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  1. Adam, thanks for the update and hope this coronavirus is over soon. My wife and I are doing fine, she is working from home, I was working but quit my job.....when they don't pay, I don't work and they now owe me 192 hours of pay.......hope everyone in DinarVetsville is doing all right and staying healthy Till later....Goooooo RV
  2. Thanks Adam for the updates and all you do Just remember to wash your hands....or else
  3. Adam, thanks for the update, as for the gloom and doom, I feel this has been blown way out of proportion, there have been worse things out there and we survived, now let's hope things get back to "normal" (whatever normal is) and hope we see and end to the coronavirus and hope we see an RV soon.
  4. Thanks Adam for the updates. Just hope the Iraq is ready to kick some @** and start doing something about the RV....let's hope they do, I ain't gettin any younger Once again, thanks for all you do Now......Gooooooooooo RV
  5. Thanks Adam for all the info you provide, it is greatly appreciated. now all we need to hear is the text to our phones and that there has been an RV and we cash in soon Goooooooooo RV
  6. Adam, thanks for the update, and hopefully we will have an RV soon, but I could not hold out much longer, so I started my desktop support job this week....I can hold out with some money coming the meantime Gooooooooooo RV
  7. Adam, we ain't going nowhere, take your time. Just know that you are appreciated for all you do
  8. Adam, thanks for all you do in keeping us informed, it is greatly appreciated Special thanks to @yota691 , @DinarThug, @Butifldrm and @Pitcher Thanks to all for all you do Goooooooooooo RV
  9. Hello Adam, Thanks for the update, and I, like you, never expect to win the lottery any larger than the $30 I have already won (actually lost it by playing the lottery again), I do expect to see a return on the dinar. My only hope is that we see an RV this year, just like everyone here, we are getting older and my wish is that (I am being a little greedy here) I would like to cash in and not leave this for my grands. Thanks for all you do in keeping us here in Dinar land informed Wishing you a wonderful day and...........Goooooooooo RV
  10. Thanks for the update Adam Montana, you keep us informed as to the news and I for one am grateful. Now if we could just have some hocus pocus abracadabra and RV, I would be happy. Adam, have a great day and........Gooooooo RV
  11. Adam...Take your time, family comes first in everything, will be looking forward to the update when it is posted
  12. Adam, thanks for the update, from the looks of things, it is getting closer and brighter every day. I just hope the dinar will RV so that I can retire soon. Wishing everyone a happy RV day soon
  13. Thanks Adam, looking forward to hearing what the changes will bring and the news that we are closer to an RV
  14. Thanks Adam, hopefully the RV will happen and I can buy a new suit 22102261_1679028185464255_5627520932974166016_n.mp4
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