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  1. At those rates Davis shouldn’t run out of beer!! 🍺 🍻
  2. BH I’d say everything you asked could have truth to it. We don’t know for certain on anything you asked and a large majority of us have been involved in this for many years. None of us know any of those “gurus” personally. They could be straight up good people or big scammers. Hard to say. It’s the same as none of us knowing for sure when and what the rate will be. Everyone has their own thoughts based on info they’ve read etc. Even Adam (site owner) makes educated and thought out possibilities. He states why he thinks those things but always says it could be a different outcome. Most
  3. O’Dimwit can’t spell where I’m from let alone find it on a map.
  4. While wearing a white bed sheet holding onto chicken bones
  5. Yo Snap - It Looks Like Parliament’s Next Session On ‘4/20’ Might No Longer Be Etched In ‘Stoned’ ! Up in smoke?
  6. How’d you find out about my lightsabers? 🤣
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