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  1. If I understand properly, that is what the OSI will help us with in terms of us keeping more of our funds. Am I correct?
  2. Thank you for the emoji validation. 😉
  3. I know that Mountain Goat spews loads of BS. But any one think there is validity to the Jan 2020 prediction?
  4. Go disconnect for a bit since it seems we are still in a holding pattern. Have a great day.
  5. Was there ever an update posted in VIP? If so I can’t find it. Can you message me the link, please and thank you.
  6. When the RV happens, and we decide to just chance it a take a few notes to a bank to exchange (for quick income) how long do you think the turn around time will be. Hours, days, weeks? I realize that this option will be the most taxed.
  7. Happy New Year 🎆 I hope this is our extra special year.
  8. IF, they get a seated GOI. Sorry, I’m feeling a bit salty. I really do hope this thing pops in our favor.
  9. Thanks Adam. And a very Merry Christmas to you. 🎄🙏
  10. What’s up with the GOI formation? Will it happen? In your opinion, do you think this is coming closer to an RV?
  11. Thanks for the chuckle. I hope this pops soon 🙏
  12. I’m hoping for some good news on the progress of this, got any?
  13. I heard a rumor that the Head of the CBI has been fired. Anyone know if that is true? If so, will it cause a major delay?
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