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  1. If the globalist currency is implemented with the distributed ledger system by the UN via the IMF, no country will be held hostage to the US $$$$ anymore. If that happens, we have bigger concerns than an Iraqi RV. Not even the Federal Reserve will be able to reverse it. Something to think about for sure. Wonder what Adams spin on it would be?
  2. Silk Road paved in oil. Curency exchange will be simple...little for nothing!
  3. Silk Road lays another stone. Trade exchanges should be easy to figure....both countries experts at under-valuing their currency. China needs oil and Iraq needs their cheap imports.
  4. A whole lot of S&M for their people...better clarify...Smoke and Mirrors is how I see it 👀
  5. I may have missed a class or two, but not exactly sure how I understand Iraq. they ask forgiveness of debt worldwide, borrow billions from other countries, keep their own people and currency at poverty level, then invest in US bonds with borrowed revenue....craziness. Please correct my ignorance on this offense will be taken.
  6. Also, did not know they were the main supplier of oil to China. Seems appropriate, given that fact that they continue to manipulate their currency in similar ways ....birds of a feather?
  7. Nothing hard hear Adam......trick or reap?
  8. Not sure why they would change anything. They get EVERYTHING wholesale or free, pocket the gains, and sustain a victim mentality.
  9. In all fairness to them, our Congress operates in similar fashion I am sorry to say. 😫
  10. Why is the US still giving them millions of dollars? Double talk politics at it's finest!
  11. Curious what light Adam might be able to add to this article.
  12. Hard to hold the line. This train is slow moving and the conductor's are difficult to figure out. I bet everything changes after the RV. They will be REAL friendly then to keep your business! Don't forget the time differences. It is my understanding the after hour emails are deleted
  13. sounds like a reasonable plan..."if" it ever revalues...uhg
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