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  1. You spelled RECRAPS wrong… But as far as the rest of your comment your are spot on!
  2. 🤞🤞🤞🤞hope you’re right on that !
  3. Probably not, but I bet she was a blast 💥
  4. I do believe its all tied together. Precious metals will go up in the financial collapse ( New Gold Standard) when the dust settles, Currencies will be revalued on a level playing field and bridged by digital assets. We’ll see shortly I believe
  5. So 13 years is greater than 365 calendar days? Then I’m good
  6. Here is an article I found, long PDF I read on pages 72-78 where Ripple and XRP facilitate the Cross border payment. Haven’t gotten through all of this but its from 2020[vocab]/[term]/FINANCIAL Book 14-4-2019_0.pdf I just find it interesting how it’s all connected. The GCC and the MENA region is going to be a powerhouse
  7. It’s easier to get someone to believe a lie, than to get them to believe they’ve believed a lie. I’m an independent so I get where you’re coming from. There are mis truths, half truths, dis info coming from all different directions. Got to chew the meat and spit out the bones
  8. This document has interesting reading. I haven’t been through all of it but I see how rtgs fits with everything else we’ve been reading about iso20022 etc… it’s all connected, thanks CL
  9. If they could fix it NOW! That would be great….. it’s been broken a long time
  10. Thanks for this welcome news. I hope your friends are connected…. More so than any of my friends that got me into this mess 13-14 years ago lol…. O which I will be grateful if it pans out.
  11. August 11-13th is New Breton woods Conference with IMF etc…. maybe a new global reserve SDR digital currency and revaluing of currencies….. one can only hope
  12. I’m always watching you out of the corner of my eye Keylime….. hoping you’re right Have a good week
  13. Me to HCR, I just learned to stop holding my breath after a few near death experiences 😂 Five day weekends tend to feel just like a rollercoaster 🎢 after you hear the last chinking noise at the top. Have a great weekend
  14. This song hit me in the feels! Lots of people out there feel this way…. Freedom isn’t free and it isn’t by accident Happy 4th of July Everyone
  15. So sick and tired of these idiots, they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag! It’s too stupid to be stupid….. they must be waiting on a green light from someone up above internationally
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