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  1. There are a few who have been pretty vocal here about Trump....and the Right.....with the help of the Russians....fixing the 2016 election.... The only proven fix was by the DNC.....HRC....and the MSM....involving their Primary....just a factual statement....Sanders got screwed.....and HRC.....the chosen one....was a crap candidate..... So what's going on this time.....? Same old thing......for those of you who lean to the should spend your time getting your house in order.....or you'll be looking at another 4 years of the Golden Fox....... CL Kim Iverson, I’ll see your DNC rigging claim and raise you one collusion accusation. Dawn Papple Aug 19 · 3 min read Kim Iversen in “Is The DNC RIGGING The Primary Against Tulsi Gabbard and Others?” video 8/18/19 At the time of this writing, Kim Iversen’s video entitled “Is The DNC RIGGING The Primary Against Tulsi Gabbard and Others?” has nearly 40K views. Kim asserts that she believes the DNC is rigging our election again. Kim’s right, but it’s even easier to point fingers when even more complimentary facts are considered. These additional facts indicate only two possibilities: Journalistic negligence or collusion on the part of several mainstream media organizations. Several media organizations were tasked with conducting and publishing polls to qualify candidates for the September debates simply. Most of them have neglected to accomplish this task following the crucial second set of debates. The Democrats published a press release with the rules for qualifying for the debates. It listed the organizations which will conduct polls that will be considered qualifying polls. The press release also stated another caveat: “ For the September debate, each poll must be publicly released between June 28, 2019, and August 28, 2019.” So, not only is Democracy able to be manipulated by the methods and filters used in qualifying surveys but furthermore, Democracy can be completely snuffed out if the people in these organizations look at the results of the polls they conduct and simply choose not to publicly release the results or refuse to conduct the polls at all. It’s been nearly three weeks. We’ve only seen the addition of three qualifying polls. The following organizations were, in essence, tasked with conducting qualifying polls during this debate season: Associated Press ABC News CBS News CNN Des Moines Register Fox News Monmouth University NBC News New York Times National Public Radio (NPR) Quinnipiac University University of New Hampshire Wall Street Journal USA Today Washington Post Winthrop University Of those 16 organizations, only three of them have respected the American people minimally enough to even follow through with their responsibility to either conduct or publish the results of the polls they conducted after the second rounds of the Democratic Debates. The #DemDebates took place nearly three weeks ago on July 30 and July 31. Only FOX News, Quinnipiac University, and Monmouth University have published poll results. So, to be clear: In almost three weeks and out of 12 media platforms, only FOX News published the results of a presidential preference poll. So the question is simple. Were these other organizations so negligent at their jobs that they didn’t conduct any polls in the nearly three weeks that followed the very heated debates in July, or did they simply choose not to publish the results? Because if it’s the latter, that’s collusion against the American people to manipulate the results of a Federal election. By the way, if you are new to the whole concept of the DNC meddling with Democracy, you can check out the still ongoing DNC fraud class-action lawsuit from the last presidential election on JamPac. That class-action lawsuit was dismissed in the trial court for issues relating to standing and damages. Oral argument on the dismissal was last December as the dismissal is being appealed in the Circuit Court. That appeal is still pending. Politics Election 2020 Dnc Fraud Lawsuit Election Fraud Collusion 147 claps WRITTEN BY Dawn Papple Tweet: @PappleDawn | Facebook: @dawnpapple | Libertarian-leaning Progressive Follow
  2. You ROCK! CL (sorry....couldn't help myself....)
  3. Guess I've never really read the rules....and don't believe I've broken them.......Would never understand how/why anyone would post "guru" links.....they're all mindless idiot's in my judgement...... I get the affiliate link thing as well....we shouldn't be trying to make money off of one least IMO.... I am familiar with, and read Kristi's blog/website.......she is an exceptional writer with a good heart.......I have never seen any type of sales pitch or request for donations.....just good current info like she posts here...... I think we are blessed here on DV with a number of exceptional, strong, Women who add value to this site..... All in MHO.... Cheers. CL
  4. Used to think 1-1..... then that 10 cents made more sense..... indicates perhaps $2.11 ish of course JMHO... CL
  5. A rather pessimistic....yet realistic view.....but sooner or later some one.....some force....has to step forward and say enough is enough.....and if it takes getting that person into office....and voting all the freeloaders out....that would be fine by me....right now both party's are a detriment to the country!.....
  6. Who do you see as a Uniter moving into the 2020 cycle?..... Enjoy your week!.....CL
  7. Polls.....or any statistics can be created to say whatever the desired results are.... So let's take a look at common sense......Biden is popular....great back story....but really....with all the really think people want him to lead the free World?...........Sanders and Warren? you really think the Citizens want to ring in Socialism.....with a 70%....or more tax rate.......and then Harris......Gabbard single handedly destroyed her credibility in the second debate....of course her methods of rising to the political top will be exposed as well..... So if anyone really thinks any of these 4 would have a chance at beating Trump today......I have some swamp land in Arizona you may want to buy! CL
  8. So what is the general consensus......did Chris Cuomo over react......or was he justified......perhaps it's a "New York thing"....? I look for CNN to take him off the air for a while....get him in some anger management programs.......then the left can rebrand him as a man that concurred his faults.....who knows what possibilities lie ahead? I suspect though.......for his future life time ...he will hear calls of....."Freddo" CL
  9. So take this thread.....does it run parallel to the current political climate in DC? Anyone here have thoughts on solutions to some of the issues? Perhaps we could start a solutions thread....and have some constructive conversation on how by working together we could make the country better.... CL
  10. Just like the MSM they seem to worship.......Bla....Bla.....Bla..! CL
  11. There is always a ying for a yang in the world of written material......oh snap.....Isn't there a Yang running in the 2020 primaries?.... CL Anyhow..... Facebook Twitter Guest Column: ‘Wind Turbine Cancer’ – Is President Donald Trump Crazy? Maybe Not. Written by Isaac Orr in Energy, Environment on April 18, 2019 Print The following article is a guest column by Kristi Rosenquist, a Grassroots Citizen Activist in Minnesota: When President Trump said, “The noise [from wind turbines] causes cancer,” the reactions were immediate. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley called Trump’s statement “idiotic.” Democratic Presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders mocked Trump in a Bernie 2020 video – standing alongside a road in Iowa with wind turbines in the background. And, no discussion of wind energy, no matter how minor, would be complete without the comparison to “dirty coal:” “A power source that does cause many health problems, including cancer, is coal, an extremely dirty fuel…,” Said Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine. Thousands of rural residents with direct knowledge and experience with wind turbines had a different response. Rural Iowa resident Janna Swanson, President of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights, expressed what I saw as the most common reaction – matching my initial reaction – in her responsepublished in the StarTribune (but not in the Des Moines Register to which she also submitted). On further reflection, I think Trump was only partially wrong by using one very important word – “cause.” What turbine noise does most consistently “cause” in rural communities across the globe is sleep deprivation. What does sleep deprivation cause? Getting enough sleep is important for overall health and may be related to cancer risk: The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has been quite clear and consistent in their statements to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) about wind turbine noise and health. In turn, the PUC has been quite consistent in ignoring MDH’s advice as they issue “certificates of need” and “site permits” to industrial wind complexes in Minnesota. In 2016, when I and other citizens met with MDH Commission Ed Ehlinger to discuss the negative health impacts of wind turbines, one of the other citizens said that the wind industry acts a lot like ‘Big Tobacco.’ Both the tobacco industry (in the past) and the wind industry deny their product causes any health problems thereby forcing sick people to individually attempt the very expensive and very high legal bar of proving “medical causation.” Ehlinger agreed that’s “a good comparison.” I asked Ehlinger, “How many reports of people sick from wind turbines do you need to receive at MDH before you are obligated to act?” He responded, “I’m never obligated to act unless forced to do so by the Governor or the legislature.” I notice that Ehlinger was forced to resign when he failed to act on thousands of reports of neglect and abuse in Minnesota care facilities. I can’t find a clear distinction between Senator Grassley’s position on industrial wind energy and that contained in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal – their stated motivations are different, but their policy proposals look similar. August 7, 2018 was a busy day for Grassley with two Townhall meetings that both featured discussion of Iowans opposed to wind energy, and a private photo-op with Alliant Energy and the American Wind Energy Association to receive AWEA’s ‘Wind Champion Award.’ I notice they didn’t hold the Wind Champion Award ceremony at Alliant’s Bent Tree Wind project – where Alliant had just finalized the buy-out of Minnesotan’s homes that are no-longer inhabitable due to wind turbine noise. Bernie and Cheryl Hagen are just one sample of people who;s home was bought by Alliant energy after years of sleep deprivation and low-frequency noise after the Bent Tree Wind facility began operation (MN PUC docket ID 08-573). Bernie Sanders apparently failed to notice the significant wide-spread hatred of wind turbines in rural Vermont that resulted in a significant noise limitation in Vermont’s wind turbine siting rules in 2017. Mark me ‘Safe from coal cancer,” Jonathan Chait. I’m not a coal miner. The only coal cancer I’m aware of might be from coal miners without sufficient respiratory protection. I thought “black lung” was a thing of the past? Union of Concerned Scientists claim coal plants cause cancer through emitting arsenic that gets into drinking water in concentrations high enough to cause cancer…. I think if that claim had any medically provable credibility, one of the well-funded faux-environmental coal-hate groups would already have successfully sued a coal-fired power plant that “caused” arsenic cancer. Perhaps Grassley, Sanders, and Chait believe that rural residents are suffering from a “global hallucination event.” The Minnesota Legislative Energy Commission held a hearing on wind energy and health. I asked expert witness Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira what she thought about wind developers’ repeated assertions to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission that their turbines don’t cause the health problems that people report. Dr. Alves-Pereira said, “Unless everybody’s going through a collective hallucination around the world, I don’t see how that statement can be upheld scientifically.” (Oct. 19, 2017 audio; Dr. Alves Pereira testimony starts at 23 minutes) I think Sherri Lange, CEO of the North American Platform Against Wind Power, sums this up beautifully: Do stress and lack of sleep contribute to the development of cancer? Yes. Does wind turbine noise raise stress levels and interrupt sleep? Yes. TAGS: WINDWIND ENERGYCLIMATE CHANGEGREEN ENERGYTURBINECANCERHEALTHPROBLEMSSLEEPDEPRIVATIONMINNESOTA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Comments SUBSCRIBE CATEGORIES EDUCATION EMPLOYEE FREEDOM FAMILIES GOVERNANCE HEALTH CARE MINNESOTA ECONOMY PENSIONS UPCOMING EVENTS MORNING IN MINNESOTA BREAKFAST SERIES FEATURING ISAAC ORR Location: The Oaks at Eagle Creek 1000 26th Ave NE Willmar, MN 56201 Please join Center of the American Experiment on Tuesday, August 27th at The Oaks at Eagle Creek for breakfast with Center policy fellow and energy expert, Isaac Orr. Following his discussion of his new report, Doubling Down on Failure: How a 50 Percent by 2030 Renewable Energy Standard Would Cost Minnesota $80.2 Billion, Isaac will be joined by Rep. Tim Miller, Rep. Dave Baker, and Sen. Andrew Lang for a conversation about renewable energy standards in Minnesota. Tuesday, August 27, 2019 The Oaks at Eagle Creek 1000 26th Ave NE, Willmar, MN 56201 7:30 AM Breakfast & Check-In 8:00 AM Presentation… FALL BRIEFING FEATURING KIMBERLEY STRASSEL Location: Ordway Center for the Performing Arts 345 Washington Street, St. Paul, MN 55102 Purchase Tickets Here REGISTER NOW SITEMAP ABOUT CONTACT NEWSLETTER © 2016 American Experiment. All Rights Reserved. Designed & Developed by Kegan Quimby.
  12. You might try reading the posts before you make comments on is a part of it.....the rest can be read above...... CL "BTW...Major Gabbard is off the campaign trail for 2 weeks right now whiletraining with her National Guard unit inIndonesia......kind of fits her theme.....Service before self!"
  14. My take was Perot was a 3rd party independent....and Shabs was thinking that represented CNN.......Billy Bob was represented as Fox who's CNN?........or is "Who" on first base?.......perhaps it's a riddle ?
  15. Perhaps you could clarify this statement....makes no sense to me...... CL
  16. Well I"ll go way out on limb here....2020 Trump 2024 most of present Government will be in prison....and rightly so.....and Tulsi Gabbard will be elected as the First Woman President of the United States......BTW...Major Gabbard is off the campaign trail for 2 weeks right now while training with her National Guard unit in Indonesia......kind of fits her theme.....Service before self!
  17. VIP is much more than discussion on the IQD..... might even learn about .....Byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) is the conclusion. Asynchronous vs. partially asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant (aBFT) are the assumptions at the beginning. Unlike the other systems, Hedera Hashgraph is proven to be fully asynchronous byzantine. ... Hedera Hashgraph .....worth a look! CL
  18. No problems.....then stay out here.......and work the political thread. CL
  19. Coloring in Political Science 101 was always a favorite for me......the red crayons always were worn down faster than the blue ones...... CL
  20. No worries....rarely....... This section is more than enough.... CL
  21. It's been a long time since the US had a decent AG.....And yes Trump appointed him....and the Senate approved him along Party lines.......and of course in his first run as AG... years ago ...he was approved unanimously....kind of goes with the political climate today.. You seem to believe anything/everyone affiliated with Trump is bad and corrupt......or am I putting words in your mouth? CL
  22. Government = confusion... seems to be a trend.....! CL
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