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  1. Agreed! It’s just banking..only thing missing is the value.
  2. Problem now is, JB &co. Have gotten the US back involved with the UN/NATO. While US military would have issues firing on US citizens, UN/NATO, would not. Which drags it out longer with loss of life. That is why US military should take action. You and I are on same page.
  3. What does an election matter? They have it down pat now that they win through fake voting. You can “take a stand” but they don’t listen to peaceful protests. Only thing at this point, and they are pushing for it, is 1776. But that should be up to the military. And unless that happens...America is done from inside, with little shots needed. They have been working on this since the 1920’s.
  4. What is this basket of currencies? I just don’t buy into it. Am I missing something? Should I be holding other currencies?
  5. The tireless is for what some of these gurus have to say.
  6. By 5he time this is done, we all will be able to buy new tennis balls for the bottom of our walkers, every week! Just to make us look good. 😏
  7. I am 60, all green bruises now on the left side of my body. My left arm is a mess but the surgery will fix it up. Good thing I like training triceps.
  8. I keep trying to quit too! I have trained myself out of all my jobs at our store. They just won’t let me stay away too long. Though this episode will keep me out for some time.
  9. GEESH! I hope it just happens before I die, ladder collapsed from under me (no I was not reaching out too far or being unsafe), concussion, stitches, torn tri-cep, surgery for that the 23rd. I would have payed someone to do what I was doing.
  10. GOD is Sovereign! He is our only hope! I am not one that believes in anything but the reality of what eyes can see. If there is a patriot awakening, it needs to happen sooner than later if they are going to do anything. And, I will get in trouble for this, the only way to fix IT,Is to kill the cancer that it really is. And that is not found anywhere in the Bible except by the hand of GOD. (Some of these people claiming anything about the end time need to show us where in the Bible the USA is mentioned.) I have been in this for a long time, just lurking, gleaning, hoping, that all t
  11. The book Creature from Jekyll Isle is a great resource of info in what CL is saying. He is on point. I know far too little of how all this works and what the end is going to be. I still believe I should get some Yuan, but with the amount of time this investment has taken, it is a hard sell to my wife.
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