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  1. And the riots we are waiting for will beginπŸ‘
  2. It is crazy.. the more I follow Q or the anons, the more fascinating and exciting it becomes.. I can't wait for what's to come!
  3. Queen lowered at 4:49 = 17 Q posted a picture of a watch with the date being the 19th and the time showing 4:49. Q posted this in July of 2019 with a message saying "Important to remember" attached to it. 2 minutes later, Q posted a picture of the Windsor castle. Enjoy the show!
  4. Biden will be un-masking soon according to Julie Green πŸ‘
  5. Agreed, the white hats need a crash too so why not let it happen under (fake) Biden 😎
  6. Won't be long now.. I'm guessing by the end of October, possibly end of September
  7. I believe they were hired for the "great reset" not the GCR as I feel there won't be any IRS when the GCR happens..
  8. Did you see Mike Pence receive a silver coin after his betrayal (certifying election)? I believe we are living in biblical times and Pence is Judas.
  9. There will be many markets that will see amazing returns πŸ‘
  10. πŸ˜³πŸ‘ Seems like the bank feels like there won't be many businesses failing in Iraq for the foreseeable future.. why else would a bank be taking all the risk? Wow
  11. Video of naked boy trying to escape the castle.
  12. Did you happen to see Diana's burial site from the air resembles a "Q" just like jfk jr? Coincidence? 😎
  13. Poker Player has always been respectful to me so I have no reason to be anything other than respectful to her. I was just curious because I recently found out that another one of my favorite actors is bad and it sucks so I was just going to share that with her
  14. I watched a video a year and a half ago of some digging going on at their castle. Young child bones were discovered. I'm not talking one or two bones, it was estimated to be over 50 different children.. these people are sick..
  15. Epstein and Maxwell at Queen's cabin. While this isn't direct proof of wrong doing, it shows a relationship between them exists..
  16. Fun fact: The queen's death was announced 1776 days after Q's first post. Coincidence? Sept 8th 9+8=17 Q=17 Enjoy the show 🍿🍿🍿
  17. Covering up for Prince Andrew, all in itself, is horrific enough.. but it gets way worse. I agree things will speed up now πŸ‘πŸΏ
  18. Makes sense since London is the financial capital of the world. Let's hope!
  19. The Q community sees the queen's death announcement to the public as a "marker" for the next phase. I believe she has been dead for years and the announcement is being used to distract the general public away from what's really going on in the world. We know London is the "financial" center of the world so the next phase may have something to do with money..
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