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  1. I know none of these gurus know any more than we do but I can't stand frank or mark z at all. The rest I can pretty much tolerate
  2. Well we kinda saw that coming.
  3. Nothing will happen until Sudani is back on home soil
  4. Just wondering. Would the deal with Iran for the currency basket stop the multi currency practice?
  5. You have to wonder with this high a gdp... what is hidden or not disclosed to make it that high. Surely not just oil? More so when you see reports of failure to diversfy there production to support the dinar and how much corruption ... Gave news somewhere???
  6. I will never sell what I have . Just , like the rest of us , wish they would move
  7. What I don't quite grasp is this.... how can they change the rate with the parallel market being so high. It is not within the 2% required by the IMF? Also they haven't held the rate for 90 days. So IF we are as close as is claimed how will they do it.. ? They need to control the rate and hold it so if that is the case we are looking at year end or early 2024. Can they go without budget funds until then? Mind you buy the time they educate the citizens and release the lower notes it will be year end.... unless deals have been made so they can go before then??
  8. Wishing, hoping and praying we are so close it jumps up and slaps us out the blue. The world needs it now.
  9. @Luigi1 I have to agree. I am not convinced it is done
  10. No they don't need to wait. They just cancel the subscription
  11. MM has done a call with Ag1. they claim it was finalised Sunday and have articles which they are currently translating so they can report further.
  12. So.. just thinking out loud but if so many gurus think we are moving forward sooner than later...... Anybody guess how long the education process will take when they finally do move forward? Will it be at the same time as the lower denoms. Will they talk about them and educate before they release them or will they educate, release the lower denoms and delete the zeros all at the same time?
  13. Hearing rumours the HCL is done and monies will be dispersed within the month. I doubt very much it is true but if the Internet is down because of exams how would we find out?
  14. MM is claiming there are reports that Sudani has ordered the Internet be switched off / shut down for 11 days. But if I remember correctly do they not do this around about this time of year due to exams?
  15. Now why would they need such a thing if they were not moving forward?
  16. If they start to educate the citizens then I would say change is in the works. We might not need educated but these people do. Many are not at the level of western education
  17. I agree @Luigi1.. something is in the works. Ir went a bit quiet for a while but all of a sudden they are making moves again I would love for what the goat and angel1 has said recently ro be correct
  18. was told it will be moving forward in the coming days not months. Iraqs idea of the coming days and the rest of the worlds idea of that phrase differ greatly.
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