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  1. These are amazing times, for sure. We are both staying in; our daughter is on our case daily to behave, so we are trying. Deep cleaning the house and trying to re-educate ourselves on what yet we’ve got to do preRV. Also reminding you to take plenty of Vitamin C. It is presumably an Antiviral. Thank You Adam! Cheers!
  2. Thanks again, Adam. Reading the Cash In Guide all over again!
  3. Thanks for the information! We’ve been paying attention to immune system enhancement for years and years. Every bit of new information is always appreciated!
  4. AS USUAL we wait with patience. Or not. But, thank you.
  5. Over the long haul the Planet will be just fine. It’s been evolving for at least 4.5 Billion years. Human kind has been on it for basically a nano second. Mankind is just as expendable as the dinosaurs. The Planet will be just fine with or without us.
  6. Wowie! Been waiting nine years. We’ve been excited before. Perhaps this is the real one! Thank you Adam Montana !
  7. No advance notice will be given for all the reasons you’ve outlined before. Thanks, Adam. Look forward to next update.
  8. Yup. I had a first hand experience with Roundup. I pulled up and chewed on an arugula plant that had been inadvertently sprayed. It tasted funny and I spat it out but with hours the inside of my mouth I’ll ulcerated. It was extremely painful.
  9. I was given this information in the mid 1980s, did research and haven’t had any ever since. Stevia may be the only sweetener to use if you are off sugar. We live in a society addicted to sugar.
  10. Life can be maddening at times - but hang in, we understand. Don’t stress.
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