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  1. slb

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 February 2019

    So we are all probably wondering the same - WTH -HCL or no......
  2. slb

    Trumps Clean Sweep !!

    Good job ! Thanks for bringing it !
  3. Shirley you jest... He is in great condition, he has a note from his doctor and the hair line of judge Napalitano - in 0 MPH wind....... See, even though I'm a supporter, I can have fun with it !
  4. slb

    CNBC Erin Burnette 22 Jan 2019

    Another old one......
  5. Here is one..
  6. Not saying God condones such behavior. Who knows what what will happen to Trump in the end. I believe God uses imperfect people and they may not even know it. LOL, even though I am a Trump supporter, he is arrogant enough to be one of those people .
  7. Samson was a man of God. Delilah was pretty much the porn star of the day.
  8. With an additional spread and taxes, that would suck.....
  9. This guy goes way back..... Some of the old timers may know better than I.
  10. there is no intention at the present time to issue any new category and existing categories that cover the need of local Iraq." Thought they were issuing new 1K notes etc. ?

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