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  1. ddl


    Have prayed and will continue to do so!!
  2. I can't believe anyone could get upset about Adam having other things going. Some of us here in Texas have a few other things going right now too. Quite frankly I didn't even get to see this chat until now. So let me just say to Adam how much I, and so many others here, appreciate all you do! Whenever you have something to say fine. But please feel no pressure to keep a schedule other than one that fits you and your family's needs.
  3. Definitely ready to hear from Adam!!
  4. Appreciate the updates! An RV soon would be good!
  5. True but you have to spot it and be quick on the response. Not all that easy!
  6. Things surely seem to be heading in the right direction. Thanks to Adam and all of the newshounds. Happy New Year! Praying for a great 2021
  7. Adam, I like your thinking about the "bad" news. It's not just wishful thinking, it makes sense. And best wishes to you and the dinar family for a Merry Christmas, a happy new year, and a prosperous 2021
  8. I'm thuging someone is very clever. I'm also thuging an RV before the end of the year would be great!
  9. Is there a transcript of the chat available?
  10. Any time is fine! Thank you for keeping us all well informed!
  11. Sounding good! Thank you Adam, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  12. Pitcher, Nice play on BIIB! Huge pop from about 250 to 350 today. I got bullish last week but didn't pull the trigger!
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