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  1. I must have missed something… What rumor? RV on the 17th? Currency reset with other currencies? Could you fill me in? Thanks!
  2. I’d lose my $&!T at 1 to 1 and be estatic at 10 cents. 😅
  3. Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire Analysis of Iran deal and the consequences for Iraq and the Middle East.
  4. “At this point what difference does it make?!” Haha just had to throw that in there. The situation in Iraq is complex and frustrating. While our influence becomes less and less over time, just 19 yrs ago we owned Iraq and invested trillions of $$, blood of our armed forces and more over there, so we’ll always to some degree have investment/blame/shame to bear as a nation.
  5. This is why the US should not become “kingmakers”—setting up regimes, because our intelligence get’s it wrong half the time and we end up shooting ourselves in the foot. Example: Maliki aka Potato Head. Our government seems to miss every time… Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine and the list goes on. The only thing these heathen fools understand is rule by force and tyranny. I guess it is yet to be seen what role Sadr will play in Iraq’s destiny.
  6. Democracy does not work in Iraq…too much corruption. A theocracy would be good in theory—until the well intentioned leader dies or is assassinated/overthrown by Iran and then they are in a worse situation. The Bible tells us that before the prophesied Second Coming of Jesus Christ, all nations will be gathered against Israel in battle (Armageddon). My guess is this means Arabs vs Jews. If Iraq is overrun by Iran, it just speeds up the inevitable. But what do I know. Just conjecture.
  7. Everyone knows there is widespread corruption over there, just like here. No surprise, but his resignation can shine a brighter light and swing momentum to Sadr’s movement and give more energy to the demonstrations. Stir it up!
  8. Geez! If the old USA had to follow these same rules, we’d be paying off our debt til 2422. 😆 Maybe we could collect all the foreign aid we gave away over the last 70 yrs. Lol.
  9. Well said, Mr Sadr. All they have had are words since October’s elections last year (and endless words before that). I hope Sadr and the people are successful and this movement pushes them toward action!!!
  10. Thanks Ron. I’m hoping for constitutional reform and economic reform. It is obvious the current system gets them nowhere and causes more strife.
  11. Iraqis have a lot to complain about, but here is a short list: 1. They gotta be pissed their vote in October 21 didn’t mean anything. Sadr’s block won the day, but a judge decided that a certain number of parliament has to be present to seat a government. (Which is BS, cause all the opposition has to do is not show up. It’s childish) 2. Their currency is worthless. 3. inflation has caused prices to go up on just about everything. 4. Most people are poor. 5. It’s hot 🥵 😂
  12. The US dollar is in a lot of trouble. Inflation is at 40 yr highs. We’re back in the Carter era; except now we are many many trillions more in debt. Follow this link below to see who owns US debt…China is 2nd only to Japan.
  13. What would happen if exchanges dried up outside Iraq? Obviously, there would be Iraqis exchanging daily, but what if people stopped buying Dinar? Would the money they are making off exchanges force them to do something different? Just thinking out loud…
  14. I’m not sure how that works. I plan to spend my money here in the states, so I’m planning on some sort of capital gains as applicable.
  15. I doubt it. At the very least they would question you about why you are carrying so much Dinar. Modern Governments are way too nosy, greedy and corrupt to let anyone get by without a fee, tax or interrogation. Individuals cannot make decisions correctly by themselves. Governments want total control. When we do finally exchange, the US government is gonna want their cut via capital gains taxes and the bank might want their percentage fee as well. Corrupt greedy SOBs—all of them.
  16. When Iraqi Dinar trades internationally, you won’t have to go to Baghdad or Paris or London to exchange. You can just make an appointment at your local Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, US Bank, etc.. The US spent billions to help Iraqi’s establish a constitution and are involved with them to help bring about the vision born in 2003; why would our banking system not be connected when the RV/RI pops? No underground secret redemption centers for early exchange or better rates. Just open market exchange.
  17. Very encouraging. Been in this investment 15 of those 17 yrs Barzani speaks of. Let’s all pray for positive results and forward momentum for Iraq!
  18. What people will believe, even after guru predictions don’t come true for the 327th time, is astonishing to me. 😆
  19. I would think this means they are still worthless, but could have a new value without the 0000s at a future time. But sounds like there was no change in currency value?
  20. Corruption and money laundering are easier than doing actual work like governing and solving problems that will set Iraq and their people up for a century of prosperity. It’s sad. They are lucky there is high demand for oil right now; otherwise they would be in deep 💩.
  21. Iraq needs WTO. WTO needs Iraq to pass the HCL so they can help police their largest industry/export. They need to get it done ASAP, cause the WTO can also help with corruption and money laundering. LET’S GO!
  22. I agree with others…when they repeatedly say they have no plans to change the exchange rate, they definitely have plans to change the exchange rate. If they want to radically transform their country ala Dubai, they need a healthy currency. Can’t stay pegged to a rapidly inflating currency (dollar) for much longer—it will take them down with it.
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