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  1. OMG. I remember that episode of the Twilight Zone!!!
  2. I'm hoping since they started the timeline in 2016...that 2020 marks the time that it will have already been implemented, and able to markedly see progress and financial stability!!
  3. Points for the years (2016-2020), in order to achieve financial stability and financial coverage and investment of human capital and modernization in the banking technologies, which contributes to reduce the thousand The technical aspect between Iraqi banks and Arab and foreign banks, and thus restore confidence in the Iraqi banking sector and move it to a solid banking sector contributes to sustainable development and provide services to the national economy as the first link financing and investment in the economy... is anyone else translating this as deleting 3 zeros????? "to reduce the thousand"....which is the only "technical" difference in the dinar and other currencies? "Thus restoring confidence"....
  4. Looks like a nice visually cool & texturally cooling interior.
  5. I'd say her cbi headquarters' design, definitely looks like it will be an architectural gem. It conveys the future glory of iraq.
  6. ..."The process of choosing the next prime minister is expected to take months and will likely result in power being dispersed across different political parties with clashing interests.  Until a new prime minister is chosen, al-Abadi will remain in office, retaining all his powers."... I didn't know that little tid bit!
  7. Thank you for your 30 years of service!! BTW, looks like you're in my neck o' the woods...mine being in Ohio. : ) Lots to read dive in!
  8. Welcome to DV command sergeant major !!
  9. ...cancel the marginal price of the dollar and make it equal to the official price... (Is there some way to construe that sentence to translate as 1:1 ????) ...."the dollar exchange rate is considered at the current stage is the best because it has become an ideal price and gives confidence to investors in maintaining the return of their activities.... (again, are they saying that ideal rate for exchange is a dollar, because it's an "ideal price" and gives confidence...aka... my dinar is worth as much as a dollar??????)
  10. This is a tasty morsel...i want to savor the implications!!!
  11. Ending the producers of AlTaif for Money Transfer changing the activity from Money transfer to Islamic Bank the name of the bank is AlTaif Islamic Bank for Investment & Finance . increasing in the capital from 45,000,000,000 ID to became 100,000,000,000 ID.
  12. Had to try this again!
  13. Hi jeepguy, not sure if i copied the entire link...but is this related to what you were talking about above: ://
  14. hawk-eye-view

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    hehehehe.... pass the gas = Huge Camel Liftoff!!
  15. hawk-eye-view

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    It's presently 11:22 pm Eastern Daylight Time. I would love for everyone, wherever you are, to dream and envision that right now in Iraq, they're all saying yes yes yes to all the laws... and when we wake up from this dream, the reality will be set in motion..and keep thinking throughout the day... just keep daydreaming and envisioning that by Friday we are all happy and jumping up and down, poppin champagne and making plans. So I'm going to drift off with these wonderful thoughts of abundace enough to share....

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