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  1. Wonder if Uncle Joe remembered this construction project his brother was a part of in the reconstruction of Iraq that never came to fruition?
  2. I am wondering what kind of guarantee they made with the Chinese related to currency rates to secure the reconstruction deal. China is a master at low-balling currency and keeping their people poor. Wonder how the Italians feel about their deal?
  3. appropriate for managing "Hydrocephalics"
  4. They have raised the bar to a new level regarding "interim government". Good grief.
  5. Please note the site is not secure. They have not kept their online secure certificates up to date. Always login using the online keyboard and change your password often. Logout and close browser each time. NEVER access on public servers:)
  6. I am using Firefox browser. No trouble whatsoever
  7. This has always worked for me. Be sure and watch your times. They shut down at night and everything starts fresh in the morning......their time of course
  8. Always remember that any email request received after hours is deleted before start of next business day Sun-Thurs. Also, the 8 hour time differences is very imporant. You must send after 2 AM CST and before 6 AM to have the best opportunity.
  9. Where does the Iraqi Bitcoin fall on the monopoly board...Go, Community Chest or Chance?
  10. Wow, the Iraqi version of Welfare,Medicaid and Social Security while expanding BIG GOVERNMENT control.No favors for the common people here.
  11. Is it not time for a new budget too...not seen very much chatter about that lately with the Chinese headlines.
  12. Seems the Russians need something and so where to place the 30 % Uranium from the US we GAVE them. Hope they never strike a deal with Iran to trade enriched Uranium for "peace and protection".
  13. Thank you Adam. I appreciate your kind and gentle encouragement. I reread the Panama postings and can see the bigger picture. Very good word picture. With full respect...
  14. Sorry to be a slow buyer in this deal. I just struggle wrapping my head around WHY would Iraq RV now, decrease the influx of investors, and slow the rebuilding of infrastructure b/c cost incurred. Investors would get less profit on their $$. I am not an economic specialist evidenced by my limited understanding. Can someone enlighten me? Be kind please!
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