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  1. Everyone should do some research on GESARA/NESARA .There are most countries signed on to this and it will change the world finances for everyone. Rate for Dinar-3.71, Dong-.47, Rupia-1.08, Afgani-2.29, Iran-3.71,
  2. According to rates determined by the GESARA financial the rate is 3.71 but they claim this may not be the final rate. It should come out around April 1st.
  3. I have been working on my plan B for some time and received my Permanent Resident Visa for Panama lest week. I had to be tested when entering Panama and now I'm in quarantine for two weeks. Don't like that but with rumours of Panama changing requirements for friendly nations visa I was compelled to get it done. There was so much opposition to making changes by lawyers, real estate brokers, and banks, they backed off and decided to leave the program as is. I will become a nonresident for Canadian taxes when the RV happens.
  4. As a Canadian, I sure hope this plan gets exposed for what it is and never comes to fruition. Thanks for posting it.
  5. If you have a large amount that would be taxed in Canada there is a legal way around it. It involves becoming a non resident for taxes in Canada be fore cashing in a large amount. As a non resident you would have to pay no tax on any earnings for outside Canada.
  6. At least you don't have the canadian liberals putting out a dollar coin to celebrate gays and lesbians.
  7. I've had canopy growth (WEED) a couple times and made out ok, but the rise in stock price IMO is purely speculative and somewhat risky if you don't follow it very closely.
  8. If you are interested in marijuana stocks there is one I've made a lot on. It's BLO.CN , they are developing the breathalyzer for marijuana. It closed today at 2.97, but will go down .10 or .15 tomorrow and then back up probably over 3.00. I bought in Friday at 2.79 and sold today at 2.95 giving me a $3000+ profit for the day. I plan to buy in tomorrow when it drops again, probably 20000 shares, which I will sell again near the close if it goes up enough. It has been doing this up down for some time but I only tried this once before and made considerable on it.
  9. Thanks Adam and a happy thanksgiving to you , your family and staff, and all the dinarians who contribute to this group. Au Geezer 11
  10. Hey Adam, Thanks for all you're doing for us. I really want to get the platinum VIP/Corp combo deal but can't find a link for it. I can however find the separate links but they won't allow me to get the corp without the Platinum VIP already.
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