribe! It reminds of the twilight zone graphic it’s been several years since I have seen it on here! Does anyone else have an nominations for best graphic? The Thug puts up some very funny stuff, I’m trying to remember one my favorites by him ! Thanks Adam and staff! JMHO 

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