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  1. apparently has made several attempts and fried his brains. 😆
  2. I don’t think he knows Frank! 😁
  3. Funny how this doesn’t make “news” isnt it?
  4. I’ll gladly send my 250’s 500’s 1000’s back to Iraq to help out their circulation problem for the “right” price. Mine aren’t worn out. Maybe a wee bit dusty. 😜 But they are brand new.
  5. Saw him multiple times in concert. Enjoy his music. Great memories with friends. Was going to see him one more time when he was near me but couldn’t make it. RIP Eddie Also Ric Ocasek from the Cars rip too
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the reason we left England about 243 years ago? Along with taxation without representation.
  7. cws

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Ya. I was looking at her nails too!!
  8. Absolutely fantastic!! Only way it could have been better is if the idiot with the knife would have lunged at the law abiding citizen helping out his fellow citizens . He then could have been removed from the gene pool permanently.
  9. cws

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Off to a good start last night!! 🏈🏈🏈 Even won some 💵. Go Pack!!
  10. Just like it’s supposedly all over the TV 📺 Somebody , somewhere over there that has dinars and is waiting for this elusive RV must have the Iraqi cbs ( camel broadcasting shite) channel on their cable.
  11. I agree with your thoughts and hope it’s a good sign! As another thought I’ve had all along is while there is expense in making the coins they do basically last forever and aren’t worth forging either due to that expense. In fact I’ve thought all along all paper money should be gotten rid of and switch to all coins. Look at what we spend on our paper bills all the time, coming up with new ones and more security features and yet they still are counterfeited.
  12. My thoughts are with ya Bump!!
  13. Is that the JV team or have they made varsity now??
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