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  1. I have been in this for 16 years and I have a guideline I go by with these gurus. If they preach 1 to 1 or less I will read and give them credence. If they say over 1 to one up to $3 I believe I can hope like they do but for an RV I don't think it likely. If they go over $3 I consider them a genuine pumper. These are just my guidelines by what I believe. Your own mileage will vary.
  2. Well for sure we need to pay the people who don't want to work but suck it off of the rest of us. my wife was told by an interviewee that when the stimulus runs out they will come back looking for a job. Pitiful!!!
  3. Yeah. I believe and know 100% it will happen on a day of the week. Call me a guru but I just have a premonition it will happen on a Sunday thru Saturday. 🤣
  4. i second Gregg 100% on this one. Jeff seems to like seeing his name in print
  5. Only applies if you exchange in Antarctica on a Monday or Thursday between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Before that you have to call the 800 number in Reno to find out how to get there and sign an NDA.
  6. If they are taking 3 zeros off both the exchange rate and bills her math doesn't add up unless she previously had a 1,000,000 Dinar and now it's only worth 1000 which nobody wants
  7. I believe it is your soul that will experience the pain of hell or pleasure of heaven when it departs the mortal body
  8. Looks like a WISE crack
  9. If you want a good read it is "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. almost makes you want to walk in front of a semi. Great book
  10. The pope and I have something in common. I'm praying for prosperity in my bank account too. 😆
  11. But let's say their total cash large notes amount to 100 trillion ( hypothetically) and 5 people that own them put them into the bank. If each owns the same amount, 20 trillion each, then the total cash doesn't change. There are still 20 trillion each or 100 T to be accounted for whether inside or out of the bank. So they still have the same problem. How do they work it out.
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