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  1. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 October 2018

    Thanks again, Adam! Great news! It's time to get the HCL and RV done. Time for optimism but trying not to get too much so. It's been a long, long ride so far.
  2. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 3 October 2018

    Nice to hear things are moving again. Let's hope they are moving toward an RV soon!
  3. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 26 September 2018

    Progress is so slow it's hard to see and to not get discouraged but we're hanging in there. Maybe one of these days, months, years? But as usual I really appreciate the straight-forward input from you Adam Thank you!
  4. It is a pleasure to be part of this community. Thank you, Adam, for all your efforts and for the many other members who contribute in so many ways!
  5. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 September 2018

    Waiting to hear about the "interesting week"! Thank you for keeping us updated!
  6. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    Always appreciate your straight talk and your optimism about this eventually working out as a good investment. Thank you, Adam!
  7. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 22 August 2018

    Thank you Adam. Slowly but surely we are edging toward an RV. Hopefully sooner than later.
  8. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 15 August 2018

    I always appreciate the straight talk we get, Adam. Thank you and the other good posters. The big text would be great!
  9. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 1 August 2018

    Patience, patience, patience -- still hanging in there with us all. Thanks for keeping us updated, Adam, much appreciated.
  10. ddl

    Adam Montana 25 July 2018

    Much appreciated as always. Go HCL and then RV!
  11. ddl

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Sounds good!
  12. ddl

    Adam Montana 27 June 2018

    Your input is appreciated as straightforward and not sugar coated. For that reason I'll hang on to your optimism because I've been in this investment a long time and only recently have I gotten a bit discouraged. Thank you for all you are doing for us all!
  13. ddl

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    Hopefully not the end in a bad sense 😁. Hopefully nearing the end of a long wait!!!!!
  14. ddl

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    Thanks for the update.
  15. ddl

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

    Thank you Adam! It's often hard for people to understand what amount of work is going on behind the scenes. All your work will all become more obvious once the RV happens. It is much appreciated now!!

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