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  1. U.S. has played a big role in supporting a stable Iraq and infrastructure and that is about the extent of our involvement in it. When it comes to their currency, it is up to their central bank and government to implement reforms that will lead to an RV/RI. Even then, the IMF and other world financial organizations play a role in what Iraq can and cannot do—and we’ve heard a lot of good chatter recently about that. I think we are very close to a big change.
  2. Thank you Karsten. Why do people insist on spreading debunked info?
  3. Jeff...Enough with the April fiscal year bull$@!+. It’s been debunked so many times. Iraq’s fiscal year is the same as a calendar year—Jan-Dec.
  4. They are really working hard to bring in the 000s. I wonder if it will take weeks or months for them to feel they are ready to flip the switch?
  5. Their fiscal year starts April 1st that's why the budget won't be done until February sometime. Nope! Iraq’s fiscal year is the calendar year—Jan-Dec.
  6. This is great. We want lower sales from CBI and they want more people to sell their 000 denoms back—they are trying to suck in as much as possible. This will force Iraq to do something different sooner. Good news.
  7. Jeff was wrong about fiscal year as well. Iraq’s fiscal year is a calendar year...Jan-Dec.
  8. The opinions Ron collects and posts are now in Dinar Rumors section.
  9. Most of the world is unaware of the Iraqi Dinar as an investment and know nothing of a possible reinstatement or RV—they think it a hoax. We who follow it and look forward to it happening will benefit. If I told my friends about it, they would not believe and would not purchase any (I’ve tried). I don’t think Iraq talking about changing the rate will bring many more into the Dinar world. I am amazed they are so open about changing the rate right now. It might make some of us buy more, but won’t change the volume purchased in a significant way. ACTUALLY changing the rate will get the at
  10. Oil. Oil prices are a little down compared to earlier in the year. Probably the main reason for a drop in rate.
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