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  1. Not a bs link. If you press the 3 dots the translator comes up. You pick what language you need.
  2. Board cynic here. So what? We see what happened in Georgia when a judge handed a case that was against the SoS. It was handed to the attorneys for the SoS to investigate. It does not matter what is found if the evidence is kept out of a courtroom with an honest judge or if the military is run by the likes of Miley. The deck is stacked against the people and we don't even get to know what game they are playing. Perp walks and hangings are what I want to see.
  3. 20 days later....... Attorneys: Sorry judge, all the evidence burned up in a building fire. Judge: That's okay, I made copies. I am holding you in contempt. Sorry Mr SoS you lose your case.
  4. Problem is if you get enough idiots to vote for the idiot you have idiots in charge. Or Dominion voting machines. That will do it also.
  5. Why not? Who are you or any one else to say what someone can or should own. If someone has the means who cares. Green at least stands up for the rights of people.
  6. Are insinuating that I would cheat at voting????? I have words I could say to you but I like being on here. Back to the point. Are you saying that in this instance, votes being removed, changed or people showing up at a poll and being told they already voted is o.k. ? That alone should trigger a red flag. This is right out of the 2020 election playbook. It worked then it will work again in 2022.
  7. I know plenty of things. If Mr. Montana wants me to be quiet he will tell me. There are only 2 people I HAVE to listen to and you are not one of them. Mark has been showing you all through this thread where you are off point and you keep arguing with him. You insist on name calling and childish behavior and then get mad that someone calls you on it. I guess I could just report your posts and let the mods deal with you but you keep asking for them so I will accommodate you. It is not your bible verses that I neg, it is your condescending attitude. You remind me of another poster who has not been on awhile who defended the JW religion.
  8. I can see who is giving the rubies and emeralds. And no, Markinsa is not directing me to give them to you. You bring that on all by yourself. I gave up discussing with you because of your disrespectful way you speak to members on here. You won't answer questions when asked directly and then you go off on a tangent avoiding the question. Markinsa and others are far more literate on the Bible than I am. A debate is when two people discuss the same subject. I don't debate with people who won't stay on point.
  9. Fact checked myself. His wife works for NIH. My apologies. If you all want to remove your pluses and pow feel free to.
  10. Fauci's wife is in the CDC. No conflict of interest there.
  11. Z-pack is not a anti viral. Ivermectin is.
  12. Red Cross has been testing for antibodies from Jan of 21 till June of 21. They have massive data for antibodies.
  13. I don't want to believe that I am beginning to believe this happened as was stated in the article.
  14. You make no sense. Are you a parent who needs the state or feds to tell you how to protect your children? Are you a parent that needs the state or feds how to raise your children? Are you a parent that needs the state or feds what to feed your children? If you are then you have been sheared already. That was what I meant by sheep. People should be given a choice in how they live. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. Choice. Get the jab/s don't get get em. Choice. I am not a sheep. When the time comes I will make my stand and be damn proud to stand with others like me who believe the Constitution is the Law of the Land and should be protected and followed. If I was able to be conned and scared I would have already got the jab and made my family get one. No thank you. Don't need one. Already have immunity.
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