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  1. 😮 I'm shocked.. Time to stop to stop the auctions and let these thieves and liars stand on their own .
  2. No, you the Iraq Government chose Iran. That's why your in this mess, you bunch of dumb @#%&!
  3. Who is Guru Jeff ? Is he any more believable than the other two listed ? Hope so.....
  4. I was always confused by this. Was it their money that had been frozen, or our tax payer money ? Either way it should not have been given, as they used it against us ....
  5. He also used the words there will be a grave surrender. Perhaps they will suddenly implode from within.
  6. Could this be the beginning of a grave surrender spoken of by Clement ?
  7. Love him or hate him, Trump called this before he was even elected POTUS .
  8. Perhaps they shouldn't have bit the hand that feeds them........
  9. I wonder if this might have been part of the over all discussion with Trump and China regarding a trade deal.
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