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  1. Oooops big time. My apologies again Adam. I for got to mention who I am addressing. Don't worry I still getting chewed out.:0(
  2. First of all want to thank you for all your hard work over the years and that goes for the Ladies and Gents that are working their tails off behind the scenes as well. Now I'm not sure if I am crossing over the line on this for I sure don't mean to do so for I am absolutely financial stupid. There are developments that are to be coming around the corner, Nesara / Gesara, & QFS that will change the finance world completely and that got me to thinking how will these changes effect our whole program before the RV? Do we continue to go forward as planed ? Or will these 3 issues render a
  3. Hello Adam, first thank you for all of your hard work for upfront and behind the scenes as well. Watching Mr. Hannity tonite,5/15/18, and at the bottom the ticker tape said that Iraqi Bank and other officials are being investigated for fraud/corruption or something close to that,fast ticker tape,:0). If there is any truth to that it can really put all what it takes to activate the RV on hold for quite sometime couldn't it? Do you have any info to that or can you comment ? Thank you and have a blessed day. ........ptrrbbt
  4. Have a question on this video. At what degree is this video out there? In my opinion,if it is not out to the masses fully then it's not out there strong enough. Any sugestions? Ooops sorry that's two questions.
  5. Great Karma there-I wonder how disapponted they are to find out that there weren't 1562 virgins waiting for them.
  6. Hello All, I just received additional piece of info . So I thought to add it to this. What is GlobalOne, and What Does It Offer? GlobalOne is a highly diversified Social Marketing organization that actually has a plan to FIX network marketing! They actually designed a way for all members to get a paycheck within a few days after joining, and at least six times per month... guaranteed... rather than work for weeks to move up to where we might actually receive anything resembling a commission check. This is Social Marketing at it's finest! GlobalOne doesn't pay to recruit, and yet it pays m
  7. Hello Everyone, This is what I'm doing while waiting for the RV and more than likely afterwards for this,after doing some intensive research, is the next best real thing.Please listen to the conference call and my website is included.Only a few more hrs. left to be a Founder, and believe me you do want that. But if you miss that opportunity that is ok too for this will be a very lucrative adventure membership.Thanks and hope all is well. :0) Discover the Secret to Getting Paid Every Six Days... Guaranteed... Even Without Selling or Recruiting! And you can join for free! GlobalOne is a multi
  8. Hi Everybody, My wife,PacificNW, wanted me to convey onto you all for she didn't want to much time to go by to thank you all for your fantastic "welcome" greetings. She was really touch by all of your warm thoughts and all. You see she is just clobbered with home work for she has a chance now to go back to school,at 55, and complete her degree from college. Just about every passing moment she is buried in the books. I'm really proud of her in making that decision BUT gosh I hate my own cooking , not to mentioned the laundry,the vacuuming, :lol: Again thank you all so very much for mak
  9. Ooops . I posted in the wrong spot. My apologies Booker,welcome aboard tho. I'm still trying to find my way around this thing But! I'm learning.
  10. " Looks Like I made it" Can I be verified please? Thank you, Thank you very muuuuch! Be Bless, ptrrbbt
  11. Thank you for your suggestion and will do for sure.Have great day.
  12. Hello in Tech Support, I am a fairly newbie,01/06/2012 and I noticed under my user info it states that I had joined sometime back in 2009.Is there a way to have this corrected? And also I noticed at my intro there is this web link.I have no idea how that got there can that be eliminated by chance if it will show up on every post? Thank you so much for your help. Ptrrbbt
  13. Thank you Rope,very much appreciated.Which beautiful " Hill " are you talkin? Just got buried last nite for about 8" worth.Most we had here in many years.First time in 4 decades that I have heard them announcing closing facilities down BEFORE we get hit. PM U ok? Thank you, I really appreciate the welcome wagon. :D
  14. Hey!, HEy!, HEY! This is Ptrrbbt and I am a newbie and looking forward to a great education from you all about the Iraq and it's Dinar.This is going to be really exciting path to travel on. Be Well,Be Safe, and Be Bless, :0) Ptrrbbt Read more:
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