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  1. Adam, thanks for the bright and cheery update, you are greatly appreciated for all you do. If we have a good RV, I may retire soon, depends on if the little woman decides to keep working or not, but, we shall see. Keep up the good work Adam and Goooooooooo RV
  2. Thanks for the updates Adam, everything sounds great, I just hope I have time to take my 1st vacation in 11 years in July. No matter, I hope that the RV happens soon and I am ready to cash in. I have been on this rollercoaster for 13 years and I know there are some that have been on it longer. Once again, thanks for the wonderful updates and ...........Gooooooo RV
  3. Adam, thanks for the wonderful update. I would jump up and down with joy, but I am to old to jump up and down. Goooooooooo RV (hopefully soon)
  4. Adam, thanks for the update and I (and I am sure the rest of us in DinarVets) hopefully look forward to an RV soon. Soon being in a few weeks/months not a few years Goooooooooo RV
  5. Thanks Adam, now let us hope the HCL and the RV happen soon. once again, thanks for all you do
  6. Adam, it has been said a million times, so I will say it one more time. Thanks for the updates and all you do in keeping us informed as to what is going on with the Dinar. I am still looking forward to the day you send out that text and we all cash in. Once again, thank you We have to remember that 2020 has been a weird and strange year, so be on the look out
  7. Thanks Adam, it look like things are looking up. What you do in bringing us information is greatly appreciated
  8. Thanks Adam, look forward to the update, no questions, will check in later
  9. Thanks Adam for all you do and for the information that you work so hard to bring to us. Let's pray that this thing is over soon and we can get back to normal. Not the "new", but the old normal Once again, thanks
  10. Adam, thanks for the updates and for all you do, but
  11. Good read Adam, thanks for the updates and news that you share each week, as for the zombies, there may be some out there
  12. Lost track of time and days, didn't see yesterday's post till today, it was a good one and with today's post, all I have to say is Thanks Adam and I am sure that everyone in DinarVetland hopes things get back to "normal". I don't doubt that we have the coronavirus going around, but I do believe that it is being blown out of proportion. (just my opinion) Adam and everyone, take care of yourself.
  13. Thanks for the updates Adam, I never used the "dislike" button, if I didn't like the comment, I would just go on to the next one, as for the lockdown, I have been laid off and looking for work, I have been working contract jobs (short term) since 2009. But when I was living in the Vegas area, there have been times, I would sit every day in front of my computer searching for a job, and I would do this sometimes for over a year.......sit there, find a job and apply, so, right now, nothing is different from what it has been like the last 11 years. Lots of practice for this lockdown/quarantine. Hope everyone is doing all right. Now....back to the job search Stay safe everyone Gooooooooo RV
  14. Adam, thanks for the update and hopefully things will get back to normal.....whatever that may be... Hope what is going on is not the new normal.
  15. Adam, thanks for the update and hope this coronavirus is over soon. My wife and I are doing fine, she is working from home, I was working but quit my job.....when they don't pay, I don't work and they now owe me 192 hours of pay.......hope everyone in DinarVetsville is doing all right and staying healthy Till later....Goooooo RV
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