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  1. Yep. A real keeper. She does exactly what she is told to do by the global oligarchy.
  2. Charles is lockstep with the WEF oligarchs and a long time propagandist of the global warming/climate change/carbon banning fraud. Anything for a, pound.
  3. For perspective, the three banks that have failed in 2023 comprise more asset value than all 25 banks that failed in 2008-2009. If the news you rely on hasn't told you that, you probably are being lied to. We are in as precarious a position as the crisis that began unfolding in 2007. The crisis that Yellen told us would not be repeated in our lifetimes. Was it a lie when she said it, is it incompetence, or as Luigi opined - all part of the plan by global elites to steal from us all?
  4. Anyone familiar with these "prohibited" transaction codes? Are these international transaction identification codes? Thanks in advance!
  5. Final. Final touches, final stages. I don't think the Iraqi politicians have abused the word "final" the way they have abused "soon". Perhaps we are close...
  6. A weatherman couldn't get away with such an abysmally poor track record.
  7. Soros is, without a doubt, incredibly wealthy. But, compared to the PTB behind the WEF, he isn't. They prefer to act totally anonymously, and through proxies while he acts somewhat in the open. Their goals are the same, though; a return to global oligarchy or modern day serfdom.
  8. I'm hoping, too. Hoping the GOI and especially the CBI don't learn too many lessons from the US system. The three banks (so far) that have failed this year in the US had higher asset valuation than all 25 banks that failed in 2008. Our system is corrupt and failing. The powers that be are driving all small and medium sized banks into insolvency. We will be left with Jamie Dimon and friends of the "Too Big to Fail" club.
  9. I'm pretty sure the fils coins were minted at the same time Delarue printed the then new currency in 2003. There were pictures of those coins on websites when I purchased my first batch of 25,000 notes in 2005. The coins were never released due to their nearly worthless value, and much speculation was made by their very existence as to an impending Dinar value increase.
  10. There seems to be much misunderstanding regarding the "Reset". I read comments that lead me to believe the "Reset" is something to be eagerly anticipated and will be beneficial to all. I don't think that is quite how it will play out. The forces behind any economic reset we may encounter are the very cabal that gleefully promote the notion that in the future, you'll own nothing and be happy. Just my pessimistic observation...
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