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  1. With all due respect Politifact has also debunked it as well and a fox affiliate news station I watch. with a crowd that big I am sure there could have been other groups at the rally. In fact my wife talked to a pastor who was there with a faith based group supporting against such things as. Abortion etc. The videos of those doing damage were the white supremist and proud boys groups And were identified by picture and names. No matter which way you slice it it was a disgrace and black Mark on our country.
  2. I checked oanda and their rate is 1188. What's up with the 1450 garbage that was supposed to go into effect last Sunday
  3. If they pay off their debt like our government does we will never see the Rate change. 😜
  4. What do you base this on. I'm asking because I don't know. If it is kept in US bank someone has to pay the cash in.
  5. Be careful what you say. That is sedition and in the wrong hands would be a world of trouble for you.
  6. The only way they can strengthen the dinar is to replace large notes with small notes and delete zeros off the exchange rate to increase the value. That's all this means. Nothing more. I don't trust their verbiage because taking the 25k note and saying it is now a 25 note while also removing three zeroes from the exchange rate is break even. Then if they float a gradual increase is where it will strengthen itself. We know it has been undervalued so this would be how we make anything on it. If it is truly undervalued then it will rise. They have said the notes will coexist but the b
  7. RV is ALWAYS a moving target. Just when you might see something there is always something that slaps it down.
  8. It's said everything is done for a reason. To squash the abortion issue God may be putting us to the test to have roe v wade abolished. We all need to keep this in the forefront no matter who ends up in the White House.
  9. I understand but footforward's comment is obviously an opinion by the way he states that the rate he gave is what he would be looking for. RV already states the rate IS in the white papers which is stating something factual. it is what it is and keep them coming as I enjoy reading them. They do a lot more research than I do. I thank you for taking the time to post them.
  10. Wouldn't it be nice if these guys could just back up what they are saying. It's nice to say it's on tv or in a paper etc but where is the real meat?
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