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  1. Sounds like the Iraqis have found their big boy pants...
  2. Maybe they could just play “rule and dash” sticking Malarkey with the check...
  3. He better work fast before they have another holiday and forget why they are all there to solve pressing problems
  4. Well that should be a no brained. Prosperity vs death and destruction 🤪😜🐪🐫
  5. Calijim

    Iraq’s new hope

    We can only hope the new Pm is the Iraqi version of Donald Trump. MAKE IRAQ GREAT AGAIN!
  6. If I had 250 grand I sure wouldn’t move to a sxxthole like Iraq.
  7. Has anyone thought of this scenario... The new government has more Iranian influence. We all know the Iranian economy is in shambles and the new US sanctions take affect in November. Could Iran be holding hundreds of millions of Iraqi Dinar and pressing for a revalue of the Dinar to save the Iranian economy and prevent a revolution in their country? THIS IS JUST A THEORY AND HAS NO CREDIBLE BASIS... JUST A THOUGHT...
  8. I think it’s the sand affecting their thinking.. after all ... Life’s a beach.🐫🐪😎
  9. Seems like the only thing that always passes is will we make another Holiday.....".
  10. Hit em in the wallet. It’s the American way.
  11. Sounds like Trumpism is contagious...Make Iraq Great Again.....but beware the Deep State...

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