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  1. Thank you for the update Adam and a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you and yours and your team.. 🥂🍾 **** I hope
  2. Thanks for letting us know.. I don’t have a problem with Maitenance Checks.. I am hoping also that sometime **** your last update and RV Text are sent simultaneously. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Week.
  3. Thank you LB I always appreciate your posts, and my comment is not to detract from your comment but when I read this post my first thoughts were yes, but Iraq has been moving towards a market economy for years. I am sure that one day Iraq will be openly competitive and I do hope it will be in my lifetime..
  4. Thank you Adam.. it is nice to hear from you, however in my opinion you don’t have to justify your self or your absence and I’m sure you will post when good news is to be shared and while we wait instead of criticising let us for a moment give a big thank you to those you have on your team who work tirelessly to keep us informed of all the daily news relating to the news in Iraq etc. and to those who share their news and knowledge in VIP’s Take care and God Bless each and all.
  5. It’s going to take a very long time before anything and everything is even remotely Fine and Dandy again.
  6. I am more than happy if it’s $0.50 - Just kick start it.
  7. I have been been excited a few times since 2009 but now I just think Same **** Different Year. Although I am looking forward to Adams update to see what promise it holds. I will admit that in my mind the much awaited text/email still feels that it’s light years away.
  8. Gladys gone and a new Premier sworn in the daily COVID numbers have dropped dramatically and NSW is finally out of lockdown after 106 days.
  9. How True - And we are all watching the results of such power and corruption play out in the world today.
  10. Thank you for your words of encouragement in these uncertain times, both for you in the US, Afghanistan and particularly for us us in Australia. From one day to the next here we cannot plan our lives as we live around and in lockdowns. Yes your right about holding my Dinar but also the hassle of dragging a ladder inside to climb to where they are is another reason to hang on to them. I was many years younger and fit when I showed them away😀. Crypto is an extremely rewarding interest for me and an enjoyable one but I tend to be a buy and hold on more than I should but what I have sold I have been more than happy. I like many other hope your years end prediction is fulfilled. Take care and stay safe an these uncertain times ..
  11. With articles like this it consolidates my thought processes towards ditching the whole Iraqi Dinar intended RV expectation and put my energy in to focusing on crypto — at least on a daily basis in crypto buying and selling there are highs and lows of excitement and the prospect of gains.
  12. It’s most countries. Take a look at what’s happening down under here in Australia.
  13. Thanks Artitech - In my opinion it will happen when it happens and not before, and I am hoping that when it happens I still be here to see it.
  14. Love listening to Alan Jones.. He is clear and concise and his viewpoints are rarely if ever off the mark.
  15. Shame Al-Kazemi is not running. In the time I have been in this speculative adventure he has “appeared” to be the most genuine. I certainly hope they are not going to recycle one of the previous PM’s.
  16. My Prayers and Thoughts are with you LadyGrace’sDaddy and your Family at this time. With Faith,Trust and Some days of discomfort you can do it and you will come through it. 🙏🙏🙏.
  17. Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family Edithjimmy as I and many understand the road you are travelling right now and support and lift your family in prayer. Know in your hearts that the Lord has you in his keeping and he will give you every strength and help that is his to give you. God Bless you Edith and Jimmy and Your Family. 🙏🙏🙏
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