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  1. Yes the Federation Council is up and running. It’s their Senate, they are traveling along with the PM on this European Financial Tour. I cant see a date on this one but the others are just old articles and Iraq has thousands of old articles. If this council is up and running it is working just fine in the back ground then it is just classified as the government helping get things done NOT really in the spotlight any more nor worthy of getting me excited about anything it has accomplished because I really cant fi
  2. At least a managed float wasn't to bad a subject to talk about, hell it could still happen that way no-one knows for sure how this will end. And no offence Thug but that was the dumbest joke you've ever told here.
  3. Has there been any articles lately that have shown that the Federal Council is in fact up and running? The way I've seen it was the corrupt enacted this law took the huge payouts and just let the law wash away behind them to be forgotten over time.
  4. Im not sure Dinarthug even knows who Joey was he prob. thinks she is a Guru and we usually burn those here at the stake.
  5. Please continue, that's why I came here we just talk the news and try to find the truth. Please continue to post here it wont take long for you and Joey to become part of the family. What I miss most about Joey was all the articles she found that I missed.
  6. Wheelman, no point in us arguing over this I haven't heard the Federal Council mentioned in years so imhop its either working in the background or just was ignored by the Iraqi parliament and forgotten about.
  7. Wheelman I havn't been able to hear any of Joey's thought's since The Gatekeepers calls is anything available now?
  8. Cant really prove or disprove the 3 day theory but I'm sure they can do what ever they want.
  9. I love the way this guy explains things, he basically says deleting the zeros off the notes does basically nothing and Iraq is in a different circumstance.
  10. Your very right. Think ahead and you will see Iraq will need a 25.00 note even after a revaluation what matters is will the bank give them one thousand of them for every 25000 note. I believe they will, I know the average Iraqi is very poor now and they are a very proud people and this is for them we are just lucky enough to be along for the ride.
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