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  1. I ran into my better half in a bar/club ( I do live in Wisconsin). Recognized her as recently starting as a new cashier from Kmart. I didn’t know her name. I worked there full time in the receiving Dept. After watching Brewers and Packers games that day went out for a nightcap. In my state somehow managed to find her in the place (It was huge place) and ask her to dance. Rest is history from 34 years ago. 30 year anniversary was in April. Dare I say it????? ....... Best bluelight special ever!
  2. Faux Fauci !! career overpaid mouthpiece compulsive liar fake phony and false knows since at least 2005 that HCQ and Ivermectin cures colds and flu which includes his man made covid deserves jail for being responsible for all those deaths since 2005.
  3. O’Dimwit has no idea what inflation even is since he has stolen from the people his whole corrupt political career. He’s never had to worry about money because of that. He can’t possibly understand the concept of it in order to try and ease our fears. On top of that I doubt he can even spell inflation.
  4. They are more like the two critics in the theatre box from the muppets instead.
  5. Amazing how non Americans get it! Especially realizing that WW2 soldiers gave them the freedom they enjoy to this day. It’s not first time I heard the whole story behind our national anthem but it definitely should be told/shown/taught in all schools across our whole country as a lesson and example of what it took to get our freedom and how precious it truly is. We also should teach it can’t be taken for granted and could lose it easily as well.
  6. I don’t even know how to sell!!
  7. What a day! I got nothing else done. I know of a couple more people in before today.
  8. I’m right there with ya as a silverback. Thank goodness we are far enough apart to not have to tangle with each other. 😬 However if this goes as hoped we may have to tango. 😆
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