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  1. I know Adam didn’t mention this is his chat this week, but does anyone have an updated synopsis of what is happening with the HCL?
  2. Thanx Yoda. This was a nice thing to post on our 244th birthday. Brought a nice smile to my face.
  3. Butifldrm, could you be a bit more specific on your statement of somethings going on at the CBI? Thanx
  4. Adam, can you break down the last few days of what is really happening in the Iraq Paraliment in laymen’s terms please. Yoga is doing a great service for us by posting all the news but it’s so back and forth that I’m very confused. One specific item I’m interested in is what is happening to Abadi, one post shows he’s outgoing and another shows he’s heading up some organization that I’ve never hear of. Thanx a million. The Wolf
  5. I agree BamaGirl. All these pages and pages of comments with nothing but “Hi’s, guesses, speculation, etc.”. It’s so hard to get real information. Until we receive a text or email saying what we’ve been waiting for is “finally” upon us, I take all these things with less than a grain of salt. Sorry, exceptions are DinarThug, King Bean, Synopsis, and a few others that names elude me at the moment.
  6. Am curious, does anyone know when the Iraqi Gazette is published? And maybe if they publish everyday or just a few days a week? Thanx much.
  7. Thanx so much NEP and was thinking that. I keep see the ancrynom and it didn’t make sense. Go RV.
  8. So, So I tried to read what you wrote Rmc10 - - and "you lost me." what parts are real and which are all BS as you state so many times. To me you are babbling and I now have a headache.
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