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  1. we have gone through 4 different administration... and we still here... he had 4 years to do something... and nothing... it is what it is...👍
  2. come on.... you know he dont care about anyone.... only cares about himself.....
  3. vaccine has been coming for months....LOL!!! it must be coming from china also... LOL!!! trump is out.....
  4. if trump had control of the RV wouldnt you think he would have done it already to help his re-election that his about to lose...
  5. your funny.... I watch trump news... lol!!!!
  6. right on brother..... these trumpers need to stay away from that clorox... its affecting their minds
  7. lol!!!! I've been on this investment ... before this site was even thought of ..... lol!!!
  8. exactly.... some of these trumpers need stay away from that clorox and stop leading people on.... on Nov.3 he will be voted out .... and will move along...
  9. trump aint gonna do nothing.....
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