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  1. It’s been so long I wouldn’t know what to do if I had liquidity on my dong
  2. I have a 76 182 and love it. We pulled all radios out and did a big update but you would have a much more updated package
  3. I agree 100%. Saying trump can cause an RV is like saying I saw the 800 numbers on the back room screens. Lol
  4. I may be mistaken but didn’t Iraq request more loans and all that could be given to them was 2billion DOLLARS due to their liquidity issues. If the UN is giving them 2B Dinar if it’s a one for one might that mean a possible rate of $1.00 and satisfy the $2B that could be loaned. Anybody remember this?
  5. Small world here. I retired off the 75 and 76 9 years ago. Seems like only yesterday.
  6. Ron From one pilot to another. In spite of the criticism you have received I like the perspective topics presented the way you have shown them. Most of us know who the BS ers are. It’s got to be a lot of work keeping up with these gurus but I look forward to reading them anyway. I’ve been in this for around 15 years and I think I have heard it all. There is an old saying that there is a little truth in everything. Thanks for taking your time to share with us.
  7. What’s the deal. Does the last person quoted in a post get a prize or free toaster. These guys just don’t stop posting with their drivel as if they are expecting a prize.
  8. You would think after all his NUMEROUS sources have been wrong that he would be too embarrassed to even use that line anymore.
  9. What about tier 150x. Are they exchanging. Better get in line next year
  10. What’s interesting is Trump didn’t shake Pence’s hand and when turning to Pelosi he gave her the speech from the hand he would have used to shake with. Pelosi had no reason to be POd. She was just mad because she didn’t get a handshake that the VP didn’t get either. That taring up of the speech was childish at best.
  11. Trump exaggerates things so I wouldn’t take this as a true number. Likely south of 35 if at all.
  12. It wouldn’t be the first time inaccurate numbers were posted. How about all the back room screens? Lol
  13. Was doing a little research and found that the worlds largest economy has $1.5 trillion in circulation. Iraq has 42 trillion Dinar in circulation. If apples are apples it would require Iraq to pull 40.5 trillion more Dinar out of circulation to do a 1 for one and be on par with the US. However at the current circulation they could do .0357 which is better than some of the gurus have espoused. If my figures are correct it would still be a nice return.
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