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  1. If true, one could consider, that that might be used to RV. But hey, I have only been invested since ‘07. What do I know?
  2. Thanks Ron. I enjoy the Blue Letters of your personal input. (Your welcome Artitech)
  3. old quack Dr. Is going to dope old Biden up, here in the not to distance future and that poor sick bastard is going to be stiff as a board! When they go back to take him to the bathroom!! I’m certainly praying for that to happen only problem with that is who follows him….Harris/Pelosi. What is more scarier? It’s like an never ending horror where the criminal never dies or is replaced by another, then another, and another.
  4. Ah Ron…burning the midnight oil in hot Vegas!! Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if Kuwait has a lesser corrupt government? I mean it did not take them long to RV. asking for a friend.
  6. Heck!..if they are following how the USA works a budget is no big deal!!!
  7. Question…so let’s say Kazemi stays in power, and Iraq goes back to something like the Sadam days, you know, a dictator, and say that they raise the value of the Dinar but the world does not recognize it due to Kezemi being the “king”. Is that a possibility? And we all are screwed holding worthless papers? asking for a friend…
  8. When is the Middle East, has there ever been a stable government?
  9. “Wisdom Movement”??? Frank could use a lot of that.
  10. That is the first true statement any GURU has ever said! Now that!…I can believe in!!
  11. Screwball is correct. We own an ATM in our little store. I am not an ATM tech, nor do I play one on TV, but from what I see on ours it should just be a new cassette(s) and re-program/update what it “sees”. We only have 1 cassette in ours unlike what banks have where they have up to 3 I believe. I never use them myself anywhere. If they have new bills, it should be easy to find a picture online. Key word is “if” So until I see a real picture I don’t believe any of this “new” bills. And I know…you can’t put anything on the web unless it’s true…like I am a French Male Hetero Model!!
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