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  1. One would think that ole Frank would get tired of putting BS out there. That he would care about his credibility. And yet day after day, he keeps coming out with the same nonsense.
  2. That made as much sense as AOC’ s tweet about being in FLA.!
  3. I!…am for this and give my endorsement! I will even write a note for someone!
  4. To be read with Extreme!…sarcasm….This is our year! For sure! Soon! Any day now….. but seriously, I do think we are closer than ever before…just like I always tell my sister, one day closer!
  5. I know..this is not a rumor. Just throwing it out there since a lot of people look in the rumor section. And a huge thanks to Ron for his tireless search for the gurus “knowledge” it has to take a toll on the logical minded person. So!…where do you think you will be cashing out when “soon” becomes real? Any banks in particular you like more than others? I bought mine at a 5/3rd bank here in the ‘nnati area, so that is where I believe I will return to.
  6. Thanks Ron. As you know I always like to read what Breitling has to say. And I really like what you just posted about what they have to say!!
  7. Not wanting to open the “can of worms” here, is it an ok thing to buy their $$ when they chant death to America? Does investing their $$ not give them some of ours? And I would think that banks may not cash you out when the time comes if sanctions exist? Am I caught off base here?
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