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  1. Wait just a minute....what happened to the Penguins....? where did their homeland go? Someone has to speak up for them..... CL
  2. US Health Care workers apparently have less rights than other US Workers.....even though they have been the ones putting themselves at risk for the past 2 years... Go figure!😮 CL
  3. Seems I've heard the RV requires a 3 day weekend.. Guess we have one right now......and it's even "woke"! What better time to ring in the new system.....😉😮🥂🍾 CL
  4. Anything wrong with the Supreme Court ruling on mandatory vaccines? Apparently Medical workers are of a lower class of Citizen than others.....make any sense to you? No mandates for private industry....but, medical workers....take the jab or you're fired......same ones that a short while ago were hero's... putting themselves at risk to help others.... Many will quit....leaving our hospitals understaffed. In some States healthcare workers who have tested positive...and are asymptomatic are required right back to work....great management philosophy there???? Now that sure makes sense....the sick ones work....the healthy are fired.... Fauci & Company have stated that the vaccines don't assure anything....and that everyone will get why the the double standard by the Supreme Court? At best, this is very troubling! CL
  5. Doesn't look like you watched the video you posted.....the commentators promoted open debate....2nd opinions....and were opposed to the cancel culture that is running rampant in the US. CL
  6. Some of has been lost in recent years.....much of that I put off on the brain washing the MSM has been doing to the American public for the past 30 years...JMO. CL
  7. I feel for you and many in your are the ones that need to step up and bring this country to it's good senses... AOC and the other "do nothing for something" Socialist crowd will be the ruin of this country.... Your generation, and your kids will be the big losers in all of what's going on....I encourage to stay involved in the process.... Good luck. CL
  8. I appreciate your passion and thoughts.. I never mentioned 10 cents....or 3 or 4 bucks... I am no expert on Iraq.... I do understand currency reform and the history that has occurred over the many past centuries...with various currencies... I don't follow "gurus".....rather, the principals of common sense currency reform based on history......plain and simple! CL
  9. IMO the rate will start low....knowing that most/many will jump on it.... CL
  10. Pelosi is close to being as smart as DV's own... @Pitcher Follow her most recent moves......
  11. This may not qualify for the "clown" show....but, more appropriately the "chain gang"... CL try this.....Insider Trading....Pelosi
  12. Who is Ray Epps? The Capitol riot figure who disappeared from the FBI’s wanted list Justin Vallejo January 12, 2022, 9:02 am The Federal Bureau of Investigation “can’t say” who Ray Epps is, and the Justice Department won’t share any information on why he was removed from a list of potential suspects in the US Capitol riot. The two agencies’ responses to the curious case of their former person of interest, identified in photo No 16 in an FBI list of people whom the feds wanted to identify, provided more fodder for speculation after the select committee investigating the January 6 riot outright denied he was a federal agent or informant. “Mr Epps informed us that he was not employed by, working with, or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on January 5th or 6th or at any other time, and that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency,” a select committee spokesperson said. The statement came after the FBI and Justice Department leadership refused to confirm or deny, under oath, whether Mr Epps was working with federal authorities or whether they knew why he hasn’t been charged in connection to the violence. Mr Epps has become the latest flashpoint in the battle for narrative control over writing and rewriting the cause and consequences of the 2021 riot at the US Capitol. To the right, Mr Epps has been cast as a “fed-protected provocateur“ based mostly on his disappearance from the FBI’s most-wanted list without charge despite appearing in multiple videos on January 5 and 6. To the left, he is a central figure in an attempt to reframe the attack as a false flag “Fedsurrection” that is little more than a conspiracy theory to shift blame away from Donald Trump and his supporters. The 60-year-old retired marine is an owner of Rocking R Farms and an associated wedding venue on the Arizona property called the Knotty Barn run with his wife Robyn, 63, according to The Daily Mail. He was listed as the president of the Arizona Oath Keepers as recently as 2011, but it was unclear if he was still affiliated with the group at the time of the US Capitol riot. Days after the 6 January riot, Mr Epps told The Arizona Republic he travelled to DC for the occasion but that he had been advised by an attorney not to speak about it. The Republic reports that a live stream by social media personality “Baked Alaska” the night before the riot showed a man resembling Mr Epps saying he despises Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and that he has “stood them down myself”. No evidence has ever emerged that Mr Epps entered the US Capitol building on 6 January, or that he was connected to federal law enforcement agencies leading up to the attack. Claims that he is an undercover agent are based on speculation as to why he has not been charged in connection to the attack despite seemingly appearing on the FBI’s roster of people they wanted to interview. Mr Epps’s image was included on the FBI Capitol Violence most wanted list, but it was removed around July last year. While there is any number of reasons as to why he is no longer on the FBI’s list or hasn’t been charged, none have been given by either Mr Epps’s attorneys or the authorities. Of the small number of other potential suspects removed from the lists, two were identified as photo journalists, two were minors, one was arrested and charged, while others were given designations or moved to other lists, like Californian Evan Neumann who fled to Belarus. The vacuum of corroborated facts about the person identified by the FBI in photograph “16” has been filled with speculation stemming from a video showing crowds chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!” after Mr Epps said on 5 January, “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol”. On 6 January, a man appearing to be Mr Epps yells: “OK, folks, spread the word! As soon as the president is done speaking, we go to the Capitol. The Capitol is this direction.” The theory entered the mainstream when Republican Thomas Massie questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland in October last year, showing the video compilation of Mr Epps purportedly rallying the crowds. When The Daily Mail caught up with Mr Epps at his Arizona ranch, they asked if he was involved with the FBI. “Get off my property,” he replied.
  13. I have been familiar with/ aware of ...Steve Bannon (the man) for many years. He served in the Navy, worked in the Pentagon...has a Masters degree from Georgetown... Worked in the LA entertainment Industry...Seinfeld and "The Firm" film among credits.... And much more. ..... Until he jumped on the Trump train he was a much admired figure....very successful...honestly looked at as a brilliant individual.... Of course the left....and their lap dog MSM set out to destroy him because of his affiliation to Trump.... Truth be known.....what he really stands for is simply anti big government....and anti the status quo.... Do a little might be surprised to learn Bannon is pro USA, and pro "We the People" to his core..! CL
  14. More and more I'm looking at this more like the flu.... Flu shots are a yearly thing and the formula is changed up to address the upcoming projected changes in the flu variants .... Messaging from the USG has been pathetic....especially in the past calendar year.... Yesterday at the Senate hearing we heard them say everyone will eventually get the virus...that's a huge change from what we've been told in the past... Numbers say very few die from this......unless they have pre-existing conditions.... I still believe in free vaccine covid camps like in non-vaxed tax like they are proposing in Quebec.. CL
  15. Rogan does a great job and Malone is the real deal.....very long interview and much of it can be found in smaller clips for any interested.....Thanks for posting it! CL
  16. This money that gets thrown around???.....remember......1 billion is a thousand million....$$$$$ And this is for testing.....and testing only gives you a snapshot for that one moment in time......negative right now.....perhaps positive in 30 minutes.... Besides....some how....some way.....they don't seem to have made many/enough tests..... Whatever happened to contact tracing? Masks.....? If N-95's give you 25 hours of protection in a covid positive environment ...and the cotton mask only 1 hour....Surgical masks 3 hours......why aren't they making millions of them and promoting them....?? Common sense questions... CL
  17. Biden/Harris are in Georgia to talk voting rights....(seems they have bigger fish to fry?) Stacy Abrams....the supposed champion of voting rights in Georgia and the country will miss the events...due to scheduling issues...... The leader of your party....and the free world, comes to your state, to champion your cause, and something is more important......CL Stacey Abrams and Biden blame scheduling issue for voting rights speech absence By Dan Merica, CNN Updated 2:20 PM EST, Tue January 11, 2022 (CNN)Both President Joe Biden and Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams are citing a scheduling issue to explain why the state's most prominent voting rights activist will not be attending the Democratic president's speech on the topic in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon. Abrams, who used her 2018 gubernatorial loss to Republican Brian Kemp to elevate voting rights as an issue and is running for governor again in 2022, has a scheduling conflict, a spokesperson told CNN. And Biden, when asked about Abrams not attending the event as he left the White House to travel to Georgia, also cited a scheduling issue.
  18. Great, glad that's your take away......... With all the questions from all the Senators....heard any real answers? $80 Billion for testing? The numbers in the attempt to answer that question didn't add up.... Not much in the swamp or the current leadership adds up.... CL
  19. Their uncertainty is enough to cause confusion in all of this and reason for raising questions..... Walensky was on Chris Wallace's old show on Sunday with Brett Bair (sp) She dodged every question... Right now She and Fauci and the bunch are in front of the Senate.....they are for your self.... CL
  20. Thanks for making my point once again angry one! CL
  21. Yes...Shabs seems to be a confused....sometimes negative least judging from his responses to many recent posts..... When all this covid stuff started we were told that 1 life lost because of covid was 1 to many....that has been a theme since..... There are whole websites dedicated to those who have died, or been deeply affected by the unproven, untested vaccine programs.. Click the link......and remember....1 life lost is to many! CL
  22. Perhaps just a coincidence....but if you're observing carefully, there have been many.... No conspiracy.....just what happened, and if it had anything to do with the vaccine and booster.....we'll never know the truth anyhow.... CL SHOCK As Legendary Actor Bob Saget ‘Dies Suddenly’ 1 Month After Receiving COVID Booster Shot The COVID World post date: January 9th, 2022 Bob Saget, the American actor and stand-up comedian who was best known for his role as beloved single dad Danny Tanner in the sitcom ‘Full House’, was found dead from ‘unknown causes’ in a room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando on Sunday, just a month after getting his COVID booster shot. Beloved actor and comedian Bob Saget passed away shortly after receiving the COVID booster shot on December 11th Saget’s sudden death has left fans around the world stunned. Despite being 65 years old, he appeared to be in good health and had just finished performing the night before his death at a comedy show in Jacksonville, Florida. The Orange County Sheriff’s and Fire Department were called on Sunday at around 4 pm ET about an “unresponsive man” in the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The man was identified as Bob Saget and his death was pronounced at the scene. Detectives found “no signs of foul play or drug use in this case,” and according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, his death is a ‘mystery‘. Saget had joked on Twitter about getting the COVID booster on November 28th. However, the beloved actor confirmed in a Youtube video on December 13th that he had indeed received his booster shot two days earlier on December 11th, saying:
  23. Oh that lying worthless US MSM..... They say Educators are crapping in their pants in fear of Omicron.....good lord....5100 schools have gone remote....!!!!! Look it up yourself....just NYC and Chicago comprise over half of that number.... This media fabrication doesn't represent the whole of the country....educators in non large city, blue jurisdictions are being lumped in with the garbage in those big cities... Things are not always as we are led to believe.... CL
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