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  1. I went to my bank atm and requested to withdraw $25. It spit out a 25000 Dinar note with a magic marker through the 3 zeroes. Hmmm. Gues it lopped. Lol!!!!!
  2. Isn't it interesting how they put out all this rosey information as if it is fact but also include those three letters IMO which blows it all.
  3. Well it has me in "tiers". I'm in 3z and never got a notification. Surely just a clerical error.
  4. I read on my back screens he's full of s***. The tier one and two haven't been notified in Reno yet. Lol!!!!! 🤣
  5. Yep. Seems to work the same way in our politicians
  6. If they lop and go $6 then that could be a possibility to at least make something with this investment. Not a lot but some.
  7. I have checked with two investment companies and one verified a Roth IRA can receive foreign currency ie Dinar and place it as an investment. BUT they don't have a means to store the foreign currency. The two companies that said they were unable to do it were Fidelity and Ameriprise. They were intrigued of my question and never had it been asked before. Does anyone know of a reputable investment company that does do that investing?
  8. Yep. How many more times will Lucy pull Charlie Browns football before it's done.
  9. Frank26 Article: "Iraq...Ambiguity surrounding the 2022 budget" What's in the budget... the new exchangerate...Quote: "calls to restore theexchange rate of the dinar against thedollar to its previous era." There is noambiguity. Well they don't know the definition of soon so what makes us think they know what previous era means.
  10. Well I've always found there is a little truth in most anything. Just not 100%. I enjoy it anyway. If I didn't I wouldn't read it
  11. Cut off their pay and benefits and see how quickly they show up and start working till done. Hmmm might not be a bad idea for Washington.
  12. Pimpy makes a good point. Don't rush it. My college Econ professor always emphasized too much money chasing too little inventory is disastrous for inflation which would be terrible for Iraq's economic inflation. Let them set the price at a reasonable rate and let it grow. To hell with what some of these gurus try to push ie $3, $4+ The one thing I am uncertain on is how much currency they REALLY have in circulation. If anyone does know for sure please chime in.
  13. 767 was already being used when I opened my account so I used 787. I flew the 75 and 76 before retirement so I can't answer your question. 😊
  14. Yep, all trip words. He probably talked to the janitor on that call
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