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  1. Yes, there was a picture on an article about "digitally introducing small denominations", but it was a picture of a 250 dinar note from the current issuance of bills from 2003. Not sure at all with the exchange rates that have existed since 2003 if these notes are, or have ever been, actually in use. It is the equivalence of having to dig out a paper bill to pay for something that doesn't even cost 20 cents. Perhaps they are simply educating the public to use bills that have been printed and are moldering in vaults totally unused to date. Still, even the plan to dredge up long unused small notes could indicate at least a modest increase in the dinar's value. If, however, these sheets of notes that are supposedly being shown to the financial community are the REAL small denominations, that means much more than just a modest increase in the offing. In my totally uneducated, no boots-on-the-ground-intel opinion...
  2. Are there ANY photos of the reported sheets of low denomination notes that are said to be getting shown to the banking community?
  3. The bill on the article at the beginning of this thread is a 250 dinar nite from the 2003 issuance. The device that looks like a clock is an astrolabe.
  4. The take away from this for me is that in addition to complete (COMPLETE) overhauls required of our intelligence departments, the Pentagon is in desperate need of a top-down rebuild. This is eerily reminiscent of Prussian bureaucratic incompetence in the early 19th century.
  5. I get it, with the unfolding catastrophe in Afghanistan the US is not looking really good as an ally. But, there must be one hell of a paycheck waiting for leaders that get in bed with the CCP. They want your resources and will mow down your citizens to get them.
  6. Saigon April 1975 all over again. Yet, Joe told us in July that the Taliban was not the North Vietnamese Army...
  7. And I thought it was just for emphasis...
  8. Oh boy. The globalists have sunk their hooks into Iraq. Reducing carbon emissions. Yep. First the USA, now Iraq. Oil rich countries turning off the crude.
  9. Ghetto speak becomes more prevalent with each passing year. I cannot understand why youth want to emulate the poorest segment of society; a segment that has been totally devastated by the welfare state mentality.
  10. Say, what will the rate be for those of us in tier 6H?
  11. Looks interesting! Ben Kingsley and Jacqueline Bisset for starters... Thanks for the heads up. Fimum.
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