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  1. Hey that’s capitalism at its finest. Let the law of supply and demand work it out.
  2. Official reveals 'indicators' that Iraq militia aims to hit US troops OK “LETS GET IT ON” then.
  3. Hunting the crow? Wait till they find out they’re hunting an eagle instead and are about to get their butt kicked.
  4. Maybe it’s time to play their hole card and Rv the Dinar. They could really solve a lot of their financial problems.
  5. Hey DWitte looks like you may have to hold on to your quarter. Vegas casinos just closed their doors.
  6. If RV irs their hole card. Seems to me their getting close to playing it.
  7. Wow I think they are making a little headway against Iranian influence here. MAKE IRAQ GREAT AGAIN!!!
  8. I’m not betting any of my dinar, I don’t have enough toilet paper as it is.
  9. Who is this guy! What do we know about his Allegance? Is he the genuine Iraqi hero or just another Iranian puppet.
  10. the answer is so simple. Revalue then pay back the loans with a exponential increase in dinar. It’s like getting a Huge discount on repayment liability. Or they could clamp down on political corruption and find plenty of money to run the government.
  11. I wonder how many discussions in the back room pertaining to the RV.
  12. Looking like Rv Weather.🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰🐫
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