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  1. Price of oil back up to about $57 as I type. It had fallen quite a bit the last week or so. Thanks you Adam for solid, level-headed posting!
  2. Thank you so much for keeping us informed! Do you think the recent drop in the price of oil to the low 50's (52.52 close today) will have any significant effect on the timing of an RV? Thanks again!
  3. Thank you again for all you do! And big time thanks to Yota too for all his informative postings!
  4. This is getting exciting! Not throwing caution out the window but very optimistic. Than you Adam for all you do behind the scenes!!
  5. "Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Iraqi officials that U.S. intelligence showed Iran-backed militias moved missiles near bases housing American forces, a revelation that came just hours after all non-emergency personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was ordered to leave the country."
  6. Appreciate your keeping in touch even if nothing is happening right now. Thanks for all you do!
  7. While it is tough to get very optimistic given the length of time it has been, nevertheless it is also hard to believe that the value of the dinar will stay as low as it is for much longer. Optimism with caution isn't a bad place to be. And for all who would find an RV a true financial blessing -- GO RV!!
  8. Couldn't be readier!! Great news! Thanks for the updates!
  9. Really hoping things all fall into place soon. Really appreciate the updates from you, Adam, and the articles and input from all the dinar family!
  10. West Texas crude is at 62.55 as I write. Thanks Adam for staying on top of things for us!
  11. So you are going to keep us guessing each week on which day you will post the update 😂! No problem we appreciate all you are doing! Hopefully we are getting close to an RV!
  12. We know there's not much going on since you finally made it to Friday for the update! But we appreciate the update any day. Thanks Adam!
  13. Weekly oil inventories were forecast to be up 2.8M barrels but came in at down 8.6M barrels.
  14. Any time you bring us updates is fine. They are always appreciated whenever they come. Thank you for all your are doing behind the scenes as well!!
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