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  1. My guess as long as he’s smiling evil is still in place and we are still sitting on the outside waiting. Ugh!
  2. Coming soon to the US. No food and outrageous prices. I imagine some “peaceful” protests included.
  3. Anything new from the career corrupt criminal cartels and “ABC” entities, that steal our money and keep us down, the last few days ?
  4. I imagine the big guy will want his usual 10% of that too.
  5. Oh boy. That is a lot of Ramadans wait through.
  6. I’m so incensed at that vile piece of useless filth for even smirking, let alone laughing at me, that doesn’t deserve to use any more of our precious air on this earth that I’ll stop now before I really say stuff that will get me banned or arrested or both.
  7. Just like my Dinar. Holding out to the bitter end. Cant risk selling either and then finally the payday arrives.
  8. I have ZERO interest in it if it come from the criminal cartel of the federal reserve or any other central bank. I’ll take what’s owed me in their garbage federal reserve note and transfer it at my discretion to other securities etc.
  9. Not a chance in hell that has any truth to it. It’s killed people including my mom and almost did in my dad
  10. Well we are in Ramadan season right now. 😬🤪
  11. I do have coconut oil and I cook with it. I will have to try it in my coffee ☕️ I also have it in supplement form and take it daily.
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