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  1. Correct, it's not a "check" but appears to be a form of payment. Just sharing something that could be of interest
  2. He showed the viewers a copy of the 21 trillion usd check to the treasury from China and discussed it. It was from 2017.
  3. I found this interesting, thought others would also. Take it for what it's worth.
  4. Kim Clement spoke about us helping people in need with clothes and food. It is possible this happens before everything goes crazy for a little bit of time.. who knows
  5. My understanding is it will take 55 usd to equal 1 brics note, until the usd gets backed by assets.
  6. The mid to lower levels of the cabal won't have any money when we switch to QFS. Brilliant plan!
  7. Already taken care of, I've actually seen the still shots of soros in the morgue. Hillarious too 👍
  8. "The military is the only way" - Q I would guess that would be a great time for the military to step in. My guess is that it will happen when large scale riots by Antifa and BLM in major cities.
  9. They already came to our rescue. It happened in 2017-2018, the war is already won. Everything we see going on is optics to wake up the masses. It has to be this way to avoid civil war.
  10. You have a great understanding of the "Great Reset". The "Global Currency Reset" is completely different. CBDC has already been banned in some states so I don't see that taking place completely. White hats are in control and they are ready. Debts will be forgiven as they are unconstitutional.
  11. I also believe the stolen 2020 election will be "corrected" before we have another election.
  12. I believe there are 2 resets at play, one from the deepstate and one from the white hats. Deep states "Great Reset" includes all NWO stuff like green new road, one world currency and 15 minute cities etc, where we own nothing etc. We see this taking place right now. I also believe the white hats have the "Global Currency Reset" ready to go for when the masses wake up to the deepstates plan in the "Great Awakening". This reset will return us to constitutional law under the Republic of the United States. Trump will be our 19th President of the Republic as president 19-46 were presidents of the "corporation" and not the Republic. I believe all currencies will be on a level playing field and the Abraham Accord will bring peace and fair trade throughout earth. I also believe a form of nesara/gesara is already happening in stages and our currencies will be backed by our assets. Things have to get worse before they get better to wake up those who are still asleep. Be prepared with food, water, ammo medications etc. It's better to have them and not need them than to need and not have.
  13. It won't. Is there technology to take transportation away from oil? I believe so but it's not anything released to the public yet... won't be long though.
  14. Oil doesn't come from fossils, they gave it the name "fossil fuels" to try and make it seem like it will run out. Another crap claim from the greedy $%#^!*$.. oil is plentiful, don't worry about that..
  15. The US is already on board and ready to go, infact, the US has lead the way. We must crash the old first and I believe Isreal and the US will be last to crash
  16. Great time to be alive! "This is going to be Biblical" -Q
  17. The U.S must fall, it's part of the plan to bring in the new Era. Both the evil side and the good side need it to fall so the good side will let it happen on the evil sides watch. This is why i say the crash will happen before Trumps return. We will not be left behind as we will all be equal when it's done. True valued currencies, equal trade agreements etc. "We will all be on a level playing field"- Donald Trump.
  18. Yes, I agree 👍 I just don't think the wto will be around much longer.
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