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  1. Guess I'm not first to reply today but any time I get good news like this it helps make my day. Hope everyone in our dinar family has a great day and is able to enjoy an end to this ride soon! Thanks Adam and all the posters who keep us informed!
  2. Gotta hurry to be first replier. Thanks Adam!
  3. Early posting is good but anytime is fine to hear the straight scoop on what is going on. Hopefully we are close to an RV! Thank you so much Adam and other news finders!
  4. Sounds very positive! Thank you Adam!
  5. I'm ready for the afterparty! When does it start? I think Adam is about to tell us it starts SOON!
  6. Thanks Adam! Hope these positive trends bring to fruition the RV! None to soon for most of us!
  7. Thanks for the update, Adam. Things are sounding positive. Time for them to pull the trigger on the RV. I think we are all ready. They might even let us into the banks for us to cash in.
  8. Thanks Adam. Ramadan or any time soon is fine with me for the RV!
  9. Thank you again Adam for keeping in touch and grounded with facts, not speculation and fiction! I pray everyone is staying safe, healthy, and finding peace during these times!
  10. Thank you Adam! I"m just hunkering down and doing everything they say to stay healthy and hopefully keep my family and others healthy. You be sure to do the same, Adam, we need your straight talk!
  11. Great analysis Adam! Thank you for sharing that hard work! Sooner than later on the RV would be great!
  12. Thanks Adam. Wow am I ready to end the ride! GO RV!!
  13. We look forward to your post any time. Don't get too overworked. We appreciate all you do!!
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