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  1. But Gates and Fauci can't figure out where people got the idea he wants populations reduced.
  2. What he needs to do now is get the legislature to make laws that make these things permanent. Otherwise some new government can un EO these things.
  3. I do things that make Him laugh all the time. Like when I make plans. I do things that probably make Him cry also or at least shake His head. We all fall short in His eyes and that is where Jesus comes in to save us.
  4. They gave up their firearms years ago for a better society. The chicken has come home to roost.
  5. Why has no one in the legal profession said that mandates have no legal standing. Unless you are a dictator.
  6. When I push on it says " We can't find what you're looking for". Thanks for the foot notes.
  7. There will be a lot of dead people if that is attempted. Sheriffs should deny and arrest anyone trying to enforce the law.
  8. It does lower blood pressure and increase flow. Most blood pressure medication help relax vessel walls and allow more flow. It is not pressure that ( pardon the inference) increases the body parts size.
  9. Sometime we have to go off the deep end to get anywhere. Based on facts released about NIH he should be in jail or better yet publicly demoted and loose his pension for crimes against humanity and the animal world. Paul Rand is doing what a few people are doing in Washington. Speaking for the people. There are many qualified Dr's who's voices are being silenced because they dare to bring facts to the table about CV-19 treatments. There are many drugs that were originally used for one reason and through trial and error fou d to be useful for other diseases.
  10. There is a product called "Super Beets" that is touted to increase your Nitros Oxides and help blood flow and energy. Dive if that is the answer you were asking about.
  11. You saw this how? Is it public information? Just asking.
  12. That is me and my wife. We met on the C.B. radio. Before online dating. 😄
  13. The "Mark of the beast" signifies your allegiance to the Devil. Taking the vaccine, unless told you get it after denying GOD and accepting Satan is a medical issue to me. Jmho
  14. Friend went in for knee surgery. He literally wrote "fix this one" above his right knee. Dr. laughed so hard.
  15. I have come to the conclusion that the same people that get vaxed because they believe the gov and big pharma ( contrary to any honest evidence they are safe or work) are the same people who don't believe there was mass voter fraud because a judge has not validated or listened to the piles of evidence and the experts that are out there.
  16. Have no idea. It is approved for many things. It could not hurt to try it. 4,000,000 doses have been dispensed and 6 people had adverse effects. You can't say the same for the "vaccines" that were rushed into production.
  17. Mandates are not law and have no legal binding whatsoever. Employees of the Government and CEOs are following the same mentality as the criminals of the Nuremberg trials. If the Navy had enough Ivermectin on board for the whole crew, I am willing to bet that at the first sign of Covid, within three days of dispensing the drug and other supplements. there would have been a fighting ship capable of doing it's duty. I speak from experience. Had cruise ships done the same thing, there would be thousands of people that would have been good to go. They would have gone home and not spread the virus.
  18. I was in an ER three days before Christmas. I asked if Cv-19 was a high percentage of the patients. I was told no. Very few. No mass infection rate.
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