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  1. Our prayers go out to you and your family. Having worked through the loss of 2 dads, father and step-father, I clearly understand what you are going through. The best advice that I have received and given in the past is “do not make any hasty decisions about anything.” Your dad saw value in the investments he has made. I am not speaking for your dad in any way in what I am about to say. I believe, if you were to poll the majority of this group over 50, you will find that this investment is being done largely to establish a legacy for our families. I wholeheartedly agree with Stelardoc, hold onto this investment. Your dad may have one more thing to bless your entire family, for which you might have been unaware. May our Lord’s. peace and comfort be experienced by all of you.
  2. Thanks guys for the main question. I am not allowed to share who or specifically the amount they were paid. What I can share is based on the amount that most of us have paid for our dinar and the price they received for what they exchanged, they did make a profit. Let me also say that I am not going to travel anywhere nor send my dinar to anyone so that I might receive what they were paid. Back to what I had said earlier, it is easy to get discouraged based upon our personal wait time. I am not going anywhere because I know that when we get the text from Adam, whenever that is, those of us who have hung on will be extremely grateful we stayed.
  3. I believe that many of us have had these thoughts as well. I have not been in as long as you have but have been involved prior to the push by many to find “under this rock or another”. evidence that the RV was taking place in one place or another. Nevertheless, I have to come back to the reason I got in to begin with which is I found a “diamond mine to invest in” but would take the right political environment to cause the real value to be recognized. Knowing from first hand sources that certain people have in fact cashed in gives me pause to recognize that the reason I got in is very close to being realized. I have to be encouraged from time to time, to hang in there as well. I hope this post serves to give you the encouragement to hang on.
  4. Chicpad, I recognize there will always be issues which come into our lives that can put us in a pinch. I am concerned for you, as to what you will be losing out on, by selling everything you have. I would see what you could do to hold onto at least 1 million dinar. I know you will be very grateful that you did.
  5. Artitech, I am very empathetic towards your wife and yourself as you have had to walk this path. My greatest concern with respect to the shots that we can get to prevent shingles from ever being present is whether or not the drug manufacturers are also adding mercury to the solution. This is one of the main reasons that my family will not get flu shots. We don’t need any more mercury building up in our bodies with the help of the medical community. I will never forget the look on the face of a pharmacist when I asked her how I would benefit by getting more mercury into my system. She said, “there is no benefit to mercury, it is a killer.” My response, “Why would I want to hasten my death by getting a shot with that ingredient in it?” “You wouldn’t.” I rest my case. We are still looking for shingles solution without mercury. Thank you.
  6. For those of us who have researched the history of this nation with an abundance of natural resources, what caused the world banking system to devalue this currency to begin with and what it takes to restore value in a nations ability to really control their destiny, sounds like a story worth paying attention to. Granted it is not meant for all, especially the naysayers. I don’t believe I have ever read any WORTHWHILE interjections made on this site where anyone “went to the bank” and bought currency based on “what this or that government official” let leak out of their office. If someone has, they need to have their heads examined. Thankfully we still have one person in particular who gives us great entertainment due to the nonsense he brings us to read.
  7. I sure would like to know what currency board they are looking at. I follow FOREX daily and in the last 120 days the highest rate I have seen is approx. 1198.
  8. Bulldog, I am not responding here as one who is interested in causing you more pain. I would like to know several things. 1.) Have you purchased Iraqi dinar from this same place before you tried to purchase more dinar from them earlier in the week? A) If you answered yes, approx how long ago did you purchase Iraqi dinar from them prior to going there this week? B. If your answer is no, how did you know that they might have Iraqi dinar for sale? 2.).Did you ask them when they might have available more Iraqi dinar for sale? If your answer to this question is yes, how did they respond to this question? 3.) Did the person you spoke to you make any other meaningful comments? If so, what did they say? I know a lot of us are trying to find out the “when” in terms of the RV and our patience, at times, is wearing kind of thin. I appreciate the time that you will spend answering my questions. Thank you.
  9. I am not sure where some of the conversion numbers came from especially the 1220. I have faithfully followed the Forex and have looked at the spreads over the last 3 months. The lowest value I have seen the dinar trade is just under 1198 to 1. I am following the commercial markets which I believe is a more accurate indicator of the real value of any world currency. I am just saying this not to be assailed by all the naysayers out there but as another way to view this overall process.
  10. One of the things that I have used that has seemed to help with my cholesterol is Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. There are several popular brands like Braggs, etc. I am now buying 1 gallon generic ACV with the mother from Walmart. I have done everything listed above with some benefit but nothing like what I am now getting with ACV. I recognize what works for one may not work for all. Just another idea as we battle to stay healthy.
  11. Adam, My question is kind of a bounce off of Laid Back. I read earlier in Iraq and General News section that the formula for the Kurds had already been worked out some time ago and is part of “Iraqi Law” which says the Kurds will get 17%. I, like Laid Back have also read the figure is now 14%, is this just part of the smoke and mirrors or is there something else behind this?
  12. Adam, I am just making an observation. The article that follows here is something encouraging, I am unable to read on my screen. I am hoping it is just me but if not, I know all of us would like to read the information. Thank you again for all you do.
  13. One more reason to greatly appreciate our president. The precedent he is now setting is nothing new for many respectable nations around the world. I can’t wait for all of the disgust that will come out of our media towards his latest forward thinking decision.
  14. Flash 101 We will be praying for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for you.
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