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  1. just saw this before right before I read your posts... just sharing.... just for conversation
  2. LA2009

    Go Iraq
  3. I have no links to this link :-) go RV all my fellowdeplorabledinarians
  5. just happened to pop up on something I was reading that has nothing to do with this site -- but made me think of this site, Saturday coffee leads me here usually to check on things -- that started over 12 years ago -- I was told this would be the "big one" hey not all is lost - we still have each other. 😂 this is interesting, again I do not know this person - so I put it here in rumors - Love L
  7. Hello everyone, I just saw this and it made me think of you guys here in dv land it's a twitter link not sure if you can view it I think it's a good sign - ;-)
  8. something I found thought of you all Happy Tuesday :-) this is trending on twitter "100K In Iraqi Money"
  10. I have been here for many years, I don't say much, but today when I "happened upon this" I thought of all of you here that I don't know but I still think of you all due to the subject, lots of things to notice about this video from Iraq, but I loved seeing it. peace
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