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  1. Sorry if I appear uninformed. Who is Charlie Ward?
  2. Cuomo followed the plan and killed all those old folks. Wake up people. It’s murder. He did it on purpose.
  3. Im in 100% agreement. Get AOC on the phone for me. I’ll volunteer to sign her list. I’m not a vet but as I’ve said many in my family for multiple generations. Maybe because of all they said and saw I shied away. Make no mistake though, I truly love this country faults and all. I’m in your shoes now. I’m now ready to defend it no matter what. I owe it to the vets in my family especially and all of you vets. Besides if AOC and her ilk come my way they’d never survive leaving their sanctuary sewer cities anyways long before I’d have to defend myself.
  4. LGD. It appears I can’t message you directly through the site. Please keep sharing. I don’t do social media like tweetface and never will. I appreciate your taking the time to share here.
  5. I don’t have to even watch the video. Humans conceived the idea, humans built them, humans can HACK them. For good measure they put Chinese junk in them from a corrupt government who is at war with us with horrible human rights issues. Can’t stand any of the electronic machines since they started using them. First time I saw them I worried about getting real results. For those of you at home keeping score and may not have had your coffee ☕️ yet that means quite a while now. That also means this isn’t just a Trump thing.
  6. I thanked vets today. I also bought coffees for them when they came to get their free doughnuts at my local Dunkin. I truly appreciate all you vets!! I personally am not but heavily in my family.
  7. As long as you’re there ask them both about the fraudulent voting machines and software. Get those papers and transactions too.
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