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  1. Hey Miraj do you live in the United States ?
  2. MSM and Democratic politicians won’t acknowledge any of his Lies.... he serves their purpose of keeping fear strong ... he’s never said one word about Biden/Harris dispersing hundreds of thousands Covid positive illegal immigrants throughout the United States !!! Fauci is like another Dr Mangele from Hitler days
  3. Biden only wants Terrorists and Covid positive immigrants to come into this country .... He doesn’t give a Damn about America !!!
  4. There is absolutely nothing good to say about the current administration
  5. I bet you Shabs is quite happy that he’s not on the board now, he’d be getting torn into about his crazy idea that Biden was going to make America all better !!! Yeah right Shabs
  6. According to this article it sounds like Iraq got all that they wanted and the conference was a success... Way to go Iraq !!! Thank you Yota
  7. I can’t even keep up with how fast the destruction of this country is happening
  8. For the life of me I don’t understand Biden’s thought process of doing away with our oil independence and giving it to Russia 🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. Now they’re talking about a booster shot every six months , a booster shot twice a year , with who knows what in it !!
  10. I guess they should put a stop to all the thousands of illegal immigrants that are COVID positive from coming in !!!
  11. Next one is CA Newsom… September hopefully justice will just keep on rolling on .
  12. I have a feeling his troubles are just beginning .... Let’s see what happens to his brother “Fredo” Chris now too !!!
  13. 🤷🏻‍♀️Who knows what to believe anymore , things seem to get crazier by the day
  14. I would love to know who is actually dictating…. We know it’s not Biden, the man can’t even speak in full sentences.
  15. I’d like to know how long they’re going to try and get over on the American people ? It’s pretty sad that the government thinks we are all stupid. Why is it that Biden doesn’t have to take the same cognitive test that Trump had to take ?
  16. If it were Red States, it would be a completely different scenario .
  17. He looks like babbling fool all around the world , people say Biden has put the USA back on the world stage, as what ? A clown show ?
  18. What no mention of the landowners complaining of illegal immigrants destroying their properties , breaking and entering their homes … those landowners ?
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