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  1. Do you have a email I can Private Message ?
  2. colts469 just emailed you, confirm you received ?
  3. I Have 10 Million IQD for sale, in Southern California
  4. Its time..... .lets do this Rock, Paper, Scissor deal winner gets to push the Button Go RI Go RV GO BIG
  5. Kicking 2020 to the curve... Go Big 2021...Go Trump...Go RV...Go on vacation 😎 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year
  6. Mahalo ... for your dedication to the cause 👊🏽 Happy Holidays MERRY CHRISTMAS GO RV ... GO RI
  7. I'm the biggest sinner ,was born that way, Trump is also , but his platform is what I believe in I will never get behind a platform that kills human life , socialism, communisms, radicalism, liberalism, evil doing, and hating of the American People. I've seen it with my own 2 eye , the left will never convince me that this a great idea.. I'm a sinner I'm not stupid
  8. I read that as far back as August 2020 President Trump's administration received a patent for this technology (software/bitcoin) anyone else read or hear about this?
  9. We all need to stand behind our President & his administration the world is watching us.. pray with all your might , the enemy mock us , your friends and foe will mock us , are you going to fold or rise up , it is our time.. GOD all even the naysayers..
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