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  1. Their population is about the same as the State of California (which is rich in natural resources). Common sense politically, not so much. Iraq is resource rich, the market for crude oil is very high, many countries have signed deals to help diversify and develop infrastructure and the economy and the world banks, etc are saying you’re ready…go for it. Get it done CBI!
  2. They seem to conflict, but parliament is feeling pressure from the citizens regarding the perception inside Iraq that the dinar is worthless and they are losing confidence. It could continue in that direction if CBI does not act. An RV/RI would drastically change that perception in Iraq and around the world. Parliament is exactly right, the people of Iraq 🇮🇶 are tired of waiting and the people of the world 🌍 are watching and waiting. Get it done!
  3. 3n1, I hear that. US Open week at Torrey Pines…rough is brutal. perhaps reversing the authorization for military force in Iraq is symbolic of a change of focus in US-Iraqi relationship towards growth and prosperity; leaving the past behind. I’m sure we will have a presence there forever in that monstrosity of an embassy.
  4. Agreed. Many are doing well with crypto investing and have lost zeal for dinar.
  5. These Dem clowns all voted for the authorization back then and they are still in government 😒. I think this is a declaration they want to pull out of Iraq. If US pulls out, the whole region would start to destabilize further. Maybe if GOI sees this they will have motivation to make a move instead of sitting on their hands?
  6. There is such a thing as absolute truth. Some examples are gravity and other laws of physics, what we can study and observe in the physical world and the universe. But often these truths are debated and argued about by men. I mean, we still have people that are flat earthers. The One source of all light and truth is Jesus Christ who is the creator of this world and the universe. That is my belief.
  7. This is bad news right? Don’t they need to have compliance before an RV can occur? Does this start the clock over?
  8. This is a bigger step than we may realize. The more citizens that deposit their 000 notes for digital currency, the less there will be in circulation before an RV/RI. I believe one of the main reasons they devalued in December was to scare people into bringing more notes in. They are working toward reducing circulation from more than one angle. 😎
  9. Nothing happens during Ramadan.
  10. As if pacing back and forth wringing your hands and losing sleep accomplished anything. CBI: “holy ****, pimpy and his followers have their eye on this...we better move faster and pop this thing” 🙄
  11. Sounds like the title of a late show on Cinemax. Pimpy, it’s “nipped in the bud”, meaning stopped before it grows and blossoms.
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. $15?! C’mon are there really people out there that would believe this?
  13. Guru? None of them are correct about anything. It is all speculation. I prefer news hounds to gurus. At least there you can try and read between the lines.
  14. I agree. They are not going to change the rate back to last year levels. They must stay the course and see this through. Then they can open up the way for an RV/RI. These politicians are just angry their corruption has been taken away from them via the auctions.
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