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  1. At some point in time major changes need to be made in many aspects of how the US conducts business around the world.....take NATO and the UN as examples....other countries weren't paying the bill as they had agreed.....(Germany was $338 billion in arrears) Trump said enough.... China through currency manipulation has been taking advantage of the US for many other countries have....Canada and Mexico have benefited greatly through unequal trade policy... So sooner or later.....change is required.... As to the "pain"'s coming anyhow......and will have nothing to do with the tariff situation....instead it is all about the FIAT money system and the $225+ trillion of world debt that can never be repaid....this is all coming to a head soon after 45 years of world governments incompetence.... JMO. CL
  2. Great thread....diverse ideas and opinions.....part of the value added concept of the site... No war is always best.....the reasoning isn't that important....the idea is a non violent solution was found...and that's where this is today..... This all goes so far beyond Trump......just look at the history of Iran in the region....heck......Iraq and Iran have been going at it for hundreds of years.....the whole ME has been unstable for a very long time..... Oil/energy is the only reason the rest of the world has tolerated ME discord......(add the Shite...Sunni secular religious rifts.....throw in the Kurds.....just a mess)..... The US/World is becoming less dependent on ME oil.....for any number of perhaps the US needs to step back......and let them work their own problems out.....let them drag China down....right along with NOKO.... For those expressing your distaste for Trump......that's many have fought and died for you to have that right.......might I ask?.....who are you going to support in 2020?.......and with that let me suggest IMO there is only one candidate of the 25 or so that I would support....I'll leave a link at the bottom. So no war or killing today....that is a good thing...perhaps Trump realized he was being set up by the war mongering machine within the US.....perhaps he has a heart.....? Who knows?........I do know he is our President.....duly elected....and until he is voted out......he is in control by definition as the Commander in Chief.......he has my prayers and support.....nope....I don't always agree with him.....but to any who want him fail.....think about it.....he fails......the country fails........seems just that simple to me..... If you want'll have your chance in 2020.... JMO..... CL Regime Change War |
  3. Thanks yet for another smile!😘
  4. Mueller is neck deep in the sewage along with many others......timing on the declas should be interesting.....even Biden is complicit.. CL
  5. The powers that them...deep state....the 12.....cabal......your choice.... Have decided to try to divide the US from within.......left/right......***/ The topic of reparations for slavery fits right into that....a most ridiculous waste of time.... Hope these clowns start working on something substantive someday.....if all of them out! CL
  6. B/A.......That last paragragh in the article isn't consistant with the truth.....she was not giving her opinion on anything.....Yahoo must of decided to throw that in as a final twist to shade the story to their liking..... CL
  7. I mentioned Deutsche Bank as a potential melt down trigger.... CL
  8. Only time will tell......? My tax..... Here's why.......first off the USG holds enough IQD to do what they wish after a rate debt down....infrastructure....the wall........after all.....Bush claimed the war would pay for itself.... Trump believes in free Enterprise and Capitalism and my belief is he would let the money flow naturally to stimulate the country..... If Clinton or Obama had been in office there would have been a 95 percent windfall the government could figure out how to best take care of the citizens.....that's just how the left works...... JMO. CL
  9. And the laws he has broken?....the MSM spews this crap daily....but never any specifics......... CL
  10. Depends.........they were expecting 250,000.........highest total estimated was 9000 between all of the protest sites.... of course by the numbers........Biden had 85 attend his rally in Iowa this week........Trump had a few more than that.... CL
  11. That thing is everywhere..unless they are selling them at the corner party stores.....oddly those hugely announced UK and French protests against Trump only had a few fringe protesters show up......and those people were there to bring attention to their own causes of interest...but of course the Soros crowd made sure blimpy Trump was on display....and the MSM made sure it was seen all over the world... And the beat goes on.... CL
  12. I believe the real story here may be that the DOJ.....CIA.....FBI......don't seems to be accountable to anyone........ They are operating as if they run the country...............time to bring them back to Earth.......... Trump along with the US Military.....and Courts ......are working on that as I post.........
  13. The problem is the do nothing Congress of the much could be accomplished if they would just pull their asses out of their butts and work for the good of the country..... This inactivity leaves Trump to having to use resources such as the tariffs to move the country forward....... To that degree Putin is correct in his assessment... CL
  14. Xi and Putin in Moscow.....the Red Carpet was really rolled out.....what an extraordinary building! Have to wonder what these two are cooking up! CL
  15. Not sure if many here buy into the "Deep State" concept.... The concept isn't just "US".....It's World wide...... It is well documented that the Brits and Aussies had knowledge of the Obama DOJ interference/involvement in trying to destroy Trump.....Now add Italy to that list....... CL More Accurate than The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC for Two Years and Counting! Ultimately, They’re All Connected: Former Italian PM Linked to Trump Spying and Obama Is Also a Cohort of the Clintons and George Soros by Joe Hoft June 4, 2019 130 Comments 3.1KShare 207Tweet Email They are all connected. The Deep State, Obama, the Clintons, the Clinton Global Initiative, Italy’s former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Italy’s spies involved in the Russia Hoax, George Soros, etc. Earlier this month Italian Prime Minister Conte asked for the resignations of four top intelligence officials after his call with President Donald Trump. It was reported that former President Obama and the former leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, worked together in an effort to frame current President Trump utilizing Italian assets. Obama met with Renzi in Italy before the 2016 election and in early 2017. The plan was to insert classified Hillarious emails on servers of an Italian owned company in the US linked to the Republican Party. The plan was foiled but the implications were significant. It was like a policeman planting evidence to fabricate a crime. It also was concerning if Italian Intelligence actually had classified e-mails from Hillarious Clinton. Now a video was discovered that shows former PM of Italy, Renzi, not only was close with Obama but he also spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative alongside George Soros. George Soros was interviewed years ago on CBS’s 60 Minutes where he admitted helping Nazi’s during World War II steal from Jews during the war. Soros is Jewish. He was unapologetic. Soros was also reportedly supporting the airport protests in the US shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. A week before that Soros was reportedly behind 50 Groups involved in the ‘Women’s March the day after the inauguration. Before that, Soros was connected to the groups demanding election recounts after the November 8th election and Soros money was funding more protests during these efforts. And DCLeaks released information that revealed Soros funded Black Lives Matter protests across the country. George Soros was connected to every major protest after the election and many, if not all leading up to the election, including Black Lives Matter. And we also know that the beginnings of the fake Anti-Trump Russia dossier may lead back to George Soros.
  16. It is always of interest to me to see the "Rock Star" reception Trump gets in his travels all over the World..... you even seems those World leaders genuinely enjoy his company.... of course then there is the MSM....and they are every where......writing stories about how there would be 250,000 + protesting Trump being there.......reality was there were under 9000 .....and they were fringe groups...there to protest for different causes....such as climate change and abortion.... Don't believe what the MSM is selling.....look logically at the facts.....and draw your own conclusions.... CL
  17. It was 75 years ago the final stagings were being completed for the allied invasion of France..... This year will probably be a last salute to those few surviving members of the greatest generation.....those who helped secure the world we live in today.... Perhaps someday many in this forum can visit the region and reflect on the accomplishments of these brave men..... Article follows..... By browsing this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies to help us provide you with a better and more personalised service. Please accept cookies and see our cookie policy here. Ok 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY AND THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY The memory lives on! 6th June 2019 marks the start of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy and with it, a momentous occasion to celebrate peace, liberty and reconciliation. NORMANDY, LAND OF LIBERTY On 6 June 1944 and during the long summer that followed, men from all over the world came to fight in Normandy to defeat Nazism and re-establish freedom. Normandy will bear the scars of this moment in history for ever and every year we remember and pay tribute to the veterans from America, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Poland and Australia, along with their brothers in arms, those many heroes who lost their lives here during that summer of 1944. With its many museums, historic sites, cemeteries and cultural and teaching facilities, Normandy is truly an open-air history book. All these places can be discovered by families, who can transmit the exceptionally important lessons of history here to new generations. A VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY Throughout summer 2019, Normandy will celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy with due splendor and emotion. A rich and unprecedented programme of events will be put together to bring the memory of this tragic period of world history to life, all while emphasizing the spirit of hope. The anniversary will be commemorated with military parades, firework displays, airdrops, giant picnics, concerts and military camp re-enactments. On 5 June 2019, the Daks Over Normandy event will follow into the footsteps of the Greatest Generation! About 250 men and women will board an aircraft in the United Kingdom to, exactly like 75 years before, fly across the English Channel and to jump into the historic drop zones of Normandy. They will be wearing WWII style Allied uniforms and will jump military round parachutes. It will be an event which has no equal. The full programme can be found HERE comprehensive events program to bring the memory of this tragic period of world history to life, all the while emphasizing the spirit of hope. Read more at: AN INTERNATIONAL COMMEMORATION On 6 June 2019 at 6pm, the official international ceremony celebrating this major anniversary will take place on Juno Beach and will be attended by many Allied Heads of State. US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Theresa May and many other world leaders and dignitaries will all be in Normandy to mark the 75th anniversary. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE CANDIDACY In January 2018, the French Minstry of Culture announced the official candidacy of the D-Day landing beaches to be included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. This listing will help preserve these sites and transmit the universal messages they represent to future generations. Indeed, Normandy's D-Day landing beaches have come to symbolise universal hopes for freedom and peace, and beyond that, for reconciliation. More information here NORMANDY D-DAY FESTIVAL 2019 Every year since 2007, the Normandy D-Day Festival, organised by the tourist offices in Bayeux and several of the D-Day Landing Beaches, commemorates the triumphal arrival of the liberators. For this very special anniversary, anunprecedented programme of festive events will take place from 25 May to 16 June. Come and enjoy parachute landings, musical firework displays, picnics, parades, concerts and exhibitions! The full programme of events can be found HERE (in French and in English). NORMANDY WORLD PEACE FORUM The Normandy World Peace Forumis a major international event initiated by the Normandy Region, which will be attended by heads of state, leading academics, political specialists and guest speakers. The second edition will take place on 4thand 5th June 2019 in Caen, just before the anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, and will provide a platform for reflection and exchange on world tensions and peace building. More information on this international event HERE. OFFICIAL VIDEO ROAD CLOSURES On 6 June several sections along the coast will be closed to traffic. Check the map below for futher details and click HERE for more information regarding the regulated traffic zones and the sticker system. OFFICIAL GUIDE You can download our official visitors guide HERE. ACCOMMODATION Most hotels in Lower Normandy are already fully booked for the commemorations and celebrations in June 2019. You can however look for a B&BHERE or a furnished guest houseHERE. If you enjoy camping, you can search for a campsite HERE. There is also a large choice of holiday villages in Normandy. You can look for one HERE. Don't forget to use the refine button on the top left of the pages. EVENTS Click HERE for the programme of main events taking place across Normandy in June 2019. This list will be updated weekly. PRACTICAL INFORMATION GETTING THERE IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM THE UK The D-Day landing beaches are easily accessible from the port of Caen/Ouistreham. There are up to three sailings a day from Portsmouth. If you wish to fly, FlyBe operates a service from London-Southend to Caen-Carpiquet. Enjoy travelling on the Eurostar? Getting to Normandy couldn’t be easier once you arrive at Paris – Gare du Nord. Simply hop on the RER and just one stop later you’ll be at Saint-Lazare station. From there, you can catch a train to Caen and many other Norman towns and cities! Fore more information and other routes, click here. IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM THE USA OR CANADA Normandy is easily accessible from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Ouibus operates a bus service from the airport to Caen. You can also catch the RER B underground service to central Paris and then a train to Normandy. SNCF trains leave from the two Parisian stations: Gare Saint-Lazare and Gare Montparnasse / Vaugirard several times a day to many cities and towns in Normandy. The journey from Paris to Caen takes around 2 hours. For more information and other routes, click here. SHUTTLE BUS New for 2018 is the 'Move on the Beaches' shuttle bus which links Caen and Bayeux to Arromanches, Longues-sur-Mer, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery in Colleville. Audioguides available. For more information click here. MORE INFORMATION SEE & DO D-DAY SITES AND MUSEUMS Visitors today can explore old army bunkers, tanks and Atlantic Wall defences along the five beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword while museums and memorials throughout the region stand as forceful reminders of this decisive period of the Second World War. GUIDED TOURS If you are looking for a guide to take you for a tour of the famous sites of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, then look no further. You'll find a list right here. PICTURES AND VIDEOS Click here for films and archive photos, testimonials of veterans and their families and virtual tours of the main sites. NOT TO BE MISSED THE D-DAY LANDING BEACHES THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY COME TO NORMANDY Beaches, relaxation and discoveries in less than 2 hours from Paris. NEWSLETTER OUR GUIDES AND BROCHURES Press and Media Tourism professionals Accessible Normandy Normandy's Golf Clubs Tourisme d’affaires Contact us Privacy Sitemap
  18. about the LV shooting of over a year ago? Crickets..... CL
  19. Yep.......I prefer the purple haze Or dazed and natural state of being.......CL
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