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  1. Nope! I have not missed the USD that I used to buy, no sense in dumping it after all these 11 years.
  2. As I stated..I am losing hope. And no, their politicians, like ours in the US , are screwing the people.
  3. This is now like watching our Government. Makes me a bit angry that this slow foolishness is still going on. They keep pushing this back for the silliest of reasons. Corruption is leading most Governments these days. I need to take a long break from watching for this to happen “soon” or “any day” or the “white papers are sayin’”. I am beginning to think this is not ever going to change and they will continue to not do what is right for their own Sovereignty or the people of Iraq. They are, and have been a bunch of clowns that continue to do nothing. I know I don’t know all that it takes to be able to put a value on $$. But come on….they can bath and flush their toilets with the oil they have, all the while using their currency as toilet paper. I just does not make sense why it has taken so long. I realize, this reads like the spoiled American mutt that I am. Expecting to make a bunch of $$$ off of a speculation. And I won’t get rid of what I have. Just your average rant. I am sorry. And thanks for letting me do that.
  4. I have to wonder if creepy Joe “whispered”to whoever, to do the bombing? still amazed that the US bought oil from Iran after we had become independent of buying oil. What a bunch of morons in DC.
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🕺🏼💃🏼🎉😔. Because one would not have been enough. Thanks Ron.
  6. Wow!….just Wow! 5 steps forward…3 steps back. Always while kicking the can down the road.
  7. I have considered Rupiahs yes. As well as Iran. Though the later will be much like Iraq I believe as far as how long it would take. They are really full of corruption. But maybe that is what it takes? 🤔 So yes...I do have some interest in other currencies. Seeing what others are doing/recommending.
  8. Since this is taking a long time to RV, thought I would ask, what other currencies are some of you investing in? This could be interesting.
  9. Too mad, angry, to really say what I would like to about this! These Iranians shout death to America….why!…why do they get any of our $$$$!
  10. GOD bless and keep our military safe! They go in harms way for our freedom! THANK YOU TO ALLLL VETERANS!!! Thanks Ron
  11. I am just glad when there was a toilet paper shortage, I did not get so desperate to use my Dinar!
  12. Agreed! It’s just banking..only thing missing is the value.
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