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  1. Maricopa County and Arizona GOP-led Senate reach agreement after months of partisan sparring over 2020 ballots By Andy Rose and Stephanie Becker, CNN Updated 5:14 PM EDT, Sat September 18, 2021 (CNN)Arizona's Maricopa County and the Republican-controlled state Senate have reached an agreement after a months-long dispute relating to a problem-plagued, partisan review of 2020 ballots. The local government had refused to hand over electronic voting equipment logs related to the November 2020 election. The state Senate has been sparring with Maricopa County officials who didn't comply with subpoenas to release certain information related its voting system following the presidential election. Fueled by former President Donald Trump's claims about widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Arizona state Senate Republicans demanded a hand count of the results in Maricopa County by a third party that began in April. Maricopa County defies latest subpoena request from Arizona state Senate seeking to expand 2020 ballot review Maricopa County's Board of Supervisors on Friday agreed to provide the materials in question to a "special master," who will hire experts to review the records and provide information to the state Senate. Former Arizona Republican congressman John Shadegg will fill that role. Florida-based company Cyber Ninjas, conductor of the election audit, has no experience auditing elections, and its chief executive officer promoted Trump's conspiracy theories about the election on social media. The settlement essentially "keeps county routers and other sensitive materials out of the hands of the Senate's contractor, Cyber Ninjas," the board said in a news release Friday. "The agreement also protects taxpayers and ends a legal dispute over the Senate's ongoing election review by bringing the County into full compliance with outstanding subpoenas." "The Cyber Ninjas will never be able to touch the routers or access our data," Maricopa County board chairman Jack Sellers said in a written statement. "An independent third party can confirm what we've always said: the election equipment was not connected to the internet and no vote switching occurred." The board's hands were tied when the Arizona attorney general imposed a September 27 deadline to meet the requirements of the state Senate's subpoenas or risk losing $676 million in shared state sales tax revenue, the board said in the statement. Maricopa County will not reuse equipment turned over for partisan 2020 audit "Under threat of losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue sharing, today Maricopa County settled with the State Senate, in a victory for election integrity and the Arizona taxpayer," state Senate President Karen Fann said a statement. Fann, a Republican, added that the county will cover Shadegg's costs to conduct the review. Shadegg may hire one to three computer technology experts to respond to the state Senate's questions, according to the agreement. Further, the agreement limits the Arizona Senate's questions to the county's routers and splunk logs related to the November general election. Arizona's Senate had issued subpoenas asking Maricopa County for a slew of information, including documents, passwords, security information, changes of voter registration records, signed ballot envelopes or images, documents related to any breaches of the election system, information about changes in voting records, county routers and IP addresses and computer logs from two months before and three months after the election. But the county had declined sharing some materials due to security concerns. "The Senate will finally get the answers to questions asked for in subpoenas issued to the County months ago," Fann said. CNN's Aya Elamroussi contributed to this report.
  2. You obviously are not well versed in anything weaponry....Modern day snipers are taught both eyes it....there are many reasons for this..... The look up tannerite....sold over the counter at gun shops.....mix it.....shoot the mixed container and it goes boom......the bigger the container the bigger the boom...... Not all gun owners are patriots......just the vast majority...... Non gun owners can be patriots as well....but you probably have a higher percentage of socialists in that non gunner owner category..... No worries....the Government can take care of them.... CL
  3. This how that competition went on that day......I can assure you it was real... Technology is a wonderful thing! CL
  4. Seems to me Frank has been very optimistic about this happening "soon" for a great number of years now... I will give him credit for marketing himself and his MLM products very well....even selling currency without crossing the line to trouble.... I will say I am not a Frank fan or 2018 I had people calling me about something he was promoting called onecoin....I suggested they stay away from it.....even contacted his site expressing my concern it was a scam..... Basically got no where.... It was a scam...... Follow the what Iraq does, not what they say.....and all of these "Guru's" who continuously pound the RV drum.....flush them down the crapper.... JMO CL
  5. Jim.....always good to see/hear your perspective... I can't say if this is a truth or not....but even if the document in question was dated in 2018.... ? I ask why?.....perhaps it's a fake? I do know there is a problem with the supply chain....for one....not enough truckers available... There are shortages of some items on US grocery shelves...of course there is the chip shortage....and others..... Let's talk Turkey....(pun sort of intended)....Supposed US Ally Turkey allows the US to hold 50 nukes in their country as well as a large military base..of course it comes at a cost... This past year Turkey wanted to export more fruit to the part of that deal.....the powers in charge agreed and that screwed fruit farmers in Washington State and and demand.....and the cheap prices of the imports caused them to dump a percentage of their crops.... Just wrong IMO... Going a little further we all know how poorly Biden and company handled the Afgan situation.....look forward to part 2......Turkey......this time in addition to leaving citizens and $billions in equipment behind......we leave the 50 nukes..... Pessimistic?.....perhaps.... but given History seems to repeat itself.....even recent history.....well.. Let's see how it goes..... CL
  6. Owning a 50 cal anything doesn't make you a patriot.....rather someone knowledgeable on self defense, and or, one of the better long range hunters.....if you understand, and practice with the weapon..... Tracking Point is a company building laser guided scopes and fitting them to 50 cal rifles like the Barrett 82 and 107.... In my world defending yourself from afar......or being able to drop a 1200 lb. Elk at 1500 yards so you can eat, seems pretty sensible.... Providing a precision rifle and scope that even a novice can have success with is pretty special.....some links and video's follow... CL Frankly I prefer the 50 cal Barrett 107 over the 82......lighter with less kick.... A short video on the 107 utilizing Tracking Point Technology... Last thought on Tracking Point.... Chris Kyle was involved in the concept of using fighter jet technology in the scoping of long range shooting.....after his death Taya, his wife.....won the first American Sniper Shootout competing against snipers with a great deal of experience....she used Tracking Point technology... watch below.... Oh....and yes....I am aware Tracking Point was absorbed/purchased /merged in 2018... with Talon Precision Optics... As for the Congresswoman.... awesome and innovative way to build a list... CL
  7. The bottom line is Newsome is still Governing over the failed State of California..... Those people must all be nuts..... But,.... 5 million have already left.....wonder how the recall would have gone if they hadn't left? CL
  8. I would like to see the US leave many of these countries we have troops in... Trump didn't start anything new (war wise) during his 4 years and other countries didn't want to provoke him... The Idiot MSM and Deep State are off the rails with the bullshit they are spewing these days.....JMO CL
  9. Let us know if the glow coming from you after dark is enough to read a good book... CL
  10. CL
  11. I think this fits in with the title of this thread very well... CL
  12. Only getting worse..... Is Pelosi the puppet master behind the curtain?.....CL
  13. Poor the end of the day he was reduced to this.... no wonder his handlers didn't allow him to have any formal dialouge with the press...
  14. One more thing on your "silly bullshit" comment... Earlier today in the crypto section there was some discussion on the value members have gotten out of the site.... One poster added this comment: "Not only sharing their crypto experience but also life experience. My daughter was planning a trip to korea with her friend to help teach english. This was about the time covid had hit the mainstream media. Caye (i think he’s a moderator) suggested taking an antiviral medication before leaving the country, or any travel for that matter. I went out and bought it and gave it to my daughter. I believe it was instrumental in saving her life!!!" So perhaps what you add on all that you'll get in return.... CL
  15. If you have grand one point, or another, there must have been some man in your past...and in theirs.... Whatever that relationship was, you received a most precious gift from God because of it... Good luck....hope you find a blissful happiness ... CL
  16. If the site here only represents "silly bull ****" to has to wonder what your motivations for being here are? ( I won't take the bait on the "men like you" jab....) Good luck to you... CL
  17. You should quit while you're behind...."pray or LGD"? Get some're far off your game....! CL
  18. Older than you.....and I choose not to live in a "little bubble"..... You may lose your battles.... I will always forge on..... CL
  19. So what's wrong with Harvard Grads....? You have just outed your true self..... Piece of "shite"......really? I thought you were better than that! Can't you handle strong independent women? Pathetic..... CL
  20. If you've had covid already the antibodies your body created afford you up to 30 times the protection of a possible reoccurrence, than any of the vaccines......the Israelis have the most detailed study on this....CL
  21. Related cspan video....
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