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  1. Thank you Adam, it is great to hear from you and read your news. I found in my early days of buying and holding Dinar and Cryptocurrency that I met so many naysayers and listened to their negative comments that I decided not to express a positive or negative opinion about it to anyone. However as I’m ageing by the day I am hoping that I will eventually realise gain in either the Dinar or Crypto in the not to distant future that I may live out my days relaxing stress free. Thank you once again and God Bless you and your family🙏
  2. Sounds good LB and thank you but I have given up on speculating dates and expected rate changes.. whenever it is and whatever the rate, it will be ok with me.
  3. Happy to be corrected but I thought they weren’t returning to work till the 8th May ??? Which is Sunday.
  4. It would be nice .. Thank you Adam for keeping the dream alive with your comment😊
  5. Thank you Ronscarpa for your patient and diligence in your efforts to bring us all the Guru speak together in one place.. They send out so many mixed or hyped message that we can either become Princes or stay Paupers on any given day. I have been in this speculation for so long that I’m will have to hire someone to climb a ladder To retrieve my Dinar because I’m to nervous at my age now to climb a ladder to retrieve them from their hiding place. 🙂.. I am grateful that my memory still holds good that I am able still remember where I put them. And secondly as the wait seems never ending I often wonder if I should put a clause in my last will and testament telling my benefactors where they are so that they can continue the wait.🙂
  6. The waiting game will continue until the Greedy Globalists who control the Banks decide that they are ready to allow change and let the cash flow to the people. They must continue to fill their coffers until they work out a way to fully control the Cryptocurrency Market. JMO
  7. If Bill Gates and his cronies want to do something positive about climate change then they should campaign to stop the destruction of afforestation worldwide. That is a major cause of Climate change. Animals and humans have been creating methane since the world began and that includes you Bill Gates.
  8. Thank you Adam .. Nice to hear from you. 🙏🙂
  9. Thanks Ron .. The whole RV/RI is a never ending story but I am sure it will have an ending one day but till then the Poor will be kept Poor and the Globalist Bankers will become richer.
  10. Prayers and thoughts are with you @T B. When I started this journey I was 15 years younger and blessed with good health which still continues to this day Thank God. This Dinar RV? speculation has been a long and interesting journey and I and I am sure you and many others have learnt a lot. But none of us know when the train will stop so till that happens just keep believing that tomorrow is always going to be a better day.
  11. I’m happy with amount I have. When I bought my Dinar I felt like I was a Spring Chicken with plans to do a myriad of things, however now the Spring has gone out of this chicken and a big adventure for me these days is a trip to the Supermarket. 😄Patience I have too and it’s that true all good things come to those who wait. 🙏🙏🙏
  12. Thank you LGD . We can only wait and pray for the right outcomes. 🙏 The more desperate and frustrated Putin becomes the more dangerous he will be.
  13. Agree, it will happen one day but I will be honest in saying i am getting a little impatient. 🙂
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