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  1. I keep seeing 1.20 , which is a great place to start and than revalue or reinstate to 3.00+ G RV G RI
  2. Belize - Panama - Costa Rica GπŸ˜‰ RV G😎 RI
  3. Yo Adam and whoever else is down, Still want to go fishing.....? GπŸ€‘ HCL
  4. If Adam is excited......I'm excited GπŸ€‘ RV G😎 RI It's a Great time to visit Belize
  5. Tubbs

    XE chart today

    I'm down on that 1.20 - $1.00 Come on Iraq bring it home 😎 GπŸ’£ RI GπŸ’£ RV
  6. I believe it’s Rock Paper Scissor time ! Lets get this done G😜 RV G😎 RI
  7. Haven't replied in a while just lurking ,but for some reason $1.19 keeps coming up ? GπŸ’£ RI G😎 RV
  8. Late to the party ( work πŸ™ƒ) but here is a bottle of BπŸ˜›πŸ˜ŽM Lets light this place up!!! Go RV. Go RI
  9. that Iraq is on the verge of a big boom Thats all I see G RI G RV
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