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  1. Its just a stand alone video platform as for as I can tell.
  2. Just found a new platform like You Tube called Odysee that's not censored.
  3. I'm looking for ideas on what we can do to completely stop big tech from making money off me. I've found a great replacement for Google chrome called Opera any time I watch YouTube it removes all commercials and I get the skip adds button without even seeing a commercial. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon are at least for now where I'm getting started. I welcome any help getting this done, we cannot count on the government at this time to fix this so im fighting back the best way I can. Welcome to 2021.
  4. Hey you should give Biden a call I'm sure he would be willing to send you some money to help speed up the process.
  5. I don't include ebay, I would be afraid to get counterfeit dinar.
  6. Its doubtful that any Americans just started shooting Iraqis without good reason, and you will be hard pressed to find any truth in the Maliki years.
  7. Yes, not that hard to distribute thumb pads for thumb prints anywhere needed or maybe there could be a thumbprint kit included with special ballots for people that are unable to get out of bed or leave home. There will always be some mail in ballots but covid is no excuse to not be able to vote.
  8. I want every states voting machines removed and checked for foul play, then the whole election in every state redone with paper only ballots name on top and thumb print on the bottom.
  9. I call this a trial run to show people what happens when the money changes, esp. handy for people in the Iraqi stock market.
  10. Actually any change or decline in value is just value or loss of value taken out of thin air. The covering of dinar by gold or oil only effects what can reasonably put into circulation. Ill give you an example, if the cbi had to cover and positive rv somehow, then what happens if it decreases in value? Do we have to send the cbi a check? Sounds ridiculouss right.
  11. I have a good explanation for this move lets see if anyone agrees. The good old saying the rich get richer. Lets just say that if something were really going to change wouldn't you like to have a few weeks to stock up on more dinar at a lower rate just before the end? I cant buy it here in the USA its mostly out of stock and selling for twice as much as I paid, but certain people in Iraq can get it easy enough. I also notice they are doing the opposite on everything now, dropping the rate and doubling the currency auctions I'm getting excited.
  12. Let me just say that if your still in this after all these years you should be well grounded by now and nothing they do to try to trick you into selling your Dinars should work on you. January 1st is getting close lets see what happens then because anything they do now means nothing to me.
  13. Im not even interested in a recount of any type, I will never believe in any election where mail in votes are used except for military and hospitalized people.
  14. You more then anyone should reread the article to understand why.
  15. Sorry Biden wont be on lock long he will be removed because of his dementia.
  16. Look we have learned long ago you cant fix stupid so why would we waist time arguing? Which brings us to the silent majority and how it has come into being. Wait you think the dems will win both the house and senate lol.
  17. Shabibilicious Your about to learn what silent majority means for the second time.
  18. This guy took the time to dig up past videos on both candidate's enjoy.
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