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  1. You know, as a lurker, I depend on what smarter people than I can ever dig up news worthy wise on the Dinar. Heck I gleaned from Yotas posts, but found I could interpret from other post in the threads he started. That said, why could people not do the same and read the cliff notes after the initial post? People are just silly. If you don’t like the way someone does research on this investment, don’t read it it. Move on to one you do like. I hope Yota can get life squared away and have time to come back to the site. Ya can’t let UN-seen people,that do not understand your intentions to perfection on a given subject, run you off like that. Take nothing person on the web. People don’t know you enough to let that bug you.
  2. Thanks Ron. I appreciate reading your posts on this. .86 is not far from an equal exchange of 1-1 to get the USD off their streets. I know very little about how all this will work out. I depend and lurk more than anything. I miss Yotas posts though I just gleaned from them. But I could afford to cash some in at .86 and wait for the float to go where I would cash out. Hopefully soon like everyone else on DinarVets.
  3. Thanks Adam. Hopefully soon we will hear some good news for us personally. I too am a Green Bay fan,(only team owned correctly in all the NFL) but when they play like that...they don’t get to go to the big dance. C’mon Pack...your better than that showing!
  4. you can not reason with terrorists! she serious? Dialogue will not stop idiots from strapping a bomb to themselves and not only killing themselves but other innocent people. Dialogue does not stop idiots from driving planes into buildings. No,... the only way to deal with this type of mentality is complete elimination! They have been this way since Biblical times. They should have been wiped out way back then.
  5. Iran...just needs to be eliminated! PERIOD!!! Nothing but foolish, idiotic mentality from them. Too much in-breeding.
  6. 5 steps forward....3 steps back. The seriously need to get their act(s) together! All I hear is Charlie Brown's teacher.
  7. The establishment, R & D both, can not stand that an out sider was duly elected to the highest office of the Globe. We need more people like Donald J. Trump to take over D.C. However that would be so difficult for many like me. A small business man, that when I ask an employee to do something, they just do it. In D.C they never do anything. We should march on these losers and fire them all. Go into their offices and tell them get out, get you personal effects and get the heck out!!!! Starting with Polosi. Then the rest of the ones that do not agree with the Constitution. That is the biggest thing that separates the USA from any other country!
  8. Now that last one sounds promising. And logical. If they do not do it this year, we may have bought the proverbial sea side property in Iowa.
  9. I too have been a long time lurker. Been a member of the Forum since I bought in, just always read because I am not a finance wiz at all. Short answer is yes. They have to get their money back up to a reasonable amount of value for obvious reasons. Beyond that , it is a middle east country. So anything can happen. Just when is what makes this a speculation. Of course I would love to see it go to what they were before it all came crashing down. And It may get there at some point. My opinion is that they will have to come out at least 1-1 to take the USD out of the country. As always, One Day Closer!
  10. Does anyone actually believe the CBI could RV or RI the dinar at 1 to $1 or greater with an excess of 42 trillion dinars in circulation? In my opinion, they have to at least come out at 1-$1 to take the USD out of the picture. Anything else is icing and candles.
  11. to me, saying I'll take the dime is like the homeless dude saying" I am worth more the the $20/hr job" you just offered me....if it takes three more years, what have I lost? Dinar does not eat, drink, leave the lights on or cost insurance. Turning down .90 per, is not wise says the man on the mountain
  12. Thuggie! are the second reason I lurk here on this sight! Your a hoot!
  13. sometimes we don't understand GOD'S sovereignty. Sorry for your loss. The un-expected are always the tough ones. Been there, feel for you.
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