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  1. Haven't posted anything in a long time but I do check in from time to time. Just now realized I've been banished to the tank, when did that happen? Whatever, serious question, I still have all of my dinars but I'm facing a financial crunch. What is the easiest most profitable way to sell some of them?
  2. I typed stewardesses twice, just to make sure my right hand didn't slip in there.
  3. May 6th, "it is done".....he's on my radar. This could happen at any time from this weekend through the next 60 days.. Its done.
  4. Sadly, I'm lacking an artistic gene but, I really can appreciate those who were blessed with it. I love to sing, grew up in choirs but I'm only good enough for the background. Even with natural talent, you have to have something special, some kind of spark to be in the spotlight.
  5. Wow, his vocals are amazing. Covering Steve Perry can't be easy.
  6. I thought I was giving you chance to make your case, but instead you attacked me. Not everyone on this site is as smart as you, a simple layman explanation would be nice.
  7. I didn't bring it up, you did. You explain why it's so wonderful.
  8. Go ahead dontlop, explain why Iraq's GDP is so awesome. Iraq GDPThe Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Iraq was worth 210 billion US dollars in 2012. The GDP value of Iraq represents 0.34 percent of the world economy. GDP in Iraq averaged 37.52 USD Billion from 1960 until 2012, reaching an all time high of 210 USD Billion in 2012 and a record low of 1.70 USD Billion in 1960. GDP in Iraq is reported by the World Bank Group.
  9. Yeah, did a quick google search of Iraq's economy on the same site but couldn't find anything nice to say about them so I didn't post. It's all relative, those who have ears, let them hear. Seems all information that is presented is confined to a conspiracy theory anyway. Off to the snail races!
  10. Yes, it's an eye opener. I tried to find something nice to post about Iraq but the Wiki page is questionable. You want to have a snail race? That's fun, right?
  11. Why thank you. Your entertainment threshold must be very low.
  12. Ans : At Present Kuwait Dinar is the Strongest Currency in the world and Presently its value is highest than other currencies of the world 1 Kuwait dinar= 3.54800 USD. In 1961, Gulf Rupee was replaced by the Kuwait Dinar which is abbreviated as KWD. also: Kuwait is a small, relatively open economy. The Kuwaiti currency is the highest-valued currency unit in the world.[8] Kuwait has the second-most free economy in the Middle East.[9] 57% of Kuwait's GDP comes from non-oil industries (mostly business services, manufacturing, retail trade, financial institutions, construction, transport and real estate).[10] Petroleum accounts for 43% of GDP, 87% of export revenues, and 75% of government income.[10][11] Kuwait also export plant fertilizers.[12]
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