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  1. Not sure why they would change anything. They get EVERYTHING wholesale or free, pocket the gains, and sustain a victim mentality.
  2. Knuckles

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    In all fairness to them, our Congress operates in similar fashion I am sorry to say. 😫
  3. Knuckles

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Why is the US still giving them millions of dollars? Double talk politics at it's finest!
  4. Knuckles

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Curious what light Adam might be able to add to this article.
  5. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Hard to hold the line. This train is slow moving and the conductor's are difficult to figure out. I bet everything changes after the RV. They will be REAL friendly then to keep your business! Don't forget the time differences. It is my understanding the after hour emails are deleted
  6. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    sounds like a reasonable plan..."if" it ever revalues...uhg
  7. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Great. Would you need to go there to close it? Cannot just reverse the setup procedure and send back to US account?
  8. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    It has already been several years for us. Ready to see someovereat in revaluation.
  9. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Thank you for your reply. No apology needed. Yes, she had a successful surgery and continuing to recover. Unable to move $$ from Warka. We only have basic accounts. Did not have anything with ISX. We do not understand that process. I believe we are in over our heads to be honest....time will tell. Have a great day:)
  10. Knuckles

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    That sounds like a solid plan all around. Thank you very much
  11. Knuckles

    Warka Online Account Access

    Had an issue with 2 accounts. They switched the passwords, but I exceeded attempts on 2nd account before realizing what happened. They sent a second password and everything okay. Keep after them and remember the time differences;)
  12. Knuckles

    Warka Online Account Access

    Good Saturday, If you have not accessed your account in the last few months, you will need to contact Mr Mohammad Issa. They will need permission to draw annual dues and will then provide a temporary password for you. At that time you can access and update your password. The site is NOT SECURE, but the account access requires double verification. That is the best I have seen. Usually takes a few days to get a reply. Remember, they are 9 hours ahead of us and off Fridays and Saturdays. Opening for business on Sunday at 1 AM US time. If you send it after hours it is discarded.
  13. Knuckles

    Warka Online Account Access

    Great! I as well, wrote them last week, and they replied in 3 days. I changed my password yesterday with no problems. Only thing I need now is an RV! :-) thanks for the update.
  14. Knuckles

    Warka Online Account Access

    Good Morning DoD, The answer is YES!!!!!! I am able to access the website now, but NOT log in. Exceeded my attempts and have been locked out with "wrong password". I wrote them about the issue and they responded with a "Thank you". Guess we are waiting again:)

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