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  1. Thanks Adam, sounds great. Looks like this rollercoaster ride is coming to an end. Please keep your hands and feet inside the car till the ride comes to a complete stop and don't remove the safety bar till the ride operator tells you, you can lift the bar and please depart off to your right Once again..........thanks Goooooooooo RV
  2. Thanks Adam and looking forward to the RV, I ain't gonna push my luck for asking for anything more than the ginsu knives, but, I did get some good news this week and I start a new job on Monday and we sold our house we moved from in October and will no longer have to make 2 house payments a month. Now, I can hold out a few more days till the RV Thanks again Adam, hope you have a great day and a great week.....till later Goooooooooooo RV
  3. Hello Adam and thanks for the great news, the HCL is getting closer and closer (hopefully we get a set of ginsu knives with the RV) and then we can rest easy for a change. For all you do, I am (and I am sure all of us on Dinar Vets are) grateful And if you do give out a set of ginsu knives with each cash in, do we get a choice of handle colors......I have always wanted one or two of those things. Have a great day and once again, thanks for all you do for us.
  4. Thanks Adam for the news, let's hope it happens soon, this roller coaster is getting to be a rough ride. Happy New Year to one and all and let's hope the new year is better than 2020
  5. Thank you Adam for all you do and all the positive information that you bring us here, looking forward to an RV soon and hopefully we will have a cheery and bright New Year. Merry Christmas Adam and to all my fellow dinar vets, hope you all have a great Christmas Go RV.....
  6. Adam, thank you, this is really sounding great, looking forward to getting to the end. I would dance a jig, but with a TKR and the fact that I can't dance no matter what......I will just be happy with the news Once again, thank you for all you do Goooooooo RV
  7. Thanks Adam for all the information that you have given us and hopefully we are looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping it isn't a train, but the the end of this ride we have been on for the last 13-14 years Gooooooooo RV
  8. Adam, thanks for the update, and all the information that was given out to us. I am looking forward to the RV (hopefully very soon) Thanks again and Gooooooooooo RV
  9. Thanks Adam for all you do, and I went to Coinbase to check my Bitcoin, it is up to $30.35, I am rolling in the dough, waiting for my other crypto to increase too Once again, thanks for all you do and looking forward to the RV BTW....... Happy Thanksgiving Adam and to all my fellow DinarVets
  10. Thanks Adam for all you do, be safe in your travels and look forward to the updates later
  11. Thanks Adam for all you do And to all Veterans, God bless you and thank you for your service.
  12. I finally found it on my phone......thanks
  13. Thanks Adam for the information that you share, as for the "new block", I can not see it on my computer or my phone. But thanks for all you do
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