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  1. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON Nader From The Mid East You heard them talking about corruption. They're going to clean it up but it's going to always be there. It's everywhere. It's in America. It's everywhere in the world. It's in Europe. It's here. Corruption is corruption, the biggest corrupt people you cannot clean them cuz they have powers. You can't do anything against them. Clare Article: ''Removing Zeros from the Iraqi Currency: Talk Returns and Possibility of Implementation" Quote: "if the currency is the “dinar” and its value is equal to 1,000 dinars, after removing three zeros, its value will become one new dinar. According to experts, the actual value of the money people own does not change after deleting the zeros, but this step contributes to simplifying the buying and selling processes for individuals and companies, and makes the financial amounts simpler and more understandable. Instead of dealing with huge numbers such as a trillion or a million (1,000,000 Iraqi dinars), they can be converted to just one thousand 1,000 dinars after deleting three zeros. The exchange rate will be transformed into one dinar for every one dollar, and this is what the late former governor of the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi, aspired to" Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: We're hearing this man on Chanel one on the TV he's saying to us citizens, he's saying joining the WTO will eventually lead to the rising of the dinar value up. It's all about global trade...In order to compete we will need a real effective exchange rate to produce anything in the global trading market. FRANK: He's right...It's amazing they are talking to you about the real effective exchange rate...because that is the end result of the float. God willing it comes out at $3.22 as an RI.
  2. Added @ 1:05 PM MDT: Now we're introduced to Pimpy's flawed logic. Pimpy Yes, an article came out again about deletion of the zeros... "Removing Zeros from the Iraqi currency: Talk Returns and Possibility of Implementation" I keep telling everybody when they do the deletion of the zeros this is how it's going to work. You got a 25,000 dinar. Right now at the current rate you have .00076. It equals $19. The nominal, which is the [three zero] currency, they will remove the three zeros [25]...and it will take the three zeros off [the rate - .76]...That would be 25 dinar times .76 gives you $19.
  3. Isolated at home, Biden is “angry” with allies over pressure to withdraw from presidential race Arabic And InternationalNancy PelosiBidenBarack Obama 2024-07-20// 07:47 Shafaq News / US President Joe Biden, who is sick with the Corona virus and has been abandoned by his allies, feels angry as he spent the last days isolated in his home on the Delaware coast. A coordinated campaign to get him out Biden is increasingly resentful of what he sees as a concerted campaign to remove him from the presidential race, and is bitter toward some of those he once considered close, including Vice President Barack Obama, according to a report in The New York Times. Biden, who has been in politics for a long time, assumes that the leaks that have appeared in the media in recent days are being orchestrated to increase pressure on him to step down, according to people close to him. He considers former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the main instigator, but he is also angry with Obama, whom he sees as the "puppet master behind the scenes." coughing and walking The friction between the current president and his party leaders, which is approaching the election date, is unlike anything seen in Washington for generations, especially since the Democrats now working to facilitate his exit were among the most important allies to his success over the past twelve years. While it was Obama who also appointed Biden and elevated him to vice president, which won him the White House in 2020, it was Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, who pushed through his historic legislative achievements. But several people close to Biden, who insisted on anonymity to The New York Times, described what the president is doing at home, coughing and walking more than 100 miles through the halls of the house, as his presidency faces its most dangerous moments. Biden spent time watching with growing exasperation as a series of news stories emerged, one after another, that Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the Democratic leader in the House, had all warned of a crisis and a crushing defeat for the party in November. Obama never helped him He also surely noticed that Obama had done nothing to help him in recent days, even though his former aides had led the way publicly in calling on Biden to withdraw in what was interpreted, rightly or wrongly, as a message from the former president’s camp. Obama's unseen but clearly felt presence in particular has given the drama unfolding a Shakespearean quality, given their eight-year partnership, the newspaper said. Meanwhile, while Biden and his team publicly insist he will stay in the race, people close to him privately say he is increasingly accepting that he may not be able to, and some have begun discussing dates and locations for a potential announcement that he will step aside. One factor that could lead to an extension of the decision is that advisers believe Biden will not want to do so before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington on Wednesday at the initiative of Republicans to address Congress, unwilling to give Netanyahu that opportunity, especially since relations between the two men have been strained recently over the Gaza war. Pressure is pushing him to stick to his position Biden, on the other hand, is wary of the pressure, and those pushing him to withdraw risk restoring his position and ultimately pushing him to stay, as two people familiar with his thinking said he had not changed his mind as of Friday afternoon. Biden pledged on Friday evening to continue his campaign, even as seven other Democrats in Congress called on him to end his campaign, fearing it would cost the party a "heavy price" in the November 5 elections. Biden, who is currently in quarantine at his home in Delaware after contracting the coronavirus, said he would resume campaigning soon.عربي-ودولي/منعزلاً-في-بيته..-بايدن-"غاضب"-من-حلفائه-بسبب-الضغوط-للانسحاب-من-السباق-الرئاسي
  4. Biden rejects calls to withdraw: Wait for me next week Arabic And InternationalJoe BidenUS Democratic PartyAmerican Elections 2024-07-19 // 11:04 Shafaq News US President Joe Biden, who is facing difficulties related to his advanced age in addition to his isolation after being infected with the Corona virus, confirmed on Friday that he will resume his election campaign next week, and he also criticized his Republican rival Donald Trump's "pessimistic" vision for the future . "The stakes are high and the choice is clear. We will win," Biden said in a statement released by his campaign team, adding that "Donald Trump's pessimistic vision of the future does not represent us as Americans." "I look forward to returning to the campaign next week to continue to focus on the danger" posed by Trump's agenda, he added, the day after the Republican National Convention formally nominated the former president to run for president . The statement comes amid growing calls from within the US Democratic Party for him to withdraw from the race for the White House . Campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon said in an interview with MSNBC that President Biden is "definitely" staying in the presidential race, describing him as "the best person to take on Donald Trump ." Biden, 81, is facing mounting pressure from prominent Democratic figures to withdraw from the race after a poor debate performance against his Republican rival, former President Donald Trump, sparking concerns about his age and ability to win the November election .عربي-ودولي/بايدن-يرفض-دعوات-الانسحاب:-انتظروني-الأسبوع-المقبل
  5. What the hell are we & the Europeans going to do about this...! We need to destroy their nuclear producing and research facilities - other then their Nuclear power plants. We also need to destroy their facilities that store their fission materials. This administration has been a total failure with this issue of Iran, and on the entire international scene. Plus, they have caused the USD to lose it's role as the Tier 1 - global reserve currency. They have over-used sanctions to control other countries , and we're driving them away. Everyone is dumping our treasury notes, and buying gold & silver in huge quantities. BRICS is getting stronger by the day. And most Americans are totally unaware of what's coming, even though many financial experts are screaming. Our Leftist Media doesn't tell the truth about this. We can thank Biden, Obama, and the globalists who run our country from behind the scenes.
  6. US Secretary of State: Iran can build a nuclear weapon within two weeks Arabic And InternationalIranAmericaBreakingTwo-State SolutionIranian Nuclear Program 2024-07-19 // 09:30 Shafaq News / US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken accused Iran on Friday of obstructing the establishment of a Palestinian state, pointing to its ability to manufacture a nuclear weapon. He said in press statements monitored by Shafaq News Agency that Iran and Hamas are working to obstruct the two-state solution, referring to the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Blinken added that Iran could produce fissile material to make a nuclear weapon "within a week or two." Regarding the war in Gaza, Blinken told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado: “We have agreement from Israel and Hamas to the framework that (US President Joe) Biden has put forward.” "But there are still some issues that need to be resolved and negotiated. We are in the process of doing just that," he continued. "It's now about getting some important details negotiated," Blinken said. "We're inside the 10-yard line, and the last 10 yards are often the toughest."عربي-ودولي/وزير-الخارجية-الأمريكي:-إيران-تستطيع-صنع-سلاح-نووي-في-غضون-أسبوعين
  7. Trump's Iraqi Lawyer: Alina Habba, the President's Campaign Beauty and Biggest Supporter Arabic And InternationalTrumpAlina Is A Pill 2024-07-20 // 00:59 Shafaq News / Alina Habba, the Iraqi-born lawyer for former US President Donald Trump, expressed her full support for Trump in a speech on the last day of the Republican Party conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, especially after the recent assassination attempt. The beauty, who is part of the former US president's legal team, said in a speech at the party's conference that the attack on the Republican candidate only makes them stronger. “The left’s madness is a sign of desperation, and indictments and baseless allegations will not deter us,” she continued, adding, “Because the only crime Trump committed was loving America,” and concluding by saying, “America, we are winning.” The fierce New Jersey lawyer, whose parents are Iraqi, is known to the former president as one of Trump's staunchest supporters and a supporter of his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. She also defended him with all her legal arguments in the case of paying money to buy the silence of a former porn actress. Her photos on Instagram alone are enough to reveal a lot about her relationship with Trump, who has previously described her as very smart and very likeable. It seems that there is a special friendship between her and Trump, as she posted a picture of them on her account, and congratulated him on his birthday last June. The beautiful lawyer also posted other photos of herself hugging Melania Trump and wishing her a happy birthday, with Trump standing next to them in the photo last April. They were also photographed on her birthday, standing next to Trump and Melania. A birthday cake in the shape of the White House appeared, with Alina's name written on it, and a luxurious Hermes bag. Who is Alina Habba? The brilliant lawyer was born on March 25, 1984, to Iraqi parents who immigrated to New Jersey, according to Bloomberg. Her father is a famous gastrointestinal surgeon named Saad Habba, who has a long list of medical achievements and research. She entered "Trump World" after becoming a member of his golf club in Bedminster in 2019. She is currently the Managing Director of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP, a law firm, which lists in its introduction a list of some of the famous cases she has handled and argued. But despite her successful record, it remains certain that this is the first time she has taken on a case of criminal charges against an American president, which is a precedent in the United States.عربي-ودولي/محامية-ترامب-العراقية..-ألينا-حبة-حسناء-حملة-الرئيس-الانتخابية-وأكبر-داعميه
  8. Dollar prices fall in Baghdad and Erbil with closing EconomyErbilBaghdadDollar PricesBreakingClosure 2024-07-20 // 06:15 Shafaq News / The dollar prices decreased in Baghdad markets, today, Saturday, and in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, with the closing. Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the dollar prices decreased slightly with the closing of Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya stock exchanges to record 149,000 dinars for 100 dollars, while this morning it recorded 149,150 dinars for 100 dollars. Our correspondent pointed out that the selling prices in the field of exchange in the local markets in Baghdad decreased, as the selling price reached 150,000 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price reached 148,000 dinars for 100 dollars. In Erbil, the dollar also declined, with the selling price reaching 149,000 dinars for every 100 dollars, and the buying price reaching 148,700 dinars for every 100 US dollars.اقتصـاد/انخفاض-أسعار-الدولار-في-بغداد-و-اربيل-مع-الإغلاق-
  9. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON Margarita Article Quote: "He expressed hope for the fourth round of negotiations to take place in the first quarter of the coming year, emphasizing that this acceleration indicates that negotiations are progressing very quickly towards Iraq's accession to the WTO, with Iraq being an important economic entity and all countries eager for Iraq to reemerge as a key player in the multilateral trading system" Clare THE WTO FULL ACCESSION HAS NEVER BEEN A REQUIREMENT FOR A RATE CHANGE. Frank26 I will admit I was hoping they would say something on the 18th about the WTO. They didn't. [Not a] big deal. MarkZ & Militia Man Mark: this week there are television ads being run in Iraq about the “delete the zero” project? And they are doing this internationally - I think that is important. Many people left Iraq during the wars and have settled elsewhere in the region. So doing those ads internationally are for those citizens. IO that is huge Militia Man: Obviously Iraq is trying to reach out to the people and share with them some education about how the “delete the zeros” works...I have a translator who reads and writes Arabic fluently…and they say this ad is the real deal… Part of a campaign of awareness and released in several countries. Like Al Alaq said in July of last year. The project to delete the zeros still exists, the emphasis is that it’s all positive and they are going to do something with their currency. Clare THE WTO FULL ACCESSION HAS NEVER BEEN A REQUIREMENT FOR A RATE CHANGE. ...THE VIDEO THAT WAS RELEASED IN IRAQ & ARAB NATIONS EXPLAINING ALAQ'S COMMENT ABOUT THE DELETION OF THE ZEROS...WAS HUGE!!! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT THE DELETION OF THE ZEROS!!! COME ON CBI... **** Friday Midnight Opinions **** Frank26 Here's the problem with that video [Iraqi dinar video from 3-17-2024] As much as that video was correct and powerful and education, unfortunately they did not show you the lower notes. If you have seen the lower notes your brain would have told you, 'Oh, wait a minute, they're going to replace those with these. They're not keeping this 50,000.' The video left us lacking for more information. Kaperoni Question:"So the RV tomorrow 3:00? Lol" You need to change your thinking. There is no RV, never will be one. The only way that dinar can go up in value is 'gradually' over time based on the success and growth of Iraq's own economy. Ingram Question: "How is Iraq going to do business in the international market with such a low currency rate?" This is why Iraq will need to increase the value of its currency. Currency values... act as a silent force influencing a country's global competitiveness. When a country's currency value is low it can impact it's ability to compete...Iraq's top trading partners are China, India, South Korea and on the sidelines Iran. However things are about to change and fast. The development road project places Iraq right in the middle of the global financial markets. [We] have little doubt the Iraqi dinar will increase in value but we don't know when or how much. Frank26 Question: "When we go to the bank to trade our IQD will the funds be instantly put into our accounts or will there be a waiting period to access the funds?" Instantly because it's going to be electronic. If you go to the bank and you say I want to exchange a million dinar and they give you a million dollars, you're not going to have a million dollars in cash. You're going to have a million dollars electronically credited to your account.
  10. Posted Friday - 7/19/2024: Frank26 [Reference: the Iraqi dinar video from 7-17-2024] It's not a lop to subtract zeros from an exchange rate adds value to a currency. To add zeros to an exchange rate, hello Zimbabwe, reduces the value of the currency. If they add zeros then we are looking at a lop. No where did you see they were adding zeros. Only time will tell exactly what it all means; because, once they do it we will understand it. LOL..!
  11. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON PompeyPeter We have never been where we are now. Categorically not. They're going to be the global solution to the financial worries. The solution is with the Iraqi dinar. Not at 1310 - it's not. Wolverine ...Hopefully we will get really good news that we are waiting for. That opera is just around the corner and hopefully to be released soon. Keep the faith this is coming. Paulette Article: "Iraq faces some challenges in its path to joining the World Trade Organization" It is clear based on this article that Iraq will not be voted today to be full members of the WTO. Iraq has a lot of work ahead of them. To me, the WTO is totally irrelevant to what we seek. Apples and oranges. I hope we see the FULL RI process well before full accession to the WTO. Frank26 [Reference: the Iraqi dinar video from 7-17-2024] It's not a lop to subtract zeros from an exchange rate adds value to a currency. To add zeros to an exchange rate, hello Zimbabwe, reduces the value of the currency. If they add zeros then we are looking at a lop. No where did you see they were adding zeros. Mnt Goat ...This current Al-Sudani administration is now moving Iraq ahead, yes out of this past rut. It is right in our faces now. The train is racing down the track only to make the necessary stops along the way. It is a hard road for Iraq. There is work to be done. No more “guessing” or “hoping”. The reinstatement spigot is now wide open! It is in our faces! MarkZ Question: Do you think the RV will happen in waves? First Dinar, then a few months later, VND? Mark: No, I think they will still go at the same time.
  12. Al-Sudani confirms to Cardinal Louis Sako his support for the Chaldean Church Council conference held in Baghdad PoliticsChaldean ChurchLouis Sako 2024-07-18 // 09:39 Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani expressed his support for the annual session of the Chaldean Church Synod, hosted by the capital, Baghdad, on Thursday. This came during his reception of the Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq and the world, Cardinal Mar Louis Raphael Sako, and a number of Chaldean bishops participating in the conference, according to a statement from Al-Sudani's office. The statement received by Shafaq News Agency stated that Al-Sudani welcomed the Cardinal and the delegation of bishops, expressing his support for the convening of the Chaldean Church Council Conference in Baghdad, which celebrates all the fraternal Iraqi components, foremost among them the authentic Christian component that carries important civilizational and humanitarian contributions to the history of Iraq and the building of the state. During the meeting, he stressed that diversity in Iraq is one of the constants that calls for pride; as it represents a source of strength and a factor of stability, praising the position of the religious leadership of the Iraqi Christian component, which was present in all challenges, endured tragedies and terrorism, and participated in repelling attempts to create a rift between Iraqis, stressing that the government aspires to the return of all Christians to Iraq, within the framework of its keenness to maintain the cohesion of the Iraqi social fabric, and its commitment to this position of the Christian component. Al-Sudani stressed that duty now calls, after two decades of change and victory over terrorism, to maintain the state of institutions and citizenship, and to ensure that everyone can practice their rituals and worship freely, and that Iraq's vast resources must be employed to confirm stability. He also touched on the effects of terrorism and aggression in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon, indicating Iraq's efforts, at all levels, to end this crisis; because the security of the region is an integrated and indivisible unit. For their part, Patriarch Sako and the attending bishops expressed their thanks to the Prime Minister for his patronage and support for holding this conference in Baghdad. They also renewed their support for the government’s steps within the framework of building peace and stability, providing public services to ensure a decent life for all Iraqis without exception or discrimination, and giving priority to the interests of the Iraqi people over any secondary factional interests, according to the statement.سیاسة/السوداني-يؤكد-الكاردينال-لويس-ساكو-دعمه-لمؤتمر-مجمع-الكنيسة-الكلدانية-المنعقد-ببغداد
  13. 5 min read July 19, 2024 Lightning Strikes “Come, and let us return to the Lord; For He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days, He will revive us; On the third day, He will raise us up, That we may live in His sight. Let us know; let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, Like the latter and former rain to the earth.” (Hosea 6:1-3 NKJV) “The Lord reigns; Let the earth rejoice; Let the multitude of isles be glad! Clouds and darkness surround Him; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.” (Psalms 97:1-2 NKJV) “Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and on the cloud sat One like the Son of Man, having on His head a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, ‘Thrust in Your sickle and reap, for the time has come for You to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.’ So He who sat on the cloud thrust in His sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped.” (Revelation 14:14-16 NKJV) The above verses speak of revival, clouds, rain, darkness, and reaping. The following dream also speaks of these things. It was given to my friend, Steven Springer, on January 20, 2021, the day Biden was inaugurated. God was showing Steven what He would do in the future. Though many Americans were feeling great devastation, Steven said he woke up from the dream with a sense of hope! Here is the dream: ******* “In the dream, I was taken up over Washington, D.C. It was so cloudy that you could barely see the buildings below. Then lightning struck the top of the White House, and winds began to blow. I saw rain, lightning, and hail coming down from heaven. “As the winds blew, a clarity came across the city. Then one by one, I saw rubber masks coming off people; you could see them for who they actually were; they looked very hideous under the masks. An exposure of all things hidden and masked was occurring. “Then I saw a large broom come down out of heaven and begin to sweep across the entire nation, starting with Washington, D.C. As it swept across the nation, all sorts of evil were revealed and removed. “The cleansing brought awakening! I saw many people getting out of their beds, stretching and yawning, realizing it was daytime! The night was over, and a new day had dawned! “The sweeping continued to go across the nations of the earth. It was being swept clean of corruption and decay, so that awakening could come in a mighty revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The revival brought fire, which burned up the debris left behind by the broom. As the dust settled, the earth looked dark and scorched. But the fire was followed by the outpouring of more rain, and new life began to sprout up everywhere. There was such joy and happiness on people’s faces. Even the land itself seemed to rejoice.” End of dream. ******* Steven shared with me, “Out of the ashes will arise a beautiful church, and incredible revival and reformation, the likes of which the planet has never seen! Our greatest days are at hand.” Numerous prophetic leaders, including myself, have said that God’s agenda for the past 3.5 years has been to expose evil. Americans needed to be made aware of the incredible level of corruption in our government. Few have understood how devious and evil it has become. But the lightning of intercession has struck the White House, God has unmasked corruption, and His broom is sweeping the debris. “He fills His hands with lightning and commands it to strike its mark” (Job 36:32 NIV). “Strike its mark” is the Hebrew word paga,(1) which is the word for intercession. Prayer releases the power, light, and glory of God to strike targets, sometimes releasing blessings, at other times, judgment. “Have you ever seen a tree struck by lightning? If so, you’ve seen a picture of intercession. I pray a lot in a woods nearby. At times, I come across trees struck by lightning. The lightning is so hot, it literally changes the molecular structure of the trees and twists the trunks until they look like the stripes on a candy cane. The temperature in a lightning bolt can reach 30,000 degrees Celsius (45,000 degrees Fahrenheit), hotter than the sun’s surface. That’s hot stuff! And God uses this to picture His judgments!”(2) Keep praying, and keep your seatbelt buckled - He isn’t finished. In this dream, the fire of God brought further cleansing, not only here in America, but throughout the earth. Then, consistent with His redemptive heart, revival rain was released. God’s heart is always to redeem, not destroy. Though the cleansing is well underway, it will take some time to uncover and uproot all of the evil in our government. Many people will need to be replaced; entire departments must be dissolved, and others purged; laws and regulations will be rewritten or eliminated. People will resist this; there will be much screaming over their loss of power. Things will remain turbulent for a while. But remember the end of the dream: there was great joy, happiness, and revival. Even the land itself rejoiced. I close with the words of George Washington in his opening remarks to delegates of the Constitutional Convention on May 25, 1787: “The event is in the Hand of God.”(3) Just as the founding of America was in God’s hand, including the writing of the Constitution, she remains in His hand today. Let’s keep her there. Our prayer today is from King Jehoshaphat, in 2 Chronicles 20: “Lord, God of our fathers, are You not God in the heavens? And are You not ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations? Power and might are in Your hand so that no one can stand against You. Did You not, our God, drive out the inhabitants of this land from Your people Israel, and give it to the descendants of Your friend Abraham forever? They have lived in it, and have built You a sanctuary in it for Your name, saying, ‘If disaster comes upon us, the sword, or judgment, or plague, or famine, we will stand before this house and before You (for Your name is in this house), and cry out to You in our distress, and You will hear and save us.’ Now behold, the sons of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir, whom You did not allow Israel to invade when they came out of the land of Egypt (for they turned aside from them and did not destroy them), see how they are rewarding us by coming to drive us out from Your possession which You have given us as an inheritance. Our God, will You not judge them? For we are powerless before this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are on You.” (2 Chronicles 20: 6-12 NASB) Our decree: We decree that our prayers are releasing the lightning of God to judge evil, and these prayers are keeping America in the hand of God. ********************************* Click on the link below to watch the full video. -------------------------------------------------- If you’d like to learn more about Steven Springer, who pastors in the Dallas area, go to -------------------------------------------------- James Strong, The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990), ref. no. 6293. Dutch Sheets, Intercessory Prayer (Bloomington, MN: Bethany House Publishers), p. 202. William J. Federer, Prayer and Presidents (St. Louis, MO: Amerisearch, Inc.), p. 14.
  14. US report announces Biden's "surrender": He may withdraw from the presidential race this week Arabic And InternationalBidenPresidential Election 2024-07-18 // 09:54 Shafaq News / An American report said on Thursday that President Joe Biden "secretly surrendered" to increasing pressure and poor opinion polls, and that he may withdraw from the presidential race this week. Several senior Democrats told Axios that mounting pressure from party leaders in Congress and close friends will convince President Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race. These Democrats expected Biden, 81, to withdraw from the presidential race "as soon as possible," perhaps by the end of this week. They explained that "his party's top leaders, friends, and major donors believe that he (Biden) cannot win, cannot change public perceptions of his age and health, and cannot achieve a majority in Congress." Axios reported that the US president appears to have "secretly surrendered" to mounting pressure and poor polls. Democrats said there are several factors that make it impossible for Biden to continue his election campaign. Axios reported that people close to Biden told him that if he remained in office, former President Donald Trump could win by a landslide, erasing Biden's legacy and Democrats' hopes next November. An Associated Press poll showed on Wednesday that nearly two-thirds of Democrats want Biden to withdraw from the presidential race. Calls for Biden's withdrawal have been rising following his disastrous performance during a debate with Trump two weeks ago. For months, Biden has shown problems with concentration and memory during public speeches, raising doubts about his ability to run for a second term.عربي-ودولي/تقرير-امريكي-يعلن-"استسلام"-بايدن:-رُبما-سينسحب-من-السباق-الرئاسي-هذا-الأسبوع There are now numerous reports available on youtube that confirm this article. RON
  16. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON Walkingstick It's no secret. The world knows about the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar. The international world knows about a new exchange rate that is about to come out of this. It's no secret, everybody knows the Iraqi dinar is about to go up in value. Harlequinc3 Question about the dinar 3-zeros video from 7-17-2024: "As I watch the video, it seems their illustration hints on deleting from the currency in such a way that appears they would not recognize the existing zeros and only accept larger denominations with the thought in mind that the additional 3 zeros are no longer recognized." The CBI will remove 3 zeros off .00076 (1310 IQD: $1USD.) This makes the exchange rate $.76. But almost at the exact same time, they will reinstate their currency internationally to $3.22 (and possibly add inflation for 20 years to it — 20%) up to $3.86. Reinstating it means we can exchange the dinar internationally just like any other currency. [Post 1 of 2] Harlequinc3 Think of removing three zeros as literally ‘removing the old currency from circulation.’ That’s all it means. How they do it is entice you and me and Iraqi citizens with an attractive amount. After a certain amount of all that old currency is removed, CBI will up the exchange rate in increments until it hits the rate they want. This is called a dirty float. Most likely after awhile, the CBI will change this to a pure float which is like what you see on regular FOREX, like the dollar does, the Euro does, the pound does, etc. But that won’t matter to you and me because we will have already gotten rid of our dinars and exchanged them for dollars (or whatever currency your own country uses.) [Post 2 of 2]
  17. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON Frank26 If you have a 50k note and you live inside of Iraq that 50k note is going to be on a completely different exchange rate. The exchange rate will have value. It'll be based off the American dollar maybe 1 to 1 or more. When it goes international in a float it's going to go up and they're going to cap it, and everybody's happy... MarkZ Article: “Iraq continues to add to their Maritime Fleet” They have 2 used ships with 5 under construction… this will cost a large amount of money. Iraq has some long term goals. They have not paid for them yet - I believe Iraq is waiting for a change of value for the dinar. Samson Article: "Frustrating results from Iraqi Foreign Minister’s meeting with US Treasury regarding pressures on the Central Bank" Pimpy I keep telling people, the WTO will talk about the Iraqi exchange rate but not in the sense that they're forcing or telling Iraq they have to change their exchange rate. That's not what they do. They just talk about trade and any hurdles that are between them and trade members. They can point something out, they can make recommendations, but it's not up the WTO when it comes to the exchange rate...I know people are telling you it's going to be on July 18th they're going to change the exchange rate. No they're not. Militia Man Today's exchange rate at 1310 its reciprocal is about .0007633. Drop those three zeros off an exchange rate and you have value to the currency. It's that simple. It doesn't make sense to anybody to print new currency as far back as 2018 with new small denominations to not have a reason for value. It just doesn't make sense to anybody especially when the United States is holding significant portion of Iraq dinar as are other coalition forces. All boats rise with the tide. Frank26 [New Iraqi Dinar 3-zeros Video Review shown in Frank26's post 3-17-2024] A 50,000 note, they showed you a picture, and then they took a magic marker and they crossed off the 3-zeros on the 50k note... that was a little misleading. Many people saw the 3-zeros disappear from the currency and they thought I'm going to be left with a 50 note. I just lost a lot of money. No! They're not going to take your 50K note and cut the zeros out... .00076 | 1320 - These represent the exchange value of the Iraq dinar. .00076 is used by Forex to reflect the 1320 that is on the CBI website. [Post 1 of 2] Frank26 It is my hope that the next step of the monetary reform will remove 3-zeros from the exchange rate that Forex is using. After we have lifted the 3 zeros the next step is it goes into a float, as an RI. Then it goes into a re-denomination. It means you got rid of those 3-zero notes. The exchange rate just changed, you now need the smaller notes because the exchange rate just got really big. Right now the Iraqi notes are big with a lot of zeros because the exchange rate is tiny. But it is about to flip. By removing the 3 zeros from the exchange rate of .00076 you add value to the currency. [Post 2 of 2]
  18. Seeking to restore "direct" trade between Iraq, Kurdistan and Romania EconomyIraqKurdistan RegionIranian Trade ExchangeRomania 2024-07-18 04:13 Shafaq News / Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed, on Thursday, its endeavor to restore direct trade exchange between Iraq and the Kurdistan Region on the one hand, and the State of Romania on the other hand, after it had been suspended for more than two decades. Nawzad Ghafoor, head of the Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said during a press conference attended by Shafak News Agency, "Today witnessed an expanded meeting between the Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a high-level delegation from Romania, which consisted of: the Romanian ambassador to Iraq, the Romanian consul in the Kurdistan Region, representatives of major Romanian companies, and a number of companies in Sulaymaniyah." He added, "This meeting is the second meeting in the past two months, to discuss providing a suitable climate for the return of trade exchange between Iraq, the Kurdistan Region, and Romania, especially since direct trade exchange has stopped for more than 25 years." Ghafoor explained that "the companies held bilateral meetings for the purpose of starting the process of trade exchange between the two parties in the fields of energy, technology, construction, food and the exchange of commercial expertise." The head of the Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed, "The Chamber's support and interest in enhancing and restoring trade exchange between Iraq and the region on the one hand and the State of Romania on the other hand, due to the importance of Romanian products and the experience of its merchants." In turn, Romanian Ambassador Radu Dobra revealed during the conference that trade exchange between Iraq and Romania was limited in recent years to indirect trade exchange between the two parties. He explained that "Roman products used to reach Iraq through intermediaries, namely neighboring countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and the Emirates." The Romanian ambassador stressed "the pursuit of making trade exchange direct without an intermediary, removing obstacles and facilitating the process of direct trade exchange with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region."اقتصـاد/السعي-لإعادة-التبادل-التجاري-"المباشر"-بين-العراق-و-كوردستان-ورومانيا
  19. IQD Rates - Updated: Thursday - 7/18/2024 Shafaq News: The dollar prices decreased in Baghdad markets, today, Thursday, and in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, with the closing at the end of the week. Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the dollar prices decreased with the closing of Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya stock exchanges to record 149,000 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while this morning it recorded 149,250 dinars for 100 dollars. Our correspondent pointed out that the selling prices in the field of exchange in the local markets in Baghdad decreased, as the selling price reached 150,000 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price reached 148,000 dinars for 100 dollars. In Erbil, the dollar recorded a slight decrease, as the selling price reached 149,300 dinars for every 100 dollars, and the buying price reached 149,200 dinars for every 100 US dollars. Have a blessed Thursday - Almighty GOD is Faithful..! RON
  20. CBI Currency Exchange Rates Thursday - 7/18/2024 Currency Converter US dollar USD 1310,000 Euro EUR 1428.163 Pound Sterling GBP 1698.612 Canadian Dollar CAD 957.183 Swiss Franc CHF 1462.217 Swedish crown SEK 123,602 Norwegian crown NOK 121.221 Danish crown DKK 191,414 Japanese yen JPY 8.271 Chinese Yuan CNY 180.292 UAE Dirham AED 356,705 Jordanian Dinar JOD 1850.282 Australian Dollar AUD 882,678 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1737.322 Gold for a 24-ounce Gold 3,209,144.900
  21. Foreign Currency Selling Window results for Thursday 18/7/2024 Thursday - July 18, 2024 Foreign Currency Selling Window results for Thursday 18/7/2024 Announcement No.(5163) Details Amount Total amounts of transfers abroad (remittances and credits) 266,319,520 Total cash withdrawals 10,350,000 Total sale amounts 276,669,520 Note: The price of selling amounts of credits and international settlements for electronic cards is (1310) dinars per dollar. The selling price of remittances abroad is (1310) dinars per dollar. The cash selling price is (1305) dinars per dollar.
  22. Dollar closes lower against dinar in Baghdad, Erbil at end of week EconomyErbilBaghdadBreakingWeekendDollar Close 2024-07-18 // 06:26 Shafaq News / The dollar prices decreased in Baghdad markets, today, Thursday, and in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, with the closing at the end of the week. Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the dollar prices decreased with the closing of Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya stock exchanges to record 149,000 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while this morning it recorded 149,250 dinars for 100 dollars. Our correspondent pointed out that the selling prices in the field of exchange in the local markets in Baghdad decreased, as the selling price reached 150,000 Iraqi dinars for 100 dollars, while the purchase price reached 148,000 dinars for 100 dollars. In Erbil, the dollar recorded a slight decrease, as the selling price reached 149,300 dinars for every 100 dollars, and the buying price reached 149,200 dinars for every 100 US dollars.اقتصـاد/الدولار-يغلق-على-انخفاض-أمام-الدينار-في-بغداد-وأربيل-بنهاية-الأسبوع
  23. 5 min read July 18, 2024 Intercessors: Keep “Pushing” President Trump knows it was God who saved his life last Saturday. “God alone” were his words. It certainly was divine protection, which was absolutely generated by the prayers of the church. The following dream was given to Gina Gholston just days before the election of 2020. Most of us assumed - never wise to do so - it was for that time. It seems as though the dream was for now. (I’ll be sharing another such dream in tomorrow’s post.) The dream points out the need to pray for the president; tomorrow’s post points out what God intends to do in the coming season. Here is Gina’s dream: “On October 28, 2020, I dreamed there was a large crowd of people that had gathered around President Donald J. Trump in an attempt to overtake and presumably harm him. Then, I saw a smaller crowd begin to surround him. Along with Dutch Sheets, I pushed a large flatbed cart (like those at home/building supply stores) through the large crowd and positioned it beside President Trump. “Those of us in the smaller crowd helped him get onto the flatbed cart. On the cart was a chair, and the president sat down in the chair. He was holding a replica of the torch on the Statue of Liberty in his right hand, which he held up throughout the entire dream. “Trump was not rattled by the large crowd and their attempts to overtake him. He was very comfortable and completely at ease. Once he was seated in the chair, we positioned ourselves to push the cart forward. Before we began, several from our group took four large old family Bibles and placed them on each corner of the cart. The purpose was to balance and help steady the cart as we moved forward. “We then began pushing the cart; we gained momentum and were moving at a very high rate of speed. Others in the smaller crowd, whom I believe were intercessors, went ahead of us and, working quickly, used brooms to move rocks and other objects that had the potential of causing the cart to tip over if we hit them. “Eventually, as we moved forward, there were not only rocks in the roadway, but also land mines. However, the people continued to clear the way, and the landmines were removed without detonating. We never slowed down or hit a rock or a landmine. The way was cleared perfectly. “We continued pushing the President, who was still seated on the cart, holding the torch in his right hand. I said, ‘We must hurry and get him (the President) “there.” We don’t have a lot of time.’ So, we began pushing at an even higher rate of speed. “Then, out in front of us, we saw what appeared to be a solid rock wall blocking the entire roadway. We all looked at one another, wondering how we would get beyond the wall. But we never stopped moving. “Suddenly, I received a prophetic revelation and said, ‘It’s not real. That wall is not what it appears to be. Keep moving! Just keep going . . . same pace.’ I then said to Donald Trump, ‘Mr. President, hold on, we’re going to keep going!’ “The President then said to us, ‘This is not going to be a piece of cake, but do not stop. You can get me there, and this time, it will be different because now it’s realigned. Everything has been “reset”! It won’t be easy, but you can get me there. If you don’t stop, I will finish my eight years well.’ “We kept moving and arrived at the wall. I said again, ‘Mr. President, hold on!’ Then we hit “the wall,” which was not a solid rock wall at all! It was a thin, glass wall with a mural of a rock wall painted on it. We hit the glass, and it shattered into thousands of pieces. There was a huge mess left from the shattering of the wall, but it didn’t stop us. “When we hit the glass, it was as if we entered some kind of an opening; it looked like the image created by an aircraft as it breaks the sound barrier. We broke the sound barrier! We were then engulfed with a brilliant light. “As we went through that light, we suddenly found ourselves in front of the White House lit up with red, white, and blue. There were long tables set up on the front lawn, decorated for a banquet prepared for us, the President, and his family. “On each table were centerpieces that included small replicas of the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Liberty Bell. These replicas were gifts for each of us to keep as a memorial of this day. Between each centerpiece, red, white, and blue flowers lined down the center of each table. “There was great excitement in each of us as the banquet began.” End of the dream. ******* The dream is self-explanatory. Intercession is clearing the debris from Trump’s path to the White House. However, it is vitally important that we realize this is not really about Donald Trump. I’m not enamored with him, just as I’m not taken with any governmental leader. I honor leaders’ authority and positions, but they hold no celebrity status for me. And I certainly don’t place them on a pedestal. Like all of us, they are flawed, make mistakes, and desperately need the grace of God. As King David showed us quite clearly, even those “after God’s heart” are capable of mistakes. I have repeatedly stated that only God can save America, but we must be continually reminded of it; no person or political party can save America. I enjoy the celebrative atmosphere and most of the speeches at the RNC convention, but I am reminded over and over: determination is good, but not enough. Unity is essential, but not enough. Strategy is critical, but not enough. I am reminded over and over and over again as I listen: Faith in God released in humility before Him must be our number one priority during this time. “He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to WALK HUMBLY with thy God” (Micah 6:8; AKJV; emphasis mine). “Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk in Humility” - now there’s an unbeatable platform. May it be our banner as intercessors, as we keep “pushing the cart.” Pray with me: Father, our personal righteousness is as filthy rags; that’s why You sent Jesus. Paul said no good thing dwelled in our flesh (Romans 7:18). That’s why he relied on Christ in him, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). Even Jesus, when operating in His humanness, relied on You and Holy Spirit to help Him stating, “I can of my own self do nothing” (John 5:19,30). We loudly declare this day that You alone are our hope. You are our strength and salvation. Your mercy seat is where our faith lies, and it is accessed by humility. We humble ourselves before You now to receive Your grace. America has sinned grievously, turning to other gods and rejecting You. As mocking fools, we have maligned You. Cleanse us from our wickedness and deliver us from the wages of our sin. Heal our land and use us again for the world’s salvation through Christ. Protect Trump and Vance, Biden, our members of Congress, our Judges, and our spiritual leaders. Protect us from the terrorists in our land. Expose and foil their plans. And as we shall read of in tomorrow’s post, send revival to this dry and thirsty earth. In Christ’s authority, we pray, amen. Our decree: We decree that we will do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our great God. ***************************** Click on the link below to watch the full video.
  24. REMEMBER, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... RON Frank26 What's the biggest part of the HCL being announced to the citizens? It's not the oil rights or the money the citizens are going to receive. It's about who controls the oil of Iraq. Just a few years ago it was Iran that was in full control of their oil. Full control of their money. Full control of their CBI, their auctions. Today Sudani is in full control of everything in Iraq. That is extremely important in order for us to have what they want, and what we want, and what the international world is about to receive. Fnu Lnu [Response to Henig post 3-16-2024] The taxation issue is not complex and I have it directly from the taxing authority (IRS) and an agent within the IRS. The taxation will be a matter of choice (YOU DECIDE). You may either pay tax as "REGULAR INCOME" or as Capital Gains. YOU CHOOSE! Depending on your structuring for tax advantages. Regular Income is the easiest way to deal with the income/profits as it is amenable with classic Asset Protection. The notion that you must have receipts is not true because you can choose Regular Income. [Post 1 of 2] Fnu Lnu It is also not true that one must have a receipt or pay 40-50% in taxes. The tax code is written for both kinds of people. Those who pay taxes and those who do not. Guess which side the rich are on? They use Asset defer and liabilities and anyone can do it. Do not be misled. Consult an ASSET PROTECTION ATTORNEY, and forget the rest of what you hear and read. [Post 2 of 2] [Note: Consult your tax professionals and APA at the appropriate time to build a tax strategy that's right for your unique circumstances] Walkingstick [Response to the recent video (Early Afternoon Opinions) and articles coming out about Iraq's monetary reform] That's how it's supposed to work. The monetary reform education to the citizens. There's going to be a slew of articles that are still coming. This is just the beginning.
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