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  1. I'll second that. I'm hitting my eleventh year and I must say this site has definitely been the most informative as well as coupled with occasional comic relief. Thanks go out to Adam and the posters!
  2. Hard not to get excited with all the promising news! I've hoped in times past but now it seems as if all of the ducks are lining up up. (Thanks for the pic Johnny Dinar). Go RV!!
  3. Really appreciate all the good news from Adam and the posters. For whatever it's worth I really liked the new color scheme. My office has lots of sunlight and the new scheme is great with me. In any event, thanks for all you do!
  4. Oil should come around. Thank you so much for the report and all you and your staff do!!
  5. Gotta love the early positive report. Thanks Adam!
  6. Thanks Adam! I haven't seen much at all about the Trump/Kazzammie meeting but I imagine it went well. Things do indeed look positive!
  7. Thanks for the early Wednesday update! Hopefully we are in the final stretch. Go RV!!
  8. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to that text!
  9. Thank you Adam! Looking good! Now I'll look for the VIP email. I hope everyone is doing well!
  10. All sounds positive! The launch sounds good but I doubt any of would mind the "RV in the meantime". Thank you Adam for all you have done and are doing!
  11. I just want to join in all the thanks to Adam, staff, and posters for all the great and timely information! Just a quick question for Adam or anyone -- with all the Covid lockdowns will there be a place open to cash in? All the banks around where I live have their lobbies closed.
  12. Guess I'm not first to reply today but any time I get good news like this it helps make my day. Hope everyone in our dinar family has a great day and is able to enjoy an end to this ride soon! Thanks Adam and all the posters who keep us informed!
  13. Gotta hurry to be first replier. Thanks Adam!
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