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  1. I have seen that same info...just don't recall the specifics off the top of my head.... CL
  2. Lately close passes by asteroids and solar flares have been all over the news...almost as if it's a foreshadowing.... CL
  3. News on Ukraine has drifted off....what's the real story? The US is spending $Billions while depleting resources that might come in handy in the future... (Taiwan) Of course Russia and China are joined at the Ukraine's Zelinski asking China for help rebuilding seems a little suspect to me.... The US needs to take a long look at the foreign policy failures they continue to support..... CL
  4. I won't be an apologist, or fan for Putin. Putin is correct on this one. In the circles I travel in it is well established that "corona virus" was created in one of the 4 bio-weapons labs in the US, not too far from DC in Virginia. It was patented.... Some was sent to Vancover for additional research, and some of that found it's way to wuhan....where who knows what they did to change or enhance it...... (Unrelated.....interesting that the US sponsors roughly 30 similar labs in Ukraine) All this is easily verifiable.... Just do a search on Corona virus, US patent. Here's a start.....CL
  5. History tells us destructive Solar flares have it the Earth... History tells of Tsunamis...Earth Quakes....Volcanoes.....and Asteroid hits...... It's not if.....but when.....a little basic prep could go a long way..... CL
  6. Natural gas is plentiful in the US.. ... and very clean. The increased usage over the past decade was what reduced the US carbon foot print.....not the green movement.... CL SUBSCRIBE NOW BROWSE TOPICS REPORTS COMPANY SPOTLIGHT ABOUT OUR BOOKS STORE USE OUR VISUALIZATIONS VC+ Visual Capitalist SUBSCRIBE ENERGY Which Countries Produce the Most Natural Gas? Published 15 hours ago on August 4, 2022 By Bruno Venditti Graphics/Design: Sabrina Lam Tweet Share Share Reddit Email Subscribe to the Elements free mailing list for more like this Which Countries Produce the Most Natural Gas? This was originally posted on Elements. Sign up to the free mailing list to get beautiful visualizations on natural resource megatrends in your email every week. Natural gas prices have risen since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, exacerbating an already tight supply situation. Making matters worse, Moscow has since cut gas exports to Europe to multi-year lows, sending Europe’s gas price to almost 10 times its pre-war average. Using data from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, the above infographic provides further context on the gas market by visualizing the world’s largest gas producers in 2021. Natural Gas Consumption at All-Time High in 2021 Natural gas is part of nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It is used for heating, cooking, electricity generation, as fuel for motor vehicles, in fertilizers, and in the manufacture of plastics. The fuel is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas and non-renewable fossil fuel that forms below the Earth’s surface. Although the Earth has enormous quantities of natural gas, much of it is in areas far from where the fuel is needed. To facilitate transport and reduce volume, natural gas is frequently converted into liquefied natural gas (LNG), in a process called liquefaction. Despite global efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, natural gas consumption reached a new all-time high in 2021, surpassing the previous record set in 2019 by 3.3%. Demand is expected to decline slightly in 2022 and remain subdued up to 2025, according to the International Energy Agency. Region 2021 Demand in Billion Cubic Meters (bcm) 2022P (bcm) 2025P (bcm) World 4,103 4,083 4,243 Africa 169 172 188 Asia Pacific 895 907 990 Central and South America 153 147 153 Eurasia 634 619 632 Europe 604 549 536 Middle East 564 582 627 North America 1,084 1,108 1,116 The Asia Pacific region and the industrial sector are expected to be the main drivers of global gas consumption in the coming years Natural Gas Production, by Country The world’s top 10 producers of natural gas account for about 73% of total production. Rank Country 2021 Production (bcm) Share % Global Total 4,036.9 100.0% #1 United States 934.2 23.1% #2 Russia 701.7 17.4% #3 Iran 256.7 6.4% #4 China 209.2 5.2% #5 Qatar 177.0 4.4% #6 Canada 172.3 4.3% #7 Australia 147.2 3.6% #8 Saudi Arabia 117.3 2.9% #9 Norway 114.3 2.8% #10 Algeria 100.8 2.5% PreviousNext Natural gas accounts for 32% of primary energy consumption in the United States, the world’s largest producer. Russia is the second biggest producer, and also has at least 37 trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, the most in the world. China’s natural gas production grew by 7.8% in 2021, and it has nearly doubled since 2011. This sustained growth in production is partly down to government policies incentivizing coal-to-gas switching. Europe’s Natural Gas Crisis Russia has significantly reduced flows of natural gas to Europe since Western nations imposed sanctions on the Kremlin following the invasion of Ukraine. Before the war, the European Union (EU) imported about 40% of its natural gas from Russia. The gas is transported by the Nord Stream system, a pair of offshore natural gas pipeline networks in Europe that run under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Russian energy giant Gazprom recently halved the amount of natural gas flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 20% of capacity, blaming Western sanctions for a delay in the delivery in a necessary turbine. EU officials say Russia is “weaponizing” its gas supply. Amid tensions, the EU bloc outlined a plan to phase out dependence on Russian fossil fuels. Lithuania ceased Russian gas imports at the beginning of April. Estonia’s and Latvia’s imports also dropped to zero at the start of that month. Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Poland all announced that they do not intend to renew long-term contracts with Gazprom. Despite these efforts, Europe remains dependent on Russia for its supply of natural gas, at least in the short and medium term. Subscribe to our free newsletter and get your mind blown on a daily basis: Sign up MARKETS3 weeks ago The $100 Trillion Global Economy in One Chart DEMOGRAPHICS2 weeks ago Ranked: The 20 Countries With the Fastest Declining Populations INVESTOR EDUCATION3 weeks ago Countries with the Highest Default Risk in 2022 ENERGY1 week ago Visualizing the World’s Largest Oil Producers PERSONAL FINANCE4 days ago Mapped: The Salary You Need to Buy a Home in 50 U.S. Cities AGRICULTURE2 weeks ago Timeline: The Domestication of Animals BUSINESS1 week ago Ranked: The World’s Largest Container Shipping Companies ENERGY3 weeks ago Visualized: Battery Vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell ABOUT SUBSCRIBE VC+ MASTHEAD PRESS CENTER CAREERS CONTACT US FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS STORE USE OUR VISUALIZATIONS LICENSING ADVERTISE Copyright © 2022 Visual Capitalist
  7. coorslite21


    Been getting calls with a Rumor that Sadr will speak to the entire Country today. I believe I read the Country is idle today. Anyone hearing anything on this? Thx. CL
  8. The Ukrainian Wheat shortages are probably much this will damage World supplies....perhaps over blown by governments and the MSM.... CL
  9. Has been building for some time.... The longer it takes......the bigger the boom! CL
  10. I don't think an apology is enough.....purposely misleading the Citizens of the US on this should be looked at as criminal! CL
  11. More like a pipe dream IMO....and don't get me concept a worthy desire....just not practical, or doable.... The whole world will never jump on this ride.....too many dollars/funds to lose... I like visual learning....these countries will never get rid of this revenue.... CL
  12. Seems to me with the current unrest in Iraq....Citizens and Government....all the noise from the Poo-roos might be a little premature. Some say as soon as the Government is seated.....? Seems that trigger has been used numerous times when other political changes have occurred. A theme I promote is "it's all connected"..... Currency valuations will change because of debt, inflation, Wars, Political upheavals, the changing of the guard of old establishment to newer concepts such as blockchain......and on and on! I think there is too much focus on the IQD.....Which in my estimation is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle. Fact of that matter is....we're not that far away from seeing major changes that will greatly affect all of us......soon! CL21
  13. I pick on Michigan alot....but it is just soooooo corrupt! This GOP primary for Govenor will be affected by the democrats as they are funding a negative ad campaign against the front runner in the GOP primary for Governor... Guess they hope to have their weak candidate Whitmer face a weak GOP candidate.....who loses? The people of the State! Go Brandon! CL
  14. Many States are critical in the 2022 midterms.... The primaries are of utmost importance....especially I the swing States.... Governorships are up for grabs.....Take Michigan... Gov. Whitmer locked the State down... Both Kevin Rinke and Tudor Dixon of the GOP would be superior to Getchen a search.... Get involved! CL
  15. Bidens win over Trump certainly had some drama....was the fix in? Trumps win over HRC in 16 was equally surprising in many ways. Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising given the election improprieties lately that the Michigan primary results have been released a week before the primary is being held..... CL
  16. I can't wait to observe Biden post Covid experiencing "brain fog" that is often observed as an after affect of covid. Still believe Biden will step down after the midterms. That was the plan right along....Harris would finish the 2 years and still be eligible for 2 more 4 year terms. As pathetic as she's been, it won't matter because the same "handlers" will be pulling the strings!
  17. Well how about this... Big brother is recording and storing every key stroke you make....every phone call and conversation as well. They can track your daily movements and eavesdrop on most of your personal conversations. I wouldn't worry a great deal about what Iraq is doing.....jmo. CL
  18. Great finds Yota.....just the body language in the video between the 2 leaders tells me all I need to know on where this OPEC+ meeting in August is headed. The Wests plan to place a ceiling on the price of Russian oil is lunacy.... CL
  19. Click on the "blue".... Central Bank of Iraq As-it-happens update ⋅ July 23, 2022 NEWS CBI: The banking sector is making progress at various levels Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Mikhaif confirmed that the ... A statement by the Central Bank, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), ...
  21. Interesting Engineering SCIENCE Advertisement SCIENCE Leading space science expert predicts a 'direct hit' on Earth from a solar storm It can cause significant blackouts to GPS navigation systems. By Loukia Papadopoulos Jul 17, 2022 (Updated: Jul 17, 2022 09:04 EDT) Solar storm stock image.Source: Pitris/iStock It has been a busy time for solar activity. Back in March of 2022, Earth was hit by separate geomagnetic storms, according to government weather agencies in the U.S. and the U.K. Though the geomagnetic storms likely didn't cause any harm, they brought into focus the potential harm that could come from more powerful storms in the future. Then earlier this month, a G1-class geomagnetic storm hit the Earth, causing bright auroras over Canada. The only problem is that nobody saw this storm coming until it was quite late. Five days ago, a giant sunspot and filaments on the solar surface had astronomers worried about possible Earth-directed solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that could lead to blackouts. Finally, on Friday, it was reported that a massive solar flare had erupted from the Sun, which could see radio blackouts in many parts of the world. A "direct hit" from a solar storm Now, on Saturday, Dr. Tamitha Skov, known as the "Space Weather Woman," predicted a "direct hit" from a solar storm to take place on Tuesday. She took to social media to share the news along with a NASA prediction model video. Skov is a research scientist at the federally funded Aerospace Corporation and an award-winning science educator on social media. "Direct Hit!" she wrote on Twitter. "A snake-like filament launched as a big solar storm while in the Earth-strike zone." "NASA predicts impact early July 19. Strong Aurora shows possible with this one, deep into mid-latitudes," she explained, adding that there could be disruption to GPS and amateur radio. G2 level conditions Her worrisome tweet was followed by another post accompanied by a video of the Sun. "The long snake-like filament cartwheeled its way off the Sun in a stunning ballet," the science educator wrote explaining the video. Advertisement "The magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm is going to be tough to predict. G2-level (possibly G3) conditions may occur if the magnetic field of this storm is oriented southward!" she further noted. With the Sun now in an active phase of its 11-year solar cycle, incidents such as these are expected to increase. The question now becomes: how harmful are they really? Typically, they can cause significant blackouts to GPS navigation systems, which could end up disrupting journeys for small aircraft and ships. Other than that, however, there is not much to worry about. Follow Us on GET YOUR DAILY NEWS DIRECTLY IN YOUR INBOX Stay ahead with the latest science, technology and innovation news, for free: JOIN FREE By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe at any time. Sponsored Stories Recommended SCIENCE A huge solar storm that could destroy electronics missed the Earth by only 9 days Derya Ozdemir 2 months ago SCIENCE A geomagnetic storm hit Earth at a million miles an hour and nobody saw it coming Ameya Paleja 2 weeks ago SCIENCE A huge solar eruption may be headed toward the Earth Ameya Paleja 2 weeks ago SCIENCE SpaceX's Ax-1 mission is making its way back to Earth from the ISS Chris Young 2 months ago INTERESTING ENGINEERING About Us Advertise Jobs Newsletter Contact Us © Copyright 2021 | Interesting Engineering, Inc. | All Rights Reserved Terms of Service Policies
  22. Using the numbers... CL
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