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  1. Doc31, thanks for the post and great link. Shabibi has quite the resume! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Fimum.
  2. DinarTrade's site has a message in red that simply says they are closed through Sunday November 28th, and will reopen Monday the 29th. The site claims you can still purchase online and orders will be shipped Monday... Fimum.
  3. Impressive. Most impressive. Thanks for an amazing compilation, I really need to read Griffon's The Creature From Jekyll Island. That, at least, will be a start at some understanding of this topic. A Happy Thanksgiving to all. Fimum.
  4. Translate from english to russian, then russian to korean, korean to old french, then perhaps aramaic and all will make perfect sense.
  5. Many thanks FishMan1969 and SteveI for this important info and clear explanations. The next 48 hours will be very exciting, no doubt. Newbie to this forum (any forum, for that matter) but investor since '05. Patience is a virtue, right? SteveI, what model Piper product are you next to? Go big RV! Fimum Rex tremendae majestatis, qui salvandos savas gratis, salve me, fons pietatis.
  6. Fimum

    Does This Help

    The CBI site shows 25 and 100 dinar coins. With the release of these smaller denomination notes, will the coin's release be cancelled? I haven't found any info on this, but it would seem strange to have copper or nickel plated steel coins in 25 and 100 dinar denominations in circulation with notes as small as .5 dinar. Any thoughts? Thanks. Fimum.
  7. Thanks for the tip All-In-4-RV! A CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) bank can provide multi-million dollar FDIC protection. Check out the CDARS site for more info. They have a page that you can search for a CDARS participating bank in your state. The CDARS site does NOT come out and state just how large of an account they insure, but an article from"The Street" says it will work up to $50 Million! Fimum.
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