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  1. Thank you! My humor is a at times!
  2. ...Iraq; you are my density... 🙂
  3. A must read for anyone seeking knowledge on our current situation: Robert F. Kennedy Jr's The Real Anthony Fauci. This is from a liberal; not a conservative. Yes, he is generally anti-vax and is being smeared for that stand as a means to discredit his book, but from what little I've skimmed so far, it is absolutely essential we all read it.
  4. Great to hear there is no phase 5! We'll get to phase 8 just that much faster. 🙂
  5. Yep, New York is 8 hours behind Baghdad.
  6. "the committee will meet next February to issue its own report that Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations in terms of payment." So nice; the UN committee won't meet until February. Wait, wait, wait...
  8. The planet is starved of CO2. We need more atmospheric CO2, not less. As atmospheric CO2 levels increase, plants produce more and require less moisture to thrive. As to the lie that more atmospheric CO2 causes the earth to heat up, it's precisely the opposite; as the oceans warm, they release gases that have been dissolved. As water temperature rises, the ability to hold ANY gas in solution decreases. As temperature falls, the oceans can absorb higher quantities of gas. In known human history we always see warmer climate periods as times of prosperity and plenty, colder periods are always accompanied by crop failure, disease and misery. Why is it the ultra wealthy of today seem to want to usher in a period of suffering?
  9. In mid-January of 2020 I was reading every article I could find on this new, highly infectious respiratory virus from the Hubei province of China. One article spoke of the infection rate and opined that once this virus reached third world nations with little or no health care infrastructure it would be devastating. Bodies in the street kind of death rate. But, you never heard peep about it because most third world nations with no health care infrastructure were already prescribing Hydroxychloroquine on a mass scale as prophylaxis against malaria and other similar diseases. Amazing that our vaunted bureaucrats in the CDC and NIH have never addressed this situation, yet have mocked anyone who dares to question the state-approved treatment of Covid-19.
  10. Keep the fear alive! Yes, viruses mutate. They typically become MORE infectious, LESS lethal. Why are we not hearing such calming rhetoric from the WHO and the CDC? Well, there's money to be made!
  11. How does one find these QFS rates, or any data on QFS for that matter? Thanks!
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