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  1. Ohhhhhh Boy, Here we go again......a long,long wait to get this to be settled.....At the very least till the next election. Because that is what China is waiting for.
  2. Maybe the chinese are buying Dinar, to hide and devalue their currency till next year. that way they will get a 1000% better return....Himmmmmmmmmm.
  3. as much as I would love for peace to happen in the middle east....It will never happen.
  4. Times a waste-in....Let's get this party started!!!!!
  5. lost one

    Adam's update

    Once again I feel we are left in the dark....Sometimes I feel it is just a push to get people into VIP.......Than everything fades.
  6. Yes once again we are close to the finish line...lets hope they can stay focused and see this thru. Like others here, been here to so long you tend to get jaded.
  7. Well anything could happen, how about now would be good. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, And I'm done....:)
  8. I would like to know , What happen to Friday's chat..did I miss it or I didn't get it.😐
  9. Their is always a bible verse for everything..😠
  10. Hey Adam, Hows it going...WOW it's been a long time..I think I got into this back in 06. What has change since then, that you think we are getting close..Now granted they are finally have a little bit of infrastructure, but to today's standards is pretty much third world. Only the the people that have money are moving along..Seems to me is that those people want to delay as much as they can to get ahead of the curve. Thanks so much for every things you guys do. The lostone
  11. Our government has been doing it for years..What's the diff.
  12. WOW....And so it starts....bashing, digs, I know what's happening people...All we need is intel, not opinions.PLEASE. ..But comedy is always welcome.
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