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  1. Adam, thanks for the news and all that you do to keep us updated on what is going on in the dinar world. You are greatly appreciated Gooooo RV
  2. Thanks Adam, let's hope this RV happens soon, I really don't want to leave my dinar to my grandkids, and I ain't getting any younger. Goooooooooo RV
  3. Thanks Adam, looking forward to the avalanche that the dinar will bring. Gooooooooo RV.
  4. Adam, thanks for the news today, it seems that it is looking up and hopefully will RV soon, then I can buy that Caddie I had my eye on, unfortunately, it was new in 1978, but I guess that I can get a big discount on it but then if we have an RV, I know I can afford it now. Once again, many thanks for all you do Adam Goooooooo RV
  5. Thanks Adam, Yes, I noticed that gold went up, unfortunately, I don't have as much as I use to, but still got some. By the way, Silver is up too Thanks for the upbeat update, and hopefully we will see the RV soon
  6. Adam, thanks for the upbeat news. I am looking forward to cashing in on the RV. I did get another contract job to tide me over, but still waiting on the RV. Just waiting on the BIG day Gooooooo RV
  7. Adam, that was a really good post for Dinar news updates, greatly appreciated….thank you
  8. Thanks Adam for the updates, and looking forward to the "loaded" question with a "loaded" answer. Gooooooo RV
  9. Adam, thanks for the good news, it seems that things are moving....slowly but they are moving. I hope to see the RV soon, although I can wait a day or two longer since I finally found a job, but...….call me a little greedy, I have been riding this RV train for about 10 years and would love to cash in and take a little break (translate that as retire) after this job (contract) is up (or before the contract expires) Anyway, Adam......keep up the good work of keeping us informed and it is greatly appreciated...….everything you do is greatly appreciated Now.... Goooooooooo RV
  10. Adam, thanks for the update on the Dinar. Hope we see an end to this rollercoaster ride soon Gooooooo RV
  11. I don't hate cats, but would love to retire, or at least pretend to retire
  12. Being a man of few words. I would like to say...….Thanks Adam for all you do Goooooooo RV
  13. Thank you Adam, the news sounds very exciting and looking forward to an RV (hopefully) very soon. Thanks for all you do and everything that you have done, keep up the good work and waiting on the test message and cashing in on the RV. Goooooooo RV
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