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  1. Not only is Earth a Globe, it’s home to mankind’s future as well as now...
  2. For your sake I simply posed a question??? Your response; priceless. disparage, dogmatic, PRIDE, Trump, Trump, Trump!!! Matt 5:37—Just let your word ‘Yes’ mean yes, your ‘No,’ no, for what goes beyond these is from the wicked one. You support Trump, endorse Trump, defend Trump, encourage others vote Trump, but you can’t vote Trump because he is/maybe the antichrist? For someone who know’s who satan is and how he works...one would think he should know who/what antichrist is? Perhaps you just like pointing fingers for convenience sake? Always the other guy,
  3. Wish I knew how to slow it down to 25% anyway it appears warehouse fire, I don’t know what was inside the warehouse munitions or fireworks, but the warehouse that is now the center of the crater was next to the warehouse that ‘was’ on fire, which is now also part of the big crater. From my understanding of what they were hopping to achieve with their nuclear testing from the early 50s to I think late 80s or early 90s, was a neutrinos device, meaning extremely fast, neutrinos is hundreds of times faster than speed of light, with a shorter radiation afterlife. The testing continued wit
  4. Not saying your wrong, but watch the video look at the right edge of the smoke column wondering if you know what that is it’s coming Inbound very fast From above directly to the point of Ground Zero? Might have to watch it a couple of times it’s quick!
  5. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn more in depth what the meaning of antichrist is? ANTICHRIST This word means “against (or instead of) Christ.” It occurs a total of five times, singular and plural, all of them in two of John’s epistles. The subject was not new among the Christians when John wrote his letters (c. 98 C.E.). First John 2:18 states: “Young children, it is the last hour, and, just as you have heard that antichrist [Gr., an·tiʹkhri·stos] is coming, even now there have come to be many antichrists; from which fact we gain the knowledge that it is the last hour.
  6. Number 17 — the Jubilee likely short-lived, recommend not focusing too much on this. Fireworks, sets off ammonia nitrate? https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/08/06/breaking-israel-nukes-beirut/
  7. Even though America’s Frontline Doctors are represented here buy a handful of video participants admitting their members number into a thousand, all media attention is given mostly to one Dr. Stella Immanuel, why? Dr. Immanuel is from another country and culture with differing belief systems, were witch craft, casting of spells, spiritism even demon possession are more of a daily occurrence or way of life. I don’t know what Dr. Immanuel has experienced or seen in her life that shapes her belief system, but I do know, belief systems can change and grow overtime. I’m not s
  8. Dr. Gold denotes a number was that noticed, what does it mean? The video is a small representative of doctors making up Americas Front Line Doctors. These real world doctors can be found all over the states, how can that that fact be missed— 🙏... It may be prudent for some to seek a second opinion stat! If you know what I mean? I mean the answers are here... how many doctor names are needed to help fine the one that’s Required? : )
  9. America's Frontline Doctors Summit America's Frontline Doctors Summit- Session 2 America's Frontline Doctors Summit- Session 3 137 waiting •Scheduled for Jul 28, 2020 1268SHARESAVE
  10. Your approach to understanding the accuracy found only in the Bible is not that uncommon, many others at one time or anther including myself have pondered over theses same questions. The keys for finding satisfying answers to these questions, can be found using the bible, this book made up of 66 smaller books were written over a period of 1600 years that make up the bible canon, God’s personal message to all of mankind today. God definitely desires all mankind to have a personal relationship with him, and as our Loving heavenly Father the most powerfully being and Creator of
  11. Thanks new york kevin, It appears there’s the choice of still making some sense. Although hoping to make sense while avoiding the elephant in the room... Is only ”trying” too make sense. It’s ultimately all about creating... and obtaining... Control..! The Elephant in the room. Making sense? My friend who was before his time, and passed away before his time, was an army nurse during the Vietnam Police action, ‘war’. He would jump out of air planes with the soldiers, his job was to gather up the wounded trying to keep them living, and load them onto Helichelicopters
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