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  1. Bamagirl, thank you very much. It's kind of funny I'm being called a pumper when I've been banned from almost every chat room for standing up to the hypers. Thank god there's some reasonable people here who know how to communicate respectfully with one another. Cheers to you girl.
  2. Wow Sandstorm, that's the first time anyone has ever called me a pumper. I am far from that. You don't hear me throwing it dates and rates. If you don't believe the CBI plans on revaluing their currency and that the only hold up is the political unrest, read this report, then get back to me.
  3. 6-1-2012 SWFloridaGuy: We see a lot of reports coming from the CBI referencing "delete the zeros," "raise the zeros" and "remove the zeros." This information campaign is the Central Banks' way educating the public of the upcoming changes and give them reason to believe that soon they will again be able to have confidence in their own currency, and that the goal of their leaders is to eventually de-dollarize the economy. This is a sensitive balancing act. Furtiveness is imperative to the process. They must delicately educate the public without announcing to the world their plans to raise the exchange rate equal to, or higher than the USD. Removing of the zeros refers to the collection of the larger notes from circulation. It doesn't directly refer to the specific rate change, more to the process of introducing the new currency. When the time comes the CBI will send a new adjusted rate to the BIS (in accordance with the IMF and World Bank's approval and instruction) for release either alone or in a small basket back to all the Central Banks. The new rate will go live all around the world instantaneously. At that point people holding large notes will be given 2 choices: Trade in for lower denoms they can hold indefinitely or exchange for another currency, in our case USD. The rate won't have to spend months "working it's way through the system" at our local Wells Fargo branch. This isn't about the US banks. This currency reform project will have global financial implications and the US will witness this at the same time as the rest of the world.
  4. 5-31-2012 SWFloridaGuy: A successful "no confidence" requires an absolute majority which would be 163, although they've been referencing 164 lately. There are 325 altogether. To get that majority, they must have cross-party support. It's hard to tell what the real numbers are from the official parliament report. News reports suggest that the votes often split along party lines, at times almost splitting the chamber in half. We've even seen instances where 2nd votes had to be taken due to alleged technical issues. They are trying to rally up the necessary signatures to ensure that they know exactly what the outcome will be, when the emergency session is called and it's time to make it official. If the reports coming out are true, Maliki's opposition may have the numbers on their side at this point. It doesn't appear like anyone is interested in talking about this any longer. They are taking action, which is a great sign we are moving past this and onto the next stage. As usual all we can do is sit back, enjoy the fireworks and hope we watching the grand finale.
  5. 5-27-2012 SWFloridaGuy: The first thing that comes to mind when I hear "bank package," is "unecessary risk." Many of these packages require your full name, address, email, phone number, amount of dinar/dong (net worth post-rv) you hold and reserves. This is EXTREMELY FOOLISH. Not only for you but for the ones providing them, from a liability standpoint. People were doing similar bank packages a couple years ago. Everyone gave out their personal information thinking they would miss out if they didn't. Two years later, the only thing they accomplished is a huge security risk for no reason. There is no new rate, there's nothing to talk about. Bank policies toward the IQD won't even be in place until the currency is tradeable. I have yet to hear a single good reason from a "guru" as to why on earth I should trust someone online I don't know with information I wouldn't even give to my relatives. I find it funny that the same ones who are doing the bank packages, are the ones who complain in chat every day of how people are hacking their emails, phones etc. What a shocker. Maybe that's because they advertise that they have potentially billions of $$ of information stored on their hard drive. Also, these sites are completely unsecure. There is no “S”in the HTTP. Your information could be abused very easily. Providing that personal information gives any hacker a foot in the door. Information is the new gold. Identity theft is the nation's fastest growing crime according to the FBI, and trusting anyone you don't know online is INSANITY! Whether you are cashing out with a bank or a currency exchange, rates will be comparable. If we plan on being successful in the future, we need to start practicing some critical thinking now. Post-rv we will be a very wealthy, powerful and targeted group. I do believe most of the people setting up the packages are only trying to help. I also believe their intentions are completely irrelevant. I only want to see everyone succeed and this is just an opinion. Go RV!!
  6. 5-26-2012 SWFloridaGuy: The goal of today's meetings are to end the political crisis and determine the fate of the Prime Minister. There are many conflicting reports. Some sources claim they are moving to withdraw the confidence from Maliki. Some say the focus is on reaching a consensus on Erbil implementation. There is a 2nd meeting today that should be starting very soon (our time) and going very late into the evening their time. These meetings will produce a result one way or another, which is essential for Iraq progressing in leadership, regionally and globally, both politically and economically. There is a direct relation between government stability and economic reform as alluded to today by the Vice Chairman (Ahmed Faizullah) of the Finance Committee. Today he announced that the implementation of important economic legislation is being stalled by the absence of a political consensus between the members of the House of Representatives and the council of the Iraqi Prime Minister. Tonight we foresee two possible conclusions: either a replacement designated for Maliki, or a concurrence on Erbil, the aftermath of which should bring an announcement of the Strategic Council and Ministers. Upon reaching that stage, the CBI will move forward with their currency reform project and we will finally see a higher exchange rate on the IQD. This is a very crucial and exciting time for us.
  7. 5-23-2012 SWFloridaGuy: The urgency we are now seeing to get this resolved is a great sign. For far too long we've only seen spinning wheels with no forward progress. We expect to see an outcome shortly, followed by some sort of public announcement. Right now especially, we have to carefully consider the source behind what we read. I think we have to wait and see what events transpire and actions are taken, rather than just trust what is said in a press release. Each side is puffing up their chest and declaring victory, so right now we don't know what the truth is. On the economic front, the IMF and World Bank have both instructed the CBI on how to correct abuses, implement policies, improve economic efficiency, and enter the next phase of their currency reform project. Shabibi made the statement today that Iraq needs to reform their economy and boasted of high oil production. Saleh also had a great press release today. Saleh said that raising the exchange rate and dropping the zeros from the currency would represent progress, freedom, and prosperity. He said "the exchange rate will be in direct proportion to its strength." Having a strong currency entails more than just having a high exchange rate, but the goal for the IQD has always been for it to represent the country's true wealth. Saleh also said for this project to succeed it must be a concerted effort between the CBI, Parliament and the GOI. He said this is very important. So, for all the gurus who say the RV has nothing to do with Iraq, the CBI, GOI or the political unrest, HERE'S YOUR SIGN. We need Erbil implementation, a seated government and the announcement of the strategic council. When we reach that stage, the CBI will remove the zeros and raise the exhange rate. This new adjusted rate will be sent to the BIS, from where it will finally be released back to all the central banks and appear live simultaneously around the world.
  8. Thanks Adam, wonderful post as always.
  9. 5-23-2012 Scooter-EG: I think Iraq is much farther along based on the 12/31 document from the World Bank outlining task to be completed. What you have to remember is that these documents are distributed and released to the public with timing in mind. When the IMF or World Bank release their annual CR's Country Reports they might have a "stinging" review in the document and the document may have been released just two weeks ago but the date of the published internal doc may have been released four months ago. With that said lets take a look at the World Bank document released on Iraq's Financial Sector that could have easilly been the case, whereby those task with a 12/31 deadline could have easilly been accomplished. Here's the good news, the World Bank delegation is visiting Iraq, they don't send a delegation just to visit. They will only send a delegation to show something is completed, so perhaps some of those bigger items have been completed. I do know that Iraq's banking is going to be one of the most sophisticated in the world and they are well underway with this project. They will be leveraging some unique mobile applications in combination with the smart cards. There's a company out of South Africa supplying these cards. Imagine having a brand new CPI get rolled out to the 30 million people. Bread, milk, basic necessities are now priced completely different and now we have this one smart card, which contains more information than what your wallet or purse can hold. It has all your insurance, banking, and personal demographic on it and I can now use it to purchase products. Combine this with new pricing, cost, financial transactions for the consumer and it's very compelling. The last I heard is that over 2.0 million have been distributed according to this firm. Now as to WTO, there were four laws that were required to be passed to and one them was the tarrifs. If I look at the law library, they passed that law just recently. The July 1st date is always an interesting date in Iraq because that's the date they have been trying to Revalue/DeValue their assets at those government banks. So, when I see dates surrounding WTO and July 1st, that just elevates that date as one to watch. I think that one of Shabibi's main objectives was to build a foundation under severe circumstances for the currency to become resilient and strong. When I say strong I don't mean the value, I mean it's durability, sustainability and longevity. In that regard, he's done a fairly decent job.
  10. 5-22-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Today we see more signs of the adoption for the advancement and modernization of the Iraqi economy and banking sector. The World Bank has put a plan into effect to run Iraq's economic affairs for the next 4 years. They will identify areas of cooperation according to the priorities of the Iraqi government. This was announced today, during a meeting between Iraqi leaders and the World Bank delegation in Baghdad. They addressed areas of joint cooperation in the Economic and Financial sectors between the Iraqi governmental institutions, ministries and the World Bank. This meeting outlined the economic policies and reforms adopted by the Iraqi government and the obstacles that accompany the implementation. Just a few weeks ago we saw Iraq making strides to improve their communications by linking Middle East countries with Europe in a high-speed international telecommunications network. A partnership was also reached between Iraqi banks and the International banks who have been directly involved in an ongoing transfer of global banking technologies to Iraq. The most advantageous time for Shabibi and the CBI to raise the exchange rate is after Erbil implementation, a seated government, announcement of the strategic council, and prior to tariffs. That time is upon us and I believe these different government bodies and organizations are all intertwined, moving into position and doing their part. After decades of war in Iraq, only a joint effort will lead to the success of this currency reform project, and it's my opinion that's what we're witnessing now.
  11. 5-21-2012 SWFloridaGuy: I don't think Maliki intends on going anywhere at all. I also think he'll do everything in his power (other than conform to their demands) to get out of his current situation, which is threatening to bring an end to his political career. However, I believe his arrogance may have pushed this issue past the point of no return and the move to initiate his removal is already underway. Only time will tell, but one way or another this will come to an end. Once the political crisis has been resolved, the conditions will be ripe for the CBI to proceed with their currency reform project. First we must see Erbil power sharing and permanent ministers seated. The upcoming tariffs may explain the sudden urgency to resolve these issues. Iraq already has support from the IMF and World Bank for the advancement and modernization their economy but as both Shabibi and the SIGR report to Congress said, before they can stabalize domestic prices, prevent further dollarization, remove three zeros from the nominal value and maintain a stable, competitive, market-based system, they MUST EASE POLITICAL TENSIONS. This is the only way to ensure stability that will lead to the success of the project. Anyone who tells you this has nothing to do with Iraq, does not understand the basics of macroeconomics. Shabibi said it best, "when making a decision concerning the revaluation they must consider controlling inflation and political stability." They have a plan, they've had one for some time and it's in everyone's best interest to get this done now.
  12. 5-16-2012 SWFloridaGuy: DON'T CALL THE BANKS, DON'T CALL THE BANKS!!! Give me a break. First of all, the only people calling the banks are the ones telling you not to call the banks. The rest of us have all figured out there's no reason to call the banks in the first place, as THERE IS NO RV YET. This is reminiscent of last year's rumor that by going to the CBI website, we were crashing the server and delaying the RV. What a simplistic, almost childish view some seem to have of this whole process. I think it would be almost comical to Shabibi, to hear that a few small chat rooms in the U.S. believe they have affected the release of his country's currency, thereby affecting the entire global financial market, by picking up a phone and calling a local Wells Fargo branch. This is not how currency manipulation works and we play no part in this. The theory that we are somehow holding up the process is archaic even for newbies. I am very surprised to see people who have been in this game for years say such foolishness. We are at a critical juncture in this investment and our focus should be on Iraq and what happens after tomorrow. I do believe we could see resolution on issues we've waited years for rather quickly.
  13. 5-11-2012 SWFloridaGuy: According to reports, Iraq's economy is improving at an exponential rate. According to the SIGR's (special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction) quarterly report sent to the US Congress, the IMF and the CBI both project GDP to grow by 12% in 2012. Crude oil reached its highest production in decades and foreign commercial activity jumped 40%. The CoR (Council of Representatives) who among other things pass federal laws, ratify treaties, and approve nominations of specified officials, recently approved the largest budget in the country's history. Here's the problem, as Shabibi just stated a few days ago: a resolution to the current political crisis is imperative to economic growth, the implementation of removal of the zeros project and the raising of the IQD's exhange rate. This is further illustrated by this SIGR report that states Iraq's currency reform project, the goal of which is to remove the zeros from the nominal value and raise the exchange rate of the IQD to a level close or equal to the USD, has been postponed due to political tensions. However, they know the political crisis is fast approaching a resolution and we are witnessing a pattern of preparatory steps being implemented. There has been an urgency for the adoption of the advancement and modernization of the Iraqi economy, banking sector and infrastructure. Iraq is making strides to improve their communications by participating in a regional fiber-optic cable project that would link Middle East countries with Europe in a high-speed international telecommunications network. The Director of the Private Banks announced a partnership between Iraqi banks and the International banks who have been directly involved in an ongoing transfer of global banking technologies to Iraq. Now back to the current political situation, Maliki is fighting for a National Meeting to save him from a no-confidence vote. We're not sure yet which direction this will go. If they believe they have the necessary 163 votes to unseat him, they'll move ahead with the no-confidence. If not, then they may prefer to reach an agreement with Maliki after he meets their terms and we'll see a National Meeting as early as next week. One way or another it will be resolved and, upon reaching that stage, the CBI will proceed with the restructuring of their currency and the revaluation we've all been anxiously anticipating. You can find some of what I have addressed referenced in this report:
  14. 5-7-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Randy Koonce, Kaperoni, BGG and Poppy3 are all absolutely right. This is in Iraq's hands and is also a very critical time for us in this investment. The RV is NOT in the banks as some like Jonnywg, Okie and Cap1 have claimed for over a year. Right now our focus should be on what direction Maliki decides to take this. He may decide to implement all terms of Erbil as he promised he would or he may stand behind former statements he's made questioning it's constitutionality. If he does fight this than we are looking at a no confidence vote and a short delay. If not than we will finally see the power sharing agreement implemented, followed by a National Meeting which should free up Shabibi and the CBI to implement phase 2 of their currency reform project. Upon that time and in accordance with the IMF and World Bank's approval and instruction, they will send the adjusted rate to the BIS. From there it will be released to all central banks around the world and will appear live simultaneously around the globe. Please forget these ridiculous "gurus" who claim it's in the banks already and we should be looking for this every moment of every day. This won't show up in some small bank in Texas first, giving the whole rest of the world a heads up. Use common sense, avoid the hype and their pumping of dinar sales.
  15. 4-25-2012 SWFloridaGuy: Some seem to feel the need to make fools of themselves week after week. It's entertaining I guess, if you like train wrecks. This is a very complicated process and we can't expect to always get 100% accurate information from any one particular source and I do appreciate that we have so many working toward a common goal, but that is absolutely no excuse for the irresponsible, unrealstic, manufactured, daily hype so many find it necessary put the rooms through on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when they post they don't also name the source which is usually a bogus prosperity package memo, nesara report or a 3 letter contact who has already proven himself to be misinformed at best. How many times do you go back to a garbage source before you realize it's garbage? By thinking they can pinpoint this or give us a play by play, they only prove they don't have a basic understanding of how involved this is. Genuine contacts, while confirming this revaluation will happen, are the first to explain they don't have all the answers and that's because they actually have a grasp as to its complexity. Many newbies who don't know the history of these "intel providers" base financial decisions upon their reports, and this has also affected some very close friends of mine in a very negative way, which is why I chose to post this. To newbies: Be skeptical of anyone claiming to know the date or rate, do your own research and treat rumors as rumors, not fact. Listen to people who report responsibly and offer a balanced approach to avoid the roller coaster. I get asked a lot who I think that group is, my personal favorites are: Capt Nemo, Studley, Kaperoni, Banker Ghost, Med, Mailman17, Poppy3, BWM, BGG, Arizona Heat, Vic1, Longfellow, Scotti G, Duckyboy, Bear5642, Bondlady, Randy Koonce, Miskebam, Sykes, Pheonix, Breitling, Historian, Delta, Ray, Steve and a few others. They may not always agree with each other but they post responsibly. When it comes to this investment, I've been wrong many times myself and am only expressing my opinions. Moving on, Parliament sources reported that the chapter VII removal is right around the corner, due to the return of bilateral relations between Iraq and Kuwait. This progress is what will lead to Iraq returning to the international environment and regaining their full sovereignty. We speculate that the UN Security Council will not release them until they raise their exchange rate. Although that is not a direct stipulation, it is a bargaining chip they use when diplomatic measures fail and one that is on our side. The international community is pressuring the major oil companies not to sign any new contracts with Iraq or the KRG and suspend all operations until the HCL/Article 11 is implemented which will bring Erbil back to the table. Tuesday the Iraqi list boycotted another preparatory meeting and this added pressure may finally bring a resolution. The Economic Commission is pushing for the restructuring of the dinar and the issuance of the LDs. They argue that the time is right to remove the zeros and raise the exchange rate. Iraq will benefit from this project in many ways and it's the only way for them to return as economic leaders not only regionally but globally. I don't know the timing and I don't pretend to, but I do know that our investment is solid and this story has a happy ending for us all.
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