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  1. Thank you for all your support and updates HAPPY THANKSGIVING DV 🦃
  2. How bout we see some discipline for all involved in 3 years of the Russia Russia Russia HOAX .... then Hunter Biden's Laptop shenanigans Then discuss discipline for Trumps Lawyer’s False claims
  3. Showing off that your a liar ?? Not a quality I’d brag about .
  4. Gee you would think they would be screaming from the roof tops how great their product is , I guess the game of hide and go seek is on now !!!
  5. What I found on google is that this Is actually A Reopening ceremony ... has been there all along 👍🏻
  6. I believe he was totally behind the Russia Hoax , causing three years of investigations and divisiveness in this country .
  7. Unbelievable .... Obama one of the worse Presidents of this country , sounds like he’s jealous of President Trump in these interviews , he’s probably scared to death of all that will eventually come out to show everyone that he didn’t give a damn about America or it’s people !!!
  8. This is video of Democrats exposing this in 2016 election
  9. I truly wish all of you would STOP commenting to the three Amigos shabs caddie johnny please everyone DO NOT RESPOND step out of their GAME LET THEM PLAY WITH EACH OTHER !! they come to this site to incite bad feelings.
  10. Umbertino , you’re confused about wanting citizens to protect themselves from a terrorist organization like Antifa , you want to just let them continue to burn down our cities, harm the elderly and little children, kill cops and take away our freedoms ???
  11. It will all end up in the Supreme Court Trump has to buck up against bought and paid for District Judges
  12. It’s time to start ARMING freedom loving citizens to protect themselves Antifa needs to be taken down !!!
  13. Now he wants to commit more murder by telling all New Yorkers he won’t give the Vaccine out !!!!
  14. Right back at ya with a POW !!!! And what about all the countries putting their orders in to get this vaccine from us !!! It certainly comes through how much the Dems hate President Trump so much than they care about American citizens !!!’
  15. Trump is trying to save lives !!! He worked hard to get this vaccine done and that is being called politicizing ? look to the murderous hearts of people like Gov Cuomo and Kamala telling people not to take the vaccine they both have blood and death on their hands !!!!
  16. Luigi, as much as I would like this year to be over , it’s not .... Dec 14 2020 I'm still looking forward to Thanksgiving day even though we might have to sneak it in !!!
  17. Deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts , went to Parler and Rumble ! Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey need to find out we are American’s and please people tell Jack Dorsey to take a shower .... he’s filthy looking !!!
  18. Oh my goodness , Ilhan Omar Ms. Al Qaeda loving congress woman will really be out for Israeli heads now !!
  19. Just saw on the news Gasham Garret wants to know how he voted in AZ when he cast his ballot in Tenn ?? Gee how does that work ????
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