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  1. Thank you Adam! I"m just hunkering down and doing everything they say to stay healthy and hopefully keep my family and others healthy. You be sure to do the same, Adam, we need your straight talk!
  2. Great analysis Adam! Thank you for sharing that hard work! Sooner than later on the RV would be great!
  3. Thanks Adam. Wow am I ready to end the ride! GO RV!!
  4. We look forward to your post any time. Don't get too overworked. We appreciate all you do!!
  5. I, along with others, am really ready for the text! The updates keep us optimistic but grounded. Thank you Adam!
  6. Anybody who has been short Tesla is crying out for an RV soon! But thanks to Adam and the group for the news about Allawi and keeping our hopes alive that maybe he's the guy who can get this done.
  7. Despite all the years of hopes not being fulfilled it's hard not to be optimistic now! Thank you Adam for the straight info and for all the poster who contribute so much!
  8. I like the prospect of a silver lining found in the midst of chaos! Thank you Adam!
  9. Thanks Adam. Things sound positive. I am definitely ready! (Congrats to "djiboutikid". It's kinda fun to be first now and then.)
  10. Hopefully the waiting game is nearing an end!
  11. Thank you so much Adam!! Really positive!! And Happy Thanksgiving to the whole dinar family!!
  12. I know I'm responding late but I do want to join in the thanks to Adam and to send best wishes to all of our Dinar family!
  13. Most of us have waited a long, long time. A little longer should be okay. This year would be great!
  14. Much appreciated, Adam! One of these day the obstacles should clear and we'll be getting the long awaited text!
  15. Thanks for touching base, Adam. "No news is good news." RV would be the best news!
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