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  1. Assuming you put 1 USD to KWD it looks right. If you go the other way 1KWD to USD with those numbers it comes to 1 KWD equals 3.27 USD
  2. Both those countries borders leak worse then ours. If it’s there already stopping flights won’t help. Both will have it everywhere regardless.
  3. I tend to agree with the way things always seem to go over there. Plus right now it’s before Ramadan, during Ramadan, and after Ramadan when nothing ever gets accomplished!
  4. 🍺🍻 I’ve heard that Chuck likes beer.
  5. I’m not sure either if that’s pass interference or just an incomplete pass. Throw the red flag 🚩 and go to the replay.
  6. I’m gonna guess this one grows extra fast!!
  7. I agree. When pigs fly. They couldn’t even agree what flavor java to serve in a weeks time at these sessions.
  8. cws

    Go Iraq Part 9

    That still won’t help us. He’s sure to announce the wrong rate. 😜
  9. 6 laws in one session?? Ya right!!! Who do they think they are kidding? They can’t even get a session in place let alone pass a law. 6 laws is many multiple years of work
  10. Well DUH!! That’s why Starrider has Dinar. 😁😜😝
  11. The path may be pretty clear to the RV but how gosh darn long is it?? 😜
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