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  1. Maybe if biden wouldn't leave billions of dollars worth of equipment in other country's, we wouldn't have to pay more taxes.. That just made me sick.. I don't want to pay taxes if this is the crap that they will be doing.. Wasteful spending of our money should be illegal..
  2. Hope you are right.. Thanks
  3. I heard it was isis.. They took responsibility of it.. Trump is out and isis is coming back.. biden will do nothing.. Sad times..
  4. Yes, I bought some When obumer was taking them off some of their sanctions..
  5. It will take years to make them international.. It also would take years to just take off the sanctions..
  6. I thought that the Dinar had to be internationally traded before they can do that.. Maybe I'm wrong..
  7. Just checked, you can't buy any Dinar on the regular sites that I buy... Hope that's a good sign.. Everything is back ordered...
  8. Thanks, Adam !! It would be nice to have this done..
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