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  1. Imagine that. What a surprise
  2. I totally agree with you. I had a friend ask me what tier we were in. I told him the only tiers are the TEARs you cry from laughing at these preposterous stories they spin. Reminds me of the tv special on Q Anon. They interviewed the guy who started it and he said he made up lies and put them on the Internet to see if people would believe them and how far they would spread. Some of these people are a real joke and some have interesting possibilities that are somewhat backed by news stories. As they say you have to separate the pepper from the fly ****.
  3. Yeah I would definitely say things are looking real good. Oh wait a minute are we talking Dinar or.......?
  4. I haven't had par in a long time. Just keep shooting bogeys like Okie and Mark.
  5. Yes back when I got in it there were periodic incremental increases. I was pleased with that and even made about $1000 on some I sold back to the dealer and then the door was slammed shut when those were stopped.
  6. This seems to be much more logical than the fantasy dreams of Frank and his clan.
  7. Can Dinar be put in a Roth IRA and after rv withdrawn untaxed
  8. Cj I couldn't have said it any better. Our praying should be for forgiveness not to hit the dinar jackpot.
  9. Frank26 Article: "Al-Kazemi: The Baghdad conference embodies Iraq's vision of establishing the best relations with its surrounding and the world." Didn't I tell you Iraq would become the central hub? Didn't I tell you Iraq was important to the Middle East...didn't I tell you everybody is counting on Iraq to raise the value of its currency. The phoenix rises from its ashes. This is an amazing article. "and didn't I tell you over and over through the years that it was going to revalue "tomorrow or next week"? Boy this guy is really full of himself
  10. No. I was just using his figures to try and work out some kind of rate based on his info.
  11. So let's assume Mr Kap is correct that Iraq is worth 18 trillion and we will assume that way more than 45 trillion is in circulation then if they have 70 trillion in circulation then each Dinar should be worth .25. He said do the math and I did or is my math wrong.
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