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  1. I blame a lot of it on the MSM covering up and not putting real news out there about all that whoever is running the show are truly destroying this country
  2. With actual terrorist’s walking in our country through the Southern Border…. We will have to pray harder than ever before .
  3. Hey maybe he’ll move to Ohio and ruin it like he did NY , No bail bonds , lawlessness and defund the police Time for him to move onto another state , New Yorkers are done with him
  4. Hopefully the new mayor can reverse the mandate, NY business is sinking fast . I don’t think socialist Deblassio will be finding any work in a government position , after being such a terrible mayor 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. I agree name calling against a forum member is bad , however a non forum member that only drops red rubies pushes you to a point to call him a bad name
  6. He used to actually post how Joe Biden was going to be the great savior and all would be saved from this dreadful disease …. Joe Biden destroys anything he touches is more like it …. The Southern Border, The Afghanistan pull out, his Son still on a board owned by the CCP, this current administration was handed a vaccination on warp speed… now there’s not enough tests to test American citizens …why ?? made the United States energy dependent on foreign countries again I can go on and on with Joe Biden’s destruction … hey Shabs I guess no American left behind doesn’t mean anything to you … it does to most Americans
  7. Shabs your an idiot !!!! Your boy Joe Biden will go down in history for being the absolute worst President
  8. I think Joe Biden should be held accountable for spreading this dreadful Covid throughout the United States by way of 2 million illegal immigrants, at the very least 1 million Covid positive being dispersed all around the country . how is he getting away with this ??
  9. Does anyone realize what Wiljor posted from Dinar Thug , is a post from almost a year ago ?
  10. In case you haven’t heard per the liberal Left Elitists , The simple OK sign stands for white supremacy…. Their accusation not mine
  11. I’m so pissed at Joe Biden, he hates Florida so much that he’s really working to destroy it !!! 88 airplane loads that I know of full of Covid positive illegal immigrants dropped in the middle of the night , then all these Covid positive illegal’s dispersed all through out the state , the Covid numbers in Florida were doing so well until his secret airplane drops, now the numbers are spiking back up !!! It’s a shame the destruction he’s causing in this country . IMPEACH 46
  12. I’m on most everything you are taking , minus the mushrooms … in their place I take Pepcid AC everyday , it has the chemical Famotidine that trump swore by , so far I’ve been C19 free with negative test results … here’s 🙏🏻 Negative tests in the future . Thanks for all your info and websites I will be checking them out tonight
  13. my niece is positive, went to hospital last night got the 4 shot monoclonal and is suffering today , I hope she’s like your daughter and is better tomorrow 🙏🏻
  14. This kids family should’ve stepped in and taken their kid away from him , “ LET’S GO BRANDON “
  15. Yet Pelosi goes on TV and says she doesn’t know why this crime surge is happening… what an idiot !
  16. What are you confused about Shabs the statistics are the statistics didn’t you think things would be better by this time ??
  17. More Death to Covid in the USA in 2021 than 2020 … and we thought this all would be behind us by now 🤷🏻‍♀️
  18. Why does Shabs get to place reactions on anything ?? I thought he was banned ?
  19. I would think it would be safer for Iraq if they had kind of rate change while US troops were there, prevent any invasion from Iran or ISIS
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