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  1. Bout freakin time!!! Knew about this 8-9-10 months ago. should already be out of office and in prison.
  2. Where I live it’s “normal” for the cold this time of the year (last 10 nights -15 to -20) so I guess I just do things out of habit but for power grid failure I have a hand crank radio that also has a solar panel. In addition I have a battery/power pack with USB ports that can charge my phone, iPad, etc that has a solar panel as well to recharge it if no power to do that. It’s the same size as a smart phone and just a bit thicker. Both items also have built in led lights too. As far as the animals go I live in the dairy state and there are more cows in my county then people. I’m not
  3. Coming soon... so they can try to ram more restrictions through. mass shooting and/or riots.
  4. I believe I saw that the following week (23rd) the conference for Arizona and Wisconsin cases is scheduled too with the Supreme Court
  5. Yipeee!!! I’m on standby. Whatever that means. Weren’t I already on standby since I’ve had my dinar??
  6. Guess they forgot to pay the bill. Should’ve used some of that 10 gazillion we sent them for gender studies.
  7. Oh the humanity!! At least they waited till 2021 to announce it. If they announced during 2020 I’d have lost it completely. Sarcasm in case anyone’s wondering. Who the hell cares what those people do, say, or think?
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