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  1. I like where you are going with this. Delete the 3 zeros and get $1.14. I remember reading similar math at around $1.17 or so. Makes sense—stronger than the dollar, but not crazy like Bruce the goose and others throw out there every week.
  2. That’s a lot of important financial organizations getting their heads together all at once.
  3. Instead of dealing with dementia and ice cream, we’d be dealing with incompetence and word salads.
  5. Everything you said is common sense logic. This kind of news is what Iraq was only talking about in the past several years. Now it is reality. All this banking infrastructure is setting the stage for implementation of a comprehensive strategy to move Iraq into the modern world of international banking and trading. Really vital progress! We’ve gotta be close.
  6. I recently read somewhere that Baghdad wanted like 12% and Erbil wanted somewhere around 14%, so 12.67% would be a believable compromise. * I could be wrong about those figures*
  7. Well, at least we won’t have to watch paint dry for the next 3 years when it comes to the budget. 🤪 and just maybe we can all cash out soon and never have to read about Iraq ever again. 😅
  8. I assume the budget is based on IQD at 1310? Who’s good at maths? Quick! What would the value be after the project to delete the zeros?! Is it .76 cents? 😎
  9. Removing the dollar from use in Iraq will drive demand for Dinar. Iraq could then justify letting the Dinar float in open international market and continue to increase in value against world currencies.
  10. Love all your thoughts. So much talk about Iraq needing infrastructure, private sector growth, etc.. Well, they aren’t getting any of that with worthless currency. Make the Iraqi people rich and watch as the invisible hand of a free market economy flourishes where government planning and pushing could not. They need a strong Dinar!!
  11. From trillions to billions; but yes, I believe your thinking is correct. A currency change would affect the numbers in the annual budget.
  12. No objection from the Biden administration. And since Hunter is the smartest man he knows, he is probably at the center of brokering all these deals with other nations (for a small fee in the millions)😆
  13. Sounds like the committee is taking a draft and updating it with current agreements reached during meetings between Baghdad and Kurdistan; and the finalized law will come before parliament for a vote this session. If so, this is BIG NEWS!!!
  14. How to pass the HCL in 2 short steps: 1. Assign a team of Democrat staffers to draft the bill (they can put out 3 thousand pages of legalese overnight). 2. Then have Pelosi tell Parliament it is urgent and they need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. And Bam 💥 you have the HCL!
  15. Just take the frustration we all feel with Iraq’s slow progress and put it on government and economic leaders in the world and you get a sense of the real picture and the plans these organizations have for Iraq. But most of Iraq’s leaders are corrupt and profiting from the auctions and on the take with Iran and others. It’s time it stops.
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