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    Eclipse Tonight .....

    As mentioned earlier in the week by LGD......
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    Eclipse Tonight .....
  3. Perhaps the only way to stop this media abuse is to have those abused sue them......perhaps these kids could all start at $1 billion.....perhaps the MSM might take notice and try to move away from shock news... back journalism.....CL
  4. Could be what many refer to as the "Deep State" this point it is very well established how deeply the corruption in DC runs....because it is deeply embedded in the DOJ... Military intelligence has been brought in and will soon expose clearly who is/was doing traitorous acts.....perhaps many will be shocked....many won't be JMO......CL
  5. You can always find examples of people doing stupid can be real stupid......I know I was at times.......CL PHOTOS: Body Parts, Foul Language Dominate D.C. Women’s March Penny Starr/Breitbart News Body parts, foul language, and hate speech took center stage at the third Women’s March in Washington, DC, on Saturday. Women and men clad in ***** hats carried signs cursing President Donald Trump and praising female genitalia and reproductive organs. ***** hats and ***** signs were plentiful at the third annual Women’s March on Friday in Washington, DC 'March for Life' Expo The March, which was held on the National Mall in 2017 and 2018, was centered this year at the much smaller Freedom Plaza venue. The move and pared down participation came after months of negative publicity about the Women’s March’s leadership and its ties to anti-Semite Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Signs denigrating President Donald Trump were displayed at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, DC One of the co-founders of the march, Teresa Shook, called for Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Bob Bland to step down for promoting discrimination. The charges snowballed to cause numerous “sister marches” to cancel and many prominent sponsors, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC), to pull support. Some marchers took the ***** hat and hate speech to another level at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, DC The crowd also chanted as they marched: “Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Donald Trump has got to go!” and “My *****, my prerogative.” One protester’s sign had a picture of Michelle Obama with 2020 written under it. A vendor selling Women’s March T-shirts also offered photos of former President Barack Obama. Russian President Vladimir Putin was a common theme at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, DC One of the sponsors that did not pull its support and had actively promoted the March is Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. The Women’s March is billed as an event to promote women’s rights as well as other rights, but it is mostly an anti-Trump event Saturday’s March followed another event that drew thousands of people to the National Mall on Friday. The annual March for Life has been held each year since the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion. One sign at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, DC, claims the United States was stolen from Native Americans The left-wing media had at least one fan at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, DC Can you feel the hate?.............JMO.....CL
  6. They might look at a northern neighbor for some guidance....... One of the driest countries on Earth now makes more freshwater than it needs By Rowan Jacobsen, Ensia on July 29, 2016 Sorek Desalination Plant. Credit: Photo courtesy of IDE Technologies. From Ensia (find the original story here); reprinted with permission. July 19, 2016 — Ten miles south of Tel Aviv, I stand on a catwalk over two concrete reservoirs the size of football fields and watch water pour into them from a massive pipe emerging from the sand. The pipe is so large I could walk through it standing upright, were it not full of Mediterranean seawater pumped from an intake a mile offshore. “Now, that’s a pump!” Edo Bar-Zeev shouts to me over the din of the motors, grinning with undisguised awe at the scene before us. The reservoirs beneath us contain several feet of sand through which the seawater filters before making its way to a vast metal hangar, where it is transformed into enough drinking water to supply 1.5 million people. We are standing above the new Sorek desalination plant, the largest reverse-osmosis desal facility in the world, and we are staring at Israel’s salvation. Just a few years ago, in the depths of its worst drought in at least 900 years, Israel was running out of water. Now it has a surplus. That remarkable turnaround was accomplished through national campaigns to conserve and reuse Israel’s meager water resources, but the biggest impact came from a new wave of desalination plants. Bar-Zeev, who recently joined Israel’s Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research after completing his postdoc work at Yale University, is an expert on biofouling, which has always been an Achilles’ heel of desalination and one of the reasons it has been considered a last resort. Desal works by pushing saltwater into membranes containing microscopic pores. The water gets through, while the larger salt molecules are left behind. But microorganisms in seawater quickly colonize the membranes and block the pores, and controlling them requires periodic costly and chemical-intensive cleaning. But Bar-Zeev and colleagues developed a chemical-free system using porous lava stone to capture the microorganisms before they reach the membranes. It’s just one of many breakthroughs in membrane technology that have made desalination much more efficient. Israel now gets 55 percent of its domestic water from desalination, and that has helped to turn one of the world’s driest countries into the unlikeliest of water giants. Driven by necessity, Israel is learning to squeeze more out of a drop of water than any country on Earth, and much of that learning is happening at the Zuckerberg Institute, where researchers have pioneered new techniques in drip irrigation, water treatment and desalination. They have developed resilient well systems for African villages and biological digesters than can halve the water usage of most homes. The institute’s original mission was to improve life in Israel’s bone-dry Negev Desert, but the lessons look increasingly applicable to the entire Fertile Crescent. “The Middle East is drying up,” says Osnat Gillor, a professor at the Zuckerberg Institute who studies the use of recycled wastewater on crops. “The only country that isn’t suffering acute water stress is Israel.” That water stress has been a major factor in the turmoil tearing apart the Middle East, but Bar-Zeev believes that Israel’s solutions can help its parched neighbors, too — and in the process, bring together old enemies in common cause. Bar-Zeev acknowledges that water will likely be a source of conflict in the Middle East in the future. “But I believe water can be a bridge, through joint ventures,” he says. “And one of those ventures is desalination.” DRIVEN TO DESPERATION In 2008, Israel teetered on the edge of catastrophe. A decade-long drought had scorched the Fertile Crescent, and Israel’s largest source of freshwater, the Sea of Galilee, had dropped to within inches of the “black line” at which irreversible salt infiltration would flood the lake and ruin it forever. Water restrictions were imposed, and many farmers lost a year’s crops. Their counterparts in Syria fared much worse. As the drought intensified and the water table plunged, Syria’s farmers chased it, drilling wells 100, 200, then 500 meters (300, 700, then 1,600 feet) down in a literal race to the bottom. Eventually, the wells ran dry and Syria’s farmland collapsed in an epic dust storm. More than a million farmers joined massive shantytowns on the outskirts of Aleppo, Homs, Damascus and other cities in a futile attempt to find work and purpose. And that, according to the authors of “Climate Change in the Fertile Crescent and Implications of the Recent Syrian Drought,” a 2015 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was the tinder that burned Syria to the ground. “The rapidly growing urban peripheries of Syria,” they wrote, “marked by illegal settlements, overcrowding, poor infrastructure, unemployment, and crime, were neglected by the Assad government and became the heart of the developing unrest.” Similar stories are playing out across the Middle East, where drought and agricultural collapse have produced a lost generation with no prospects and simmering resentments. Iran, Iraq and Jordan all face water catastrophes. Water is driving the entire region to desperate acts. MORE WATER THAN NEEDS Except Israel. Amazingly, Israel has more water than it needs. The turnaround started in 2007, when low-flow toilets and showerheads were installed nationwide and the national water authority built innovative water treatment systems that recapture 86 percent of the water that goes down the drain and use it for irrigation — vastly more than the second-most-efficient country in the world, Spain, which recycles 19 percent. But even with those measures, Israel still needed about 1.9 billion cubic meters (2.5 billion cubic yards) of freshwater per year and was getting just 1.4 billion cubic meters (1.8 billion cubic yards) from natural sources. That 500-million-cubic-meter (650-million-cubic-yard) shortfall was why the Sea of Galilee was draining like an unplugged tub and why the country was about to lose its farms. Enter desalination. The Ashkelon plant, in 2005, provided 127 million cubic meters (166 million cubic yards) of water. Hadera, in 2009, put out another 140 million cubic meters (183 million cubic yards). And now Sorek, 150 million cubic meters (196 million cubic yards). All told, desal plants can provide some 600 million cubic meters (785 million cubic yards) of water a year, and more are on the way. The Sea of Galilee is fuller. Israel’s farms are thriving. And the country faces a previously unfathomable question: What to do with its extra water? WATER DIPLOMACY Inside Sorek, 50,000 membranes enclosed in vertical white cylinders, each 4 feet high and 16 inches wide, are whirring like jet engines. The whole thing feels like a throbbing spaceship about to blast off. The cylinders contain sheets of plastic membranes wrapped around a central pipe, and the membranes are stippled with pores less than a hundredth the diameter of a human hair. Water shoots into the cylinders at a pressure of 70 atmospheres and is pushed through the membranes, while the remaining brine is returned to the sea. Desalination used to be an expensive energy hog, but the kind of advanced technologies being employed at Sorek have been a game changer. Water produced by desalination costs just a third of what it did in the 1990s. Sorek can produce a thousand liters of drinking water for 58 cents. Israeli households pay about US$30 a month for their water — similar to households in most U.S. cities, and far less than Las Vegas (US$47) or Los Angeles (US$58). CL The International Desalination Association claims that 300 million people get water from desalination, and that number is quickly rising. IDE, the Israeli company that built Ashkelon, Hadera and Sorek, recently finished the Carlsbad desalination plant in Southern California, a close cousin of its Israel plants, and it has many more in the works. Worldwide, the equivalent of six additional Sorek plants are coming online every year. The desalination era is here. What excites Bar-Zeev the most is the opportunity for water diplomacy. Israel supplies the West Bank with water, as required by the 1995 Oslo II Accords, but the Palestinians still receive far less than they need. Water has been entangled with other negotiations in the ill-fated peace process, but now that more is at hand, many observers see the opportunity to depoliticize it. Bar-Zeev has ambitious plans for a Water Knows No Boundaries conference in 2018, which will bring together water scientists from Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza for a meeting of the minds. Even more ambitious is the US$900 million Red Sea–Dead Sea Canal, a joint venture between Israel and Jordan to build a large desalination plant on the Red Sea, where they share a border, and divide the water among Israelis, Jordanians and the Palestinians. The brine discharge from the plant will be piped 100 miles north through Jordan to replenish the Dead Sea, which has been dropping a meter per year since the two countries began diverting the only river that feeds it in the 1960s. By 2020, these old foes will be drinking from the same tap. On the far end of the Sorek plant, Bar-Zeev and I get to share a tap as well. Branching off from the main line where the Sorek water enters the Israeli grid is a simple spigot, a paper cup dispenser beside it. I open the tap and drink cup after cup of what was the Mediterranean Sea 40 minutes ago. It tastes cold, clear and miraculous. The contrasts couldn’t be starker. A few miles from here, water disappeared and civilization crumbled. Here, a galvanized civilization created water from nothingness. As Bar-Zeev and I drink deep, and the climate sizzles, I wonder which of these stories will be the exception, and which the rule.
  7. Did anyone get that free toaster they were offering for opening an account?
  8. Chris Green........always good....thanks for posting this! CL
  9. Trump has a quiver full of lethal arrows....perhaps he'll bring back the essence of the old FDR Fireside chats to unleash these arrows....Border...Fed.....DOJ...Cabal........ 2019 should be an intersting year......expect the unexpected .......good vs evil........CL
  10. On top of AI reducing millions of lower income jobs.....take fast food as an example.....some want to let millions of under skilled immigrants into the out of work and in poverty....what an awesome plan.......!
  11. coorslite21


  12. Just common sense my friend! CL
  13. My guess is Trump isn't sweating any of this......he knows what's ahead with the declassifications and the FISA corruption.....Huber and the yet to be identified other Attorney working in the back ground to expose the other corruption.... Barr stating he will look I to everthing.....he will...... It seems obvious that the way the left and MSM are scurming they see it coming......still dissing on Russia and now Cohen and Buzzfeed.... Research buzzfeed.....a joke....a bunch of left leaning snowflake millenials lost in life.... And of course the MSM giving credibility to unfounded accusations......only to print back page retractions days later after the damage is done... Just the status quo for politics and the media in the USA JMO... CL
  14. Yes we do........and I doubt seeing Pelosi on a visit would mean much to them.........she can visit any time......why now, when there is a shutdown crisis........(her words)...........going on........what comes to mind for me is "box of rocks".........."hey lets sign this bill so we can open it up and read it" really want to hitch your wagon up to that???
  15. No worries.......just how the copy and paste works when you try to separate the wheat from the chaff.....things are fine in my world......... Just a poor article in my mind with little substance! CL
  16. No doubt this story is from a credible newspaper with credible news sources..........oh wait........there was no news source......just a he said she said hit piece on Trump.....and of from all places.....The New York Times..........go figure......CL Move along........fake news.......
  17. This all just speaks to the dysfunctional way the US government runs........ All parties on the left have taken a stance for border security in the past....... Now that Trump is President they have gone the other way......... These representatives should not be traveling around the world to Puerto Rico, to Afghanistan or anyplace else, until this shutdown is resolved.... as to the State of the Union it should be held as normal in the normal place it is always been held...... From a common sense place the normal citizen would look at this 7 day trip during a shutdown and ask why........ Why would the Speaker of the House take 7 days in a foreign country ......Afghanistan of all places ....when there was work to be done at home......Pelosi looks foolish........JMO......CL
  18. Seems to me LGD comes out as the winner in this "common sense "debate".........CL
  19. Typical Goverment....moving beyond the intended/initial scope......Ken Star did it on his investigation of Clinton.....same thing going on with Mueller...... NATO was established to protect Western Europe from the Soviet the time ...that part of the World was very the Soviet Union is diminished into Russia......and supposedly the EU stands together.......creating lesser threat..... Additionally those we have protected don't seem to want to pay a fair share.....and even are in open opposition to the US....... NATO is no longer needed.....and those countries that oppose the US shouldn't get a dime in US aid........JMO CL
  20. My understanding was the crew was there trying to recover the hand held ground to air missiles......that Obama/Clinton/CIA had supplied to the supposed "good guys"...........before they sold them to ISIS........Such a waste of life.........CL
  21. Of Course she doesn't want to expose the whole shut down fiasco to the people....and of course a complete outline of why the Border issue is a National issue.........CL Let alone the DOJ corruption during the Obama years.........or highlight the many positives in the first 2 years.......... Trump can be a very persuasive Nancy..........the young ones are going to rebell.........your days are done.....JMHO......CL you feel bad for your son........!! Pelosi Asks Trump to Reschedule State of the Union Amid Shutdown Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that Congress postpone the State of the Union address during the government shutdown.CreditTom Brenner for The New York Times Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that Congress postpone the State of the Union address during the government shutdown.CreditCreditTom Brenner for The New York Times By Nicholas Fandos Jan. 16, 2019 WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi, citing security constraints from the ongoing government shutdown, has asked President Trump to reschedule his Jan. 29 State of the Union address or deliver it to Congress in writing unless the government reopens this week. “Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government reopens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has reopened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to Congress on January 29,” she said in a letter on Wednesday. [Read the full text of the letter here.] Neither the White House nor the Secret Service had an immediate comment on Ms. Pelosi’s letter. With the leadership of all three branches of government gathered in one place, the State of the Union is one of the highest-stakes events for federal law enforcement each year, requiring weeks of preparation. The Secret Service, the lead agency coordinating security for it, is among the agencies affected by the shutdown. ADVERTISEMENT “Both the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security have not been funded for 26 days now — with critical departments hamstrung by furloughs Pelosi wrote. But rescheduling would have other benefits, too. With Democrats and Mr. Trump at an impasse over his demands for funding for a wall along the southern border, the speech would give Mr. Trump a nationally televised bully pulpit to hammer away at Ms. Pelosi and her party. The Constitution says the president “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union.” But what is now a speech to a joint session of Congress in the Capitol has taken different forms over the years, including in writing for much of the 19th century. The House speaker typically arranges the address by invitation, though its date is the subject of mutual agreement with the White House. In her letter, Ms. Pelosi said there was no precedent for holding a State of the Union address during a government shutdown.
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    Varney on Gas Prices

    The US has it pretty good! SAVE | EMAIL | PRINT | Gas prices around the world Think you pay a lot for gas? Perhaps you'd prefer to live in Venezuela. NEW YORK (CNN/Money) � Gasoline prices in the United States, which have recently hit record highs, are actually much lower than in many countries. Drivers in some European cities, like Amsterdam and Oslo, are paying nearly 3 times more than those in the U.S. The main factor in price disparities between countries is government policy, according to AirInc, a company that tracks the cost of living in various places around the world. Many European nations tax gasoline heavily, with taxes making up as much as 75 percent of the cost of a gallon of gasoline, said a spokesperson for AirInc. In a few Latin America and Middle-East nations, such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, oil is produced by a government-owned company and local gasoline prices are kept low as a benefit to the nation's citizens, he said. All prices updated March, 2005. Nation City Price in USD Regular/Gallon Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48 Norway Oslo $6.27 Italy Milan $5.96 Denmark Copenhagen $5.93 Belgium Brussels $5.91 Sweden Stockholm $5.80 United Kingdom London $5.79 Germany Frankfurt $5.57 France Paris $5.54 Portugal Lisbon $5.35 Hungary Budapest $4.94 Luxembourg $4.82 Croatia Zagreb $4.81 Ireland Dublin $4.78 Switzerland Geneva $4.74 Spain Madrid $4.55 Japan Tokyo $4.24 Czech Republic Prague $4.19 Romania Bucharest $4.09 Andorra $4.08 Estonia Tallinn $3.62 Bulgaria Sofia $3.52 Brazil Brasilia $3.12 Cuba Havana $3.03 Taiwan Taipei $2.84 Lebanon Beirut $2.63 South Africa Johannesburg $2.62 Nicaragua Managua $2.61 Panama Panama City $2.19 Russia Moscow $2.10 Puerto Rico San Juan $1.74 Saudi Arabia Riyadh $0.91 Kuwait Kuwait City $0.78 Egypt Cairo $0.65 Nigeria Lagos $0.38 Venezuela Caracas $0.12 Source:

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