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  1. Thank you FlyHi for this report revealing the truth behind the nefarious claims being made by all of those who seek to profit from Covid, including Pfizer. I would hope that people will begin to question and research the “claims” they hear and then promote the truth rather than just “accepting” what a TV journalist has to say.
  2. Luigi, Come on man, how many times are you going to let someone like MarkZ funnel information to you before you will put his contact information in the trash? MarkZ may have had good information to share in the past but I think his reliable sources have dried up a long time ago. Maybe you get a laugh out of what he says but at the expense of never being believed. Way too extreme for me to want to “jump” into that pool.
  3. The question I have is “how can we spread this information so it goes viral?” Isn’t it time that the destructive agenda of the far left is brought out into the open? We all know the majority of these bleeding hearts have NO CLUE about how the real world works. Very few worked a real job where their production was directly related to what work they turned out. I know it is too late to do this. I would love to put them behind a push mower and persuade them to mow one/tenth of an acre. When they are finished hand them a five dollar bill, thank them and send them to the grocery store to get a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk. What would happen when reality hits?
  4. Thank you for the follow-up. I appreciate your ongoing efforts to keep us informed of the truth. (I was wondering if I should have written “truth” in a rather large print. I know that for those who want to keep their heads “buried in the sand” it would not matter.)
  5. I appreciate your posting. Is there a specific source we can identify where this information has come from? I am not challenging the validity of the claims but would feel more comfortable sharing this if I knew what the source is. We have seen a lot of great facts ignored overall because the sources were never revealed.
  6. My question is in no way an attack upon anyone. I am really curious about how anyone would find out the average amount of Dinar held by the citizenry? If I had any amount of a currency in my possession, I would not be sharing with anyone what I was holding onto. I don’t see the citizenry of Iraq to be a people who would be “advertising per se” what they had. If the number is one that is a generally known value due to prior studies having been done, I guess I missed the findings of that?
  7. Coorslite21, Thank you for your post. All the crap we have received up until now is enough to keep a furnace in northern Alaska burning for at least the next 20 years or more.
  8. I hope I can clarify what I had said earlier this week. I had brought up the topic of an IBC, International Business Corporation, as being one way to help anyone legally minimize any type of tax burden which may be forthcoming as a result of a number of various factors. Those of us who have seen the value of being Platinum members on this site have gotten great value in the knowledge we have access to in the VIP section. Adam, and his great team, have done a great deal of research over the years to allow everyone who has gotten the Platinum membership the ability to learn how to stretch and strengthen our financial resources. Due to confidentiality issues, I don’t have the freedom to say much more here. My greatest concern is, with the wealth of information that we have access to within the VIP section alone, I know that I would unintentionally leave out information which is necessary for people to make the best decision for themselves. The cost of the Platinum membership, in my opinion, is worth every penny just based on the information you can find in this section. I have spent a lot more money than this to take just one college course. I believe that if you have not already done so, make the investment and become a Platinum member on this site. When you see how much great information is there, don’t thank me, thank Adam and his staff for the great job they have done and continue to do.
  9. I think it might be a very good idea for those of you who have at least one million Dinar to consider getting yourself an IBC. There are plenty of people within Dinar Vets who have already taken this action. If you check out the topics covered in the Platinum section of this website you can get very well informed. Most of us who have been around here very long clearly understand why none of us personally want to own any assets. Please take the time to check out what you need to do to get at least a name reserve. A little money spent now can and will allow you a lot greater flexibility than what you might even realize. Why not take a little time and find out how you can legally minimize your tax bill?
  10. Thank you bigwave for this post? Would now be the time to ask Fauci who’s on 1st base? Or would that cause him to get even more confused? I really want to know how much money Fauci has made on all of this nonsense?
  11. Markinsa, Thank you for sharing truth. I know that those of us who are interested in the truth, sharing only what is true even though it supposedly is counter-culture, are not in the minority as the fake news wants everyone to believe. Please continue to share what is true.
  12. Oh boy!! I was wondering when we would get some more manure for our gardens as I was beginning to run out. Thank you Luigi for bringing us more to work with. You can go back to sleep now.
  13. I am so grateful that we have members like you, Adhoc 10, who are approaching this virus like we should anything else which could harm us. I have tried to pass along similar information to other members of my family and get largely ignored because their “MD” did not suggest it. I get so irritated by people’s unwillingness to consider other approaches outside of traditional medicine. I, for one, will continue to look for input you have to share in this section. In other words, keep the information coming.
  14. Is there any one else who reads this stuff who wants to ring the neck of those who just want to “share”? I certainly see more piles of..........
  15. KristiD, One thousand thank you’s, would not be enough, in my opinion, for taking the time to publish this information. My gut, no pun intended, has been trying to get me back to eating more meat. As I do, I find it easier to drop weight and feel like being more physically active. Now it all makes more sense. Thank you again for putting this information out there. Looking forward to being able to buy even more meat after the RV.
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