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  1. We feel your frustration Markinsa. We lost MiL this April after many slow dragging years. We finally had to enter her into memory care. It was just as CV-19 hit and it was not good. My wife said she would rather have her die than be without family contact. We would go weeks without seeing her because they would lock down the facility when someone would catch CV-19. She fell one time and needed stitches in her scalp. One of the care givers there would put a belt on her to keep her in the w-chair so she would not fall. The facility admin would then force her to remove the belt. Said the state rules prevented them from applying the belt. We said we wanted it on for her safety. He said she had the right to get out of the chair when she wanted. I said, so she can get hurt? He said she has the right to make those decisions. I said, she has the mind of mush, she can't make those decisions that decide if she will bet hurt or not. Well she got out of her w-chair, fell, and broke her hip. Downhill from there. Dr.s said the operation could kill her or it would be 6-8 weeks of bed ridden time. Then p/t. Then the possibility of her falling and breaking g something else. We as a family opted to not do the operation. Hospice then took over and within a week she was gone. Fortunately that same caretaker was on duty when she died. Even stayed after her shift to be with her until the Coroner and mortuary staff got there and took her away. Prayers for you and yours during this trial.
  2. He is an idiot. He has people who are armed to protect him but doesn't want other people to be able to protect themselves. Typical elitist thinking.
  3. RIP Christine
  4. Please put the entire quote up. I did not say what you atribute to me. I did see the entire video and their words are twisted to suit people. We currently do not have a means to leave earths orbit so what he says is true.
  5. Why the sad face? I should have added a smiley face. I seriously am not adversely affected by downtime created by site updates. Just thought I would clear that up.
  6. No. They didn’t. The Van Allen Belts are absolutely no impediment to leaving the Earth, and indeed ISS astronauts pass through part of them all the time, and all genuine NASA scientists know that. You are most likely getting your information from moon hoax conspiracultists, who for some time now have been misrepresenting an interview in which an engineer working on the Orion crew capsule spoke about an unmanned test of that capsule, during which he mentioned that it had not yet been through the Van Allen Belts. The Orion uses modern computers, very much more complex and miniaturized and therefore susceptible to radiation than those used during Apollo. Furthermore, it is meant to carry out protracted missions in deep space, and is meant to be reused many times. Living bodies can repair the damage caused by low level, routine radiation exposure, computers can’t.) For these reasons, Orion’s radiation shielding and hardening must be tested before it can be put into service, just as many, many, many other spacecraft have been.
  7. Quick up date. Foley catheter is out. Urologist says she is healing great. Her attitude is better. No pain meds but occasional Tylenol. Waiting on the pathology reports on all the slides they took. God has been great. Thanks again for the prayers. I told my wife she may receive a survey about my services and I hope she gives a good review. She said not to worry. She will be giving me 11`s. She wonders how women do this on their own.
  8. Not so much anxiety this time. Keep up the good work.
  9. We made it to SW Idaho. Other than the snow and cold it reminds me of SW Riverside County. Minus the Santa Ana winds.
  10. Jg1, did you finally get out Calibazzaro land?
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I loved working on the holidays. Triple time on day shift. On night shift it was triple time plus 30% shift differential. We would just celebrate the first day I was off.
  12. The first one is true. There were no cameras on the moon to capture the landing. There is footage from inside the capsule showing the landing. The 2nd and 3rd shows a rambling 80 something man. Even #3 clip has a WTF moment.
  13. Yea, but if that was a hockey stadium opening up...... JK. Sad but true. I stood outside of Wal Mart once for a Razor scooter. Last time I did that. I was successful though. Got the last one. No one was hurt getting the scooter.
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