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  1. Deepstate is trying to usher in their Great Reset and they need to collapse the economy to do it. I think this is when Trump will step back in publicly and switch us to the QFS. I believe we will have a little bit of time after the collapse before it happens so be prepared..
  2. I used to manage the at&t (bell-south mobility)stores up there in 1998-1999 before I opened my own here in Florida.
  3. Beautiful area! I like how the whole town shuts down with the slightest bit of snow 😁
  4. Every time a country drops the USD, our IQD investment goes up in value. We dont get to see the added value yet, but it's coming. Be prepared, I added more stuff to my stockpile today👍 Watch "Bombshell! France Finance Minister Declares Independence from the US! Dollar death, Inflation coming" on YouTube
  5. ---- More signs Trump will be returning 😆
  6. Prime Minister @MAKadhimi Receives the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq @JeanineHennis His Excellency valued the participation and support that the Iraqi elections received from international observers and the United Nations.
  7. Have you researched the Abraham Accord? You might find it interesting👍 Welcome to Dinarvets.
  8. It's a big part of hap-piness
  9. I wasn't thinking spine 😅
  10. Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces @MAKadhimi He visits the Joint Operations Command and is briefed on the progress of procedures for protecting warehouses and ballot boxes
  11. Translated from Arabic by Google Prime Minister @MAKadhimi Receives a phone call from the Lebanese Prime Minister @Najib_Mikati In it, he expressed the congratulations of the Lebanese government and people to Iraq on the occasion of the success of the Iraqi parliamentary elections.
  12. This doesn't work well for "We The People" if the whole globe is run by satanic pedophile globalists who want to indoctrinate our children in school and kill or sterilize us through vaccines and bio-weapons..
  13. That's not Joe Biden, it's an actor👍 "What makes a good movie? Good actors" -Q "Enjoy the show"-Q
  14. I'm kind of thinking they may use the election to trap the corrupt like they did here.. I hope not but maybe..
  15. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... Mnt Goat talks directly to CBI, gets the full scope... Treat as rumors. Not verified. Your opine. 10-8-2021 Newshound Guru Kaperoni: For those that may not be aware there are elections coming up in Iraq to form a new government and prime minister. This usually takes about 3 to 6 months to complete. So nothing is getting accomplished until after that time frame. ------ I'm pretty sure I read an article a couple days ago and it said they were changing the process. Instead of voting on a bloc they were going to vote on an individual. I would imagine a much shorter process.
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