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  1. I’m really really green with all this. Sorry. What is uniswap?
  2. Ok I’ve signed up on MetaMask tried to buy eth(I’m guessing I have to do that first) and my payment failed. I tried with card first and then tried with Apple Pay. Both transactions said they failed. No reason given so I’m stuck. Don’t know what to do next.
  3. Free beer 🍺 tomorrow!!!
  4. Thanks for taking the steps needed to share.
  5. I’m really green at this. I set up bitmart app. now I don’t understand how to buy the saitama on it.( did I miss the boat?) im used to Webull or Robinhood
  6. Wow! Sally’s hair has held up real well after all these years. 😆
  7. At this point I’d say us Dinar holders are the original diamond hands. We haven’t even broke a sweat in the summer heat yet with this AMC stuff.
  8. Load up on Poutine before the drinking starts!!!
  9. And then he was notified his social security account was frozen too.
  10. Washed down with beer 🍺
  11. Heck with the mask. How about a big fly swatter to shoo that big critter away?
  12. It’s THE only reason I’m in. I will never be in again after this is over. I knew it was rigged and that’s why I’ve never been in before. Even knowing it’s a rigged racquet I am dumbfounded how bad it actually is and still allowed to happen. I worked way to hard to earn my meager wages to just let the criminally and morally corrupt steal what little I had.
  13. Do what I say not as I do!!! Nothing going on or wrong with this on many many levels is there? I’m also going to go out on a limb and say none of them got the real jab(s) either.
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