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  1. Yota MM 9/21 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 9/22 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 9/21 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 9/22 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21
  2. It took me a while and so glad no-one was around. The things that came out of my mouth were so bad that I could actually smell the dial soap that my mom use to wash our mouths out with for bad words. Sorry Mom
  3. That is the most ridiculous excuse ever! We as your leaders are to busy to help our beloved citizens even though we just got off of a long vacation and do not show up at all. But vote for us. Good morning Yota and DV
  4. Deep breath AHHHHHHH Times like this will make it that much sweeter when us Apes give it to the hedgies but good for good in the end!!!! 😁 Have a great weekend Ape Nation!!!!!
  5. Yota MM 9/17 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 9/18 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 9/17 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 9/18 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21
  6. Nasty!!!! What the hell is wrong with these parents???????? MASKS?????:
  7. And they also give themselves raises too do nothing make their own hours with unlimited terms in office. I just gave myself s headache.
  8. Yota MM 9/14 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 9/15 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 9/14 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 9/15 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21 Extra's from our winnings. YEAH Yota!!!!!! QP MM 9/14 36-41-55-56-58 MB 08 QP PB 9/15 15-18-19-54-57 PB 08 11-22-27-45-57 PB 11 02-03-32-41-46 PB 04 THE THIRD TIME IS OUR LUCKY CHARM? Sorry I'm so late..
  9. As a parent and if it were my child however they choose to identify their self (each to his own) I would still love them unconditionally. BUTTTTTT Like I have always told my son and his friends all 7-10 of them don't EVER EVER under any circumstance raise your hand to hit a girl/women or they will feel the business end of my cast iron pan!!!!!! I added that includes no wrestling with girls, boys are born with more upper body strength/power than girls. A couple of them said we will be bigger than you some day being funny you know with little boy smirks. Really? Well you bess make the first swing count. They stood there wide eyed. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! That human knows right well that they were born with the upper body strength advantage. They should start a league of their own!!! Just like the other groups weight class and what have you. But then again the MMA likes the publicity good or bad.
  10. Well if you hurry the city had a new bridge dedication to five Generals from Quincy who attended and the I think 3 howitzers that were fired are still there. Gen Dunford and four others. My house is still vibrating. We didn't know what in Gods name was going on until my son called and said oh by the way the loud bangs are such and such. I can ask the mayor if you can borrow one.
  11. Agreed!! That human being has nothing to be proud of and won NOTHING.
  12. Yota PB 9/13 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me PB 9/13 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21 QP extra's Sept 13,2021 PB 15-18-19-54-57 PB 08 11-22-27-45-57 PB 11 02-03-32-41-46 PB 04 15-29-54-64-66 PB 02 16-22-49-54-67 PB 25
  13. (4) QP from the wins Plus 1 for good measure cause it's really really BIG!!!!! PB 9/11 15-18-19-54-57 PB 08 11-22-27-45-57 PB 11 02-03-32-41-46 PB 04 03-05-37-61-62 PB 20 25-41-45-55-63 PB 06
  14. You are forgiven Info Ape
  15. Have a great weekend DV/Apes!!!
  16. We will all be giggling together as tears of JOY are rolling down our faces.
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