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  1. eosirl, Thank you for your balanced, dare I say nuanced response to my posting above. I wish I could PM you as I have sensitive, personal information of which some parts I could share with you but as it relates to my circumstances I am not prepared to publicly post it. However in reference to your second last paragraph in which you state that bank employees do not (or perhaps are not allowed to), comment when a member of the public presents a foreign currency with a view to selling it; a few years ago I established a casual, business relationship with a trader at one pr
  2. Hi eosirl, A couple of facts that may interest you. Talkingprick (tp) now lives in the US where he has been for several years. He allegedly has a form of advanced cancer and Frank appeals to his membership at his forum from time to time to support tp with cash donations to assist with his medical costs. Frank both fascinates and frustrates me as he is the perfect definition of a narcissist and consequently, lies with such fluidity that you can never be sure when he is telling the truth. I'll give a couple of quick example to illustrate this. In late 2019, tp claimed through Fran
  3. King Bean, I have heard Frank tell his audience on a number of occasions that WS is an employee of the company in Iraq. Frank always troubles me as he has a very smooth patter and much like any good salesman he can make a convincing story up out of shreds of facts. Who can forget the call last year when he introduced the supposed war hero Ghost. This man claimed all sorts of heroic deeds while in Iraq including being present at the capture of Saddam Hussein however as the call went on his ever enlarging tales made me suspicious of his integrity. Following Ghost's boastful predic
  4. I listened to the broadcast and read the transcript and frankly don't believe a word of anything Ghost said. I have reasoned a number of logical conclusions as to why many of his statements were palpably wrong but don't want to waste keystrokes elaborating on what most of you have also already deduced. In any event, it would be very easy to verify his statement that military personnel leaving Iraq are getting up to $1.80 per. Dinar exchanged by simply locating and asking one or more of said soldiers and airmen if in fact, that was their experience?
  5. Dinar Thug, I read the details of the Australian outlets for AL-Taif elsewhere and being in Australia, decided to give them a call to sound them out. I rang both the Melbourne and Sydney branches and spoke to a female employee in Melbourne and a guy in Sydney. The woman claimed that the currency would not improve in value anytime soon, suggested that my 2003 notes were out of date??? and advised that because of the vast corruption and security issues in Iraq, I should immediately sell my notes for cash on eBay??? The fellow in Sydney was similarly dismissive of Iraq's prospects and s
  6. This article says it all, rampant corruption, poor security for investors and Iraqi officials channeling foreign funds to their pet domestic projects. I sometimes despair that this country will ever lift itself out of its sectarian politics and policies. I simply cannot see a revaluation coming anytime soon regardless of the HCL law or anything else! Al-Abbadi returned disappointed with Davos after hearing harsh words The newspaper said today that Abadi faces a great challenge in persuading foreign donors and investors to work in Iraq in light of the spread of corruption and la
  7. The attached URL relates to reporting of UN concerns that Iraq is on the verge of all out civil war. The immediate consequences for revaluation of our investment in the Dinar maybe dire if the major parties cannot be brought to the peace table.
  8. CONVERT CURRENCIES Convert this amount: From: To: Results: 1.00000 US Dollar = 2.08668 Vietnamese Dong 2.08668 Vietnamese Dong per US Dollar Based on daily rates for the US dollar Page generated 1/15/2013 12:36 AM ET and here is the link:
  9. Ghostdawg, Go and have another look, you are both correct. Mini is referring to the top of the page.
  10. Jim, I don't really care about the ramifications flowing from most of your statement as they relate solely to American issues but I cannot let: • Most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring. (Scientists are at near consensus that it is.) pass. It absolute drivel to claim that 'most' scientists believe in climate change! Two problems my friend, IS the climate changing(??) and if so, WHAT is causing the change. There is unlikely to be one cause but multiple contributing factors. The whole climate change debate has been hijacked by those scientists with a vested monetary inter
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