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  1. Every Sidney Powell interview leaves you breathless. Her poise and confidence is contagious. You want to be as strong as Sidney. Tonight with Newsmax Greg Kelly she left us with a few headlines we can run with. Here at the Sheridan Files, we were picking up each other's jaws. When we look back at the heroes of this epic story we will find one that was totally unexpected. A former Venezuelan officer in their army was the affidavit person who Sidney read last night. Unfortunately, he and other Venezuelans are fearful for their life. This man was so disgus
  2. A nurse told me that EVERYONE who has got a flu shot will test positive for carona antibodies - and she said the same thing - if i die in a car wreck - they test me - if I have antibodies of covid I am dead from covid. I do not trust any of these people. We have to trust ourselves. We all know this is BS! GO RV!
  3. direct to the point of the trade truce out clause that the chinese made sure was in the agreement that if there were a pandemic they didn't have to pay the money....
  4. here is a video of President Trump BEFORE this post about the exchange of fire with Iran I tried to start that 7:31 min video where he mentions our common reason for being here each day. BUT the whole video is great. He is with Prime Minister from Greece. BELOW: the posts quoted from twitter about the exchange of fire: (just copying and pasting, I cannot confirm) God Bless our Troops. These missiles from Iran to multiple Iraq based US bases have reportedly killed 20 American service personnel.
  5. something? or nothing? I get alerts every time the fed does something and this just starting coming in rapidly
  6. If I spent $150K every single day it would take me 9,000 years (NINE THOUSAND YEARS) to spend ONE Trillion dollars
  7. A-Financial-System-that-Creates-Economic-Opportunities---Nonbank-Financi....pdf
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