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  1. Not doubting our military is in tough shape, however Russia and Ukraine, Russia appears to be getting a butt whupping.
  2. Wonder if a stroke or blood clot given how ill he appeared in the day.
  3. No offense WeeGee, I'll be more inclined to believe the HCL is on the table when Adam reports it. 🙂😘
  4. She's walking toward you based on leading on horses left side. You don't lead on the right and the lead rope is hooked to the bottom of the halter. If she was walking away her back would be toward us and it would appear her shoulders would be square and you'd see tail and not head looking at you. 🙂🙂🙂😉
  5. MonkDad, sorry couldn't give a thumbs up along with you making me laugh, so here ya go 👍😆
  6. And if living in our last days I'm ok with that. God has this all under control and at peace with it and Him.
  7. This nut case is right up there with Bill Gates. If you hit the url below there are snippet videos of him and his stance on controlling the world 🌎 population and doing it from within our bodies. Plus couple more that didn't copy. More to the article beyond his bio. Harari’s World Economic Forum bio: Historian, philosopher and the author of the bestsellers “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”, and “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”. Co-Founder of Sapienship, a multidisciplinary organization advocating for global responsibility whose mission is to clarify the public conversation, support the quest for solutions and focus attention on the most important challenges facing the world today (technological disruption, ecological collapse and the nuclear threat). 2002, PhD, University of Oxford. Lecturer, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Books have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Research focuses on macro-historical questions such as: What is the relationship between history and biology? What is the essential difference between Homo sapiens and other animals? Is there justice in history? Does history have a direction? Did people become happier as history unfolded? What ethical questions do science and technology raise in the 21st century? Lectures around the world on the topics explored in books and articles; has written for publications such as the Guardian, Financial Times, the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Economist and Nature magazine. Also offers knowledge and time to various organizations and audiences on a voluntary basis. Recipient of honours and awards. A man with an immeasurable God-complex who wants to shape the future of humanity.
  8. An indication that the world 🌎 is in a continuous state of flux. That people don't know who to believe, or trust given it hits the everyday person's pocketbook. Or that the voters are not paid attention by any party. The party picks a theme to stand on and hammers i.e. waiving income taxes for the under 30 crowd to grab their votes. And what of the Russian invasion, daily there is less and less news. Media onto the next big headline. Yes to focus on what is going on in our own countries.
  9. When was doing business in Iraq, bonds for P&P not accepted, all done by GILOC. Actually makes sense business side at bank making sure letters or credit or bank warranty from one business to another actually have funds backing them. Good find.
  10. Wonder what the rioters would have done during the 1968 riots in Chicago? One over King's assassination and the DNC convention? Police busted heads and hauled people off in a non"nice" manner! These pansies would have rolled over.
  11. And a stick to scrape the drawers after...💩
  12. Leave it to the FDA saying "no biggie" it's in food:
  13. WTHeck Is Iran doing bombing Iraq? Iraq should be kicking Iran's hinney over this. Realize it is terrorists yet Iraq should reciprocate and ferret out those parties and bomb the fudge out of Iran's protected "sons." IMHO
  14. Biden orders government to study digital dollar, other cryptocurrency risks By Andrea Shalal and Katanga Johnson 5 minute read the creation of a digital dollar. 0 seconds of 1 minute, 53 seconds WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday requiring the government to assess the risks and benefits of creating a central bank digital dollar, as well as other cryptocurrency issues, the White House said. Bitcoin surged on the news as the administration's holistic and deliberative approach calmed market fears about an immediate regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies. In midday trading, bitcoin rose 9.1% to $42,280, on track for its largest percentage gain since Feb. 28. read more Biden's order will require the Treasury Department, the Commerce Department and other key agencies to prepare reports on "the future of money" and the role cryptocurrencies will play. Register now for unlimited access to Register Wide-ranging oversight of the cryptocurrency market, which surged past $3 trillion in November, is essential to ensure U.S. national security, financial stability and U.S. competitiveness, and stave off the growing threat of cyber crime, administration officials said. Analysts view the long-awaited executive order as a stark acknowledgement of the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and their potential consequences for the U.S. and global financial systems. read more "The growth in cryptocurrencies has been explosive," Daleep Singh, deputy national security adviser for economics, said in an interview with CNN. Cryptocurrencies and digital assets can affect how people access banking, whether consumers are safe and protected from volatility, and the primacy of the U.S. dollar in the global economy, he said. The executive order is part of an effort to promote responsible innovation but mitigates the risk to consumers, investors and businesses, Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, and Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser, said in a statement. "We are clear-eyed that 'financial innovation' of the past has too often not benefited working families, while exacerbating inequality and increasing systemic financial risk," they said. One key objective is to redress inefficiencies in the current U.S. payments system and boost financial inclusion, especially of poor Americans, about 5% of whom do not currently have bank accounts due to high fees, one official said. Another key measure directs the government to assess the technological infrastructure needed for a potential U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) - an electronic version of dollar bills in your pocket. But it could take years to develop and introduce a "digital dollar," administration officials cautioned on Wednesday, noting that the Federal Reserve in January had referred the issue to Congress. read more 1/6 U.S. President Joe Biden and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo hold a virtual meeting with business leaders and state governors to discuss supply chain problems, particularly addressing semiconductor chips, on the White House campus in Washington, U.S., March 9, 2022. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Read More Administration officials said the United States was taking great care to decide whether - and how - to move forward with developing a digital dollar, given the dollar's role as the world's primary reserve currency. "We've got to be very, very deliberate about that analysis because the implications of our moving in this direction are profound for the country that issues the world's primary reserve currency," one of the officials said. The order also encourages the Federal Reserve to continue research and development efforts. Nine countries have launched central bank digital currencies, and 16 others - including China - have begun development of such digital assets, according to the Atlantic Council, leading some in Washington to worry that the dollar could lose some of its dominance to China. The U.S. dollar remains underpinned by key fundamentals, including a commitment to transparency, the rule of law and the full independence of the Federal Reserve, the official said. "The dollar's role has been and will continue to be crucial to the stability of the international monetary system as a whole. Foreign central bank digital currencies and their introduction by themselves do not threaten this dominance," the official said. Asked whether China could develop a competitive advantage if it moved sooner, one administration official said U.S. officials would monitor developments with an eye to maintaining the centrality of the dollar in the global economy. The order asks for over a dozen reports, including by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to assess issues raised by cryptocurrencies, including systemic risk and consumer protection. One key objective is to redress inefficiencies in the current U.S. payments system and boost financial inclusion, especially of poor Americans, about 5% of whom do not currently have bank accounts due to high fees, an official said. Industry executives, including Blockchain Intelligence Group's chief Lance Morginn, called the order shortsighted as it replaces industry request for a more broad U.S. embrace of crypto with more analysis and reporting. "We're at a pivotal time in history where the world is watching how digital assets are being used in nation-building and how digital assets are creating transparency into financial transactions like never seen before," Morginn said. "If the U.S. government takes too long to adopt policies toward digital assets, they run the risk of the industry moving to other financial capitals that are prioritizing blockchain technology." Chairs of financial regulatory agencies, including the CFPB and the SEC, welcomed the move and said they would fully comply. Register now for FREE unlimited access to Register Reporting by Andrea Shalal and Katanga Johnson; Additional reporting by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Michelle Price, Simon Cameron-Moore, Mark Porter & Shri Navaratnam
  15. Omgoodness ROTFLMBO 70° last week, this morning looking out on couple inches fresh snow and 9°. Yup - deception!
  16. And this didn't need to be, thanks Biden for stopping the line from Canada. What a butt wad.
  17. Thank you Fly & wildeman. I appreciate it and will share.
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