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  1. Let’s destroy her house, her car, and her place of employment. Then let’s destroy her favorite place to shop for clothes, followed by her favorite coffee shop and grocery store. Then see what stupidity comes out of her mouth because those are the types of property being destroyed.
  2. Ahhh...Memories! I worked at a gas station and this happens a lot. Always gave me a good laugh.
  3. I've done all on that list countless times!! Except number 10 of course
  4. Pacmen, I didn’t mean to offend you!! I’m sorry!! I’ve grown up with all races. I worked with all races. I’ve had all races as teammates while playing various sports. I have no problem with others. I had read Reggie White’s book many years ago and it had a lot of “aha” moments in it for me. Just like I don’t condone pro lifers blowing up abortion clinics I don’t condone rioting, burning, or looting for any reason. I have no problem with a peaceful protest and I expect others to have no problem with my first amendment rights too. There has to be better solutions. I’ll never pretend to have all the answers but for starters to get more of my sympathy start condemning the riots etc and get them stopped. Second start recalling and also stop voting in the same idiots over and over in all those major cities like what’s been done for about the last 70 years in all of those major cities. I’ll never say I know how all live and I haven’t been directly in everybody’s shoes but I’ve been real poor in my life. I became disabled and unable to work like I had for over 30 years. I owed my landlord a large sum. I’ve worried about a meal for my family and had gone without electricity and gas multiple summers in a row in the past. That doesn’t get me a gold star but I never ripped off a business or threw a brick through the window of one either because of it. I also didn’t become a druggie or an alcoholic. I didn’t beat my wife or children. I plodded through and have improved my situation. It took many many years and wasn’t easy. Also was very frustrating at times. I’m not rich and never will be except for the possibility on the dinars. Of course that’s also why I have Dinars. I’ll never have a pension or a retirement plan. I really hope it pays us off someday. Back to my post, I was more trying to reference how fragile it always seems to be there and something always comes up to seemingly push back the potential RV. Never any intentional insult to anyone. Once again I’m sorry.
  5. Parliamentary Economy: The white paper includes 3 stages, starting with the reform of niches and currency auctions ———————————— Don’t say “white paper whatever you say. The black paper matters group will show up and then we will have riots and looting and burning setting us way back again.
  6. I would never install it in the first place!! Along with a whole bunch of other garbage apps most people think we all need.
  7. I’m sorry HC but that waiver you don’t like will probably be applied to everyone everywhere they go from now on. Get over it!!
  8. Are my eyes deceiving me? Did I just read they seated all the ministers? They have never done that. Since 2003 we’ve been waiting as one of the possible holdups the complete seating of the whole govt. I still can’t believe it. I’ve even rubbed my eyes and reread it.
  9. Appreciate the posts Ron as usual. Maybe they need the extra time off. All that time off and do nothing for Ramadan and EID is tough stuff.
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