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  1. Well you have to admit they are consistent
  2. Someone is welcome to correct my math but if Iraq has 40 T in circulation vs US dollar at 1.65 then just a straight ratio would be 1.65 divided by 40 would give the equivalent value or .04125 value Dinar to dollar. This may be an over simplification but best I can figure considering apples to apples
  3. I have to agree with Kap. The very fact that so much Dinar is in circulation it would be almost impossible to RV or RI. Common sense and a little math tells us that 40 trillion does not allow for even 1 to 1 much less 3 or 4 $. Gradual increase like it was doing back in the mid 2000 time frame is our best bet in my opinion.
  4. trvlr787

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    Just had a Chinese lunch and the fortune cookie said “Sing and rejoice,fortune is smiling on you”.
  5. Hopefully Luigi will read this and give up trash hauling to this site.
  6. trvlr787

    Mangelo Prepares For Dancing In The Streets.

    I have been in this for 14 years. Got in it after doing my own due diligence but Frank was spewing the same stories then as he is today. How can someone be wrong for 14 years and expect to be respected for his drivel. Maybe some day he might be right but in the meantime it seems as though all he can do is make up new guru names to carry his message
  7. If Iraq is 60 billion and China is 6 billion wouldn’t that be the other way around. That would mean China has only about 10% in MO to Iraq.
  8. With all the printing of this guru bs if I was an advertiser I wouldn’t advertise my products on this web site. I know this is the rumor section but really; everyday this garbage is brought to the site and is bs. In my opinion some of this needs to be toned down or not allowed
  9. Shows what this Whitelion knows. If it is close to Saudi’s Arabia it’s .27 not what he/she is spouting
  10. trvlr787

    Things Are Under Way & Have A Schedule.

    Is meth legal where tank is? Evidently so from that drivel.
  11. trvlr787

    ZAP Recieves Intel Directly From China?

    It amazes me how much time and energy these morons spend on spreading so much BS. Shows they don’t have a life

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