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  1. cjdavid

    Any updates?

    I got off of Facebook a couple of years ago due to their smelly 💩. So if there are updates on that site, I would have to wonder why Adam would be on there given what he has posted in the past about the Libs. I just feel bad for the citizens that have no options but to put up with this nonsense and have been thinking this is not going to happen for all this year. I have been taking breaks to help keep my temper in a better state. after all these years, and all the sacrifices our Military has put into the Middle East, it’s a shame how nothing ever gets done with that entire region. But we are never promised anything in this fallen world that matters for our eternity with GOD. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL! (wake me up when it’s time to cut grass)
  2. Me three! And if any country should be getting special pricing for their freedom, it should be America! Just sayin.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving one and all! what would everyone do if we were not broke anymore? Would there still be Dinarvets? Would we check in many times a day? Would we still carve the Turkey the same way? So many much time waiting. one day closer..maybe
  4. Let me have a try…I am hearing the rate of .10 or $25.00. The GOI is really rolling with approval of many laws. There is deep, deep corruption in the GOI. The citizens of Iraq are SO happy with the wealth they have and are protesting that they have it so good! It could be soon. But it may be later. Only thing for sure is it has a 50/50 chance. If at all. how am I doing so far? I really, really, REEEALLY want to be a guru. But then that would go against everything in me. So I guess I could spew lies like Mark. He must be a Democrat and incapable of keeping up with his lies anymore.
  5. cjdavid

    Any updates?

    Has Yoda gone the way of DinarThug? Or for that matter Adam? We all have seen the meme of the skeleton sitting at a computer waiting. I am beginning to feel that is all of us…waiting for something that may not happen given the backwards/corrupt people living in the desert. Too many thoughts to type out these days. They are just plain sorry the people running the show over there. Heck they don’t even need excuses anymore. Just do and more importantly what they don’t do. But the citizens of Iraq allow it. Just like we do sadly.
  6. Not that I would ever take what the gurus have to say as Gospel…but seems to me there would have to be an increase to the Dinar, to have any real type of budget. I know, I know …but that does not apply to the once greatest nation on the planet. DC does not have any idea of what budget means.
  7. Ahhh the joys of Fiat currency!! So much nonsense!
  8. I sure hope so. Too many of us have died before this came to be. I would like to enjoy some of it, pass it on to my kids, before I die. Not that I expect that any ti e soon but we are not guaranteed our next breath. And then I won’t care either way. I serve a Sovereign GOD!
  9. But are those sands, like most when it comes to politics, always shifting by what wheel gets the grease. Or $$$ in who’s pockets!
  10. Just wondering where the “3” of you are going? 😬😂😂
  11. Totally agree. Gold and Silver has had the best respect since Biblical times.
  12. Since most of the world is fake fiat currency, seems they could just RV and no one would be the wiser. Since most are not wise about real currency in gold and silver anyways
  13. Thanks for the replies. Was not sure if it was just my devices or user error. Or the RV had happened and the site blew up!!
  14. Hey there! Anyone else been having problems with the website? I have only been able to get it to come up 3 times in the past 3 weeks. And on my main pc, I tried to log in and it says the website may have moved or have a new address. I put this here because I am concerned that if I move to another page it will kick me out again.
  15. So…what day Into this 2 week period are we at? I need to schedule appointments at the banks, the tax man, the financial advisor….
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