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  1. Lagarde is head of the European Central Banksters and was head of the IMF from 2011-2019. You may recall the much discussed video of her vague "numerology" ramblings during her tenure at the IMF.
  2. My picture is next to the "Unsophisticated" entry in the dictionary. 🙂
  3. Someone please wake me up when they get to tier 37. 🙂
  4. Hard to understand the ruble/gold confusion. As of March 24th, the Russian Central Bank set the exchange rate at 5000 rubles to 1 gram of gold. Seems gold backed to me.
  5. Are you still on the 787? Can you reassure an old metal airplane pilot that plastic is just as reliable? Thanks! 🙂
  6. "In a call with the CBI..." "Golden Dinar rate..." "Tier 4 exchange..."
  7. As we descend into debtor nation death spiral, which will go first; medicaid/medicare or social security? The Davos set WILL have their payments!
  8. I don't agree often with many of the gurus, but the two pimpy posts are spot on. If you or I had more than 20% of our take home siphoned off, it would hurt. The point being if more than simply giving back that 20%, the CBI were to increase the value of every Iraqi's paycheck by 50 or even 100% it would spur economic growth tremendously. At first your average citizen would see the vast array of imported goods they can now afford, which would drive domestic production; given the business climate is appropriate.
  9. Yep. The Fed has represented banking fraud since 1913.
  10. Hey, didn't we have a guy that got the Germans to pony up their fair 2% share? Just asking...
  11. China has been keeping their currency in a fairly narrow band and manipulating it to preclude any substantial increase in value for decades.
  12. "The reputable company is heading towards loss, and then privatization..." Well, if Iraq Airlines is a government run entity currently, I can clearly understand the pilot's union being gravely concerned. As with ANY entity transitioning from state operation to one where profit/loss will be the prime driver of decision making, there will be shakeups. Guaranteed.
  13. ...and MORE cowbell. Sorry, couldn't stop myself. 🙂
  14. Thank you! My humor is a at times!
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