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  1. I know I'm responding late but I do want to join in the thanks to Adam and to send best wishes to all of our Dinar family!
  2. Most of us have waited a long, long time. A little longer should be okay. This year would be great!
  3. Much appreciated, Adam! One of these day the obstacles should clear and we'll be getting the long awaited text!
  4. Thanks for touching base, Adam. "No news is good news." RV would be the best news!
  5. We're hanging in there and awaiting the text. Appreciate all your preparation work behind the scenes and your regular updates!
  6. Interesting different angles on how things might affect the rate. Bottom line - go RV!
  7. Definitely like to hear more talk - especially if it leads to more action. Thank you Adam for keeping us posted and for your insightful commentary.
  8. I've had a bunch of August BD's and another tomorrow that would work, but September works just fine as well! Thanks to Adam and all the posters for good, straight-forward information.
  9. Thanks for touching base, Adam. Undoubted a lot is going on behind the scenes and hopefully we'll see an RV soon!
  10. Can't help but think we might be near! Thanks Adam for all your time and effort in keeping us informed with straight talk!
  11. Thanks Adam. Hoping we get there soon!
  12. Price of oil back up to about $57 as I type. It had fallen quite a bit the last week or so. Thanks you Adam for solid, level-headed posting!
  13. Thank you so much for keeping us informed! Do you think the recent drop in the price of oil to the low 50's (52.52 close today) will have any significant effect on the timing of an RV? Thanks again!
  14. Thank you again for all you do! And big time thanks to Yota too for all his informative postings!
  15. This is getting exciting! Not throwing caution out the window but very optimistic. Than you Adam for all you do behind the scenes!!
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