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  1. We have been told for years now that the oil price per barrel needs to be at $60.00 per barrel to see an RV, it’s double that now! Still no RV!! Iraqi government/people are too stupid not to take advantage of the current price to revalue their dinar. I’m so over this crap😡😡😡
  2. I’m kinda done with this. Iraqis are not organized or smart enough to get this done. The loudest guy wins mentality, just like all the other mideast countries. Tired of paying for something and very rarely get an update. Been here 10/12 years! Adam has made his money off this site, we are not a priority anymore. Not trying to ruffle feathers, just want to get what I pay for. Is that too much to ask?
  3. I can’t wait, never mind, been waiting 12 yrs now. I’m ready to wait some more!!🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍😁😁 Thanks Adam
  4. Thank You Adam and the Crew!! Hopefully this will end soon, I am so ready to retire and watch the cows graze and sunsets!!!
  5. Now I want pizza for lunch!! Dang it Adam!!! I’ll take a HCL, and a pizza!!! Thanks Adam
  6. All sounds good to me!!!👍👍👍👍 Thanks to you and the crew Adam!! Happy New Year to all!! Let’s all pray that 2021 is waaayyyyy better than 2020 was....
  7. I’m so ready!! Merry Christmas to y’all from the pasture/prairie!! May God Bless everyone this coming year with jobs and prosperity.
  8. Having the same problem but, I paid twice. On the 17th and again on the 20th. Ok with 6 month but still can't log in. Any help will be appreciated!!
  9. Good to see your back in action! Tax season must be winding down. Really nice to see you have not lost your humor;-)
  10. Joined today, platinum VIP and asks "Where's Adam"! Who'd of thunk it!
  11. The liberal media keeps showing a picture when he was 12. Not the 6'4" fully grown man as you mentioned. When the truth comes out about the deceased beating Zimmerman head on the concrete, the media will not share this side of it. If someone as big as that was beating my head on the concrete, I would defend myself anyway possible, including deadly force. I live on a hill and can see for more than two miles in any direction. Fully armed long range and short. I will protect, family, livestock and property until dead. It's mine by all legal rights. Bring it on brutha's!!!
  12. I'm a hollarin! Pretty girls first....then a cold one sounds good!!
  13. I think here in Texas you are required by law now to have a sonogram done before an abortion. Gov. Perry at work for pro-life! I like it!!
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