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  1. I purchased my first dinars in 2004 and have been on multiple sites daily reading and keeping up on the current news. I think we are finally getting close. I don’t think they will be ready January 1st, but I do think we will see something during the first quarter of 2022. Like everyone else, I hope they come out high, but who knows…
  2. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on this . I see the daily trading volume and something is significantly off. If everything keeps going like it has the past couple of weeks, we will likely see the squeeze sooner than later.
  3. Good morning Keylime and thanks again for sharing AMC with us. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks! I have a question for you, as I try to learn as much as I can about the squeeze, I see significant differences in how many shares are actually shorted from 20% to 3 times the number of shares actually released, what are your thoughts on this? Maybe we will not find out until later this week when the company releases information about outstanding shares?
  4. Key lime, I appreciate the tip and the expertise that you shared. I opened up a Webull account and will be buying on the open. Even if it only goes up to $20.00, it’s fun to have something other than the Dinar with significant upside potential. Thanks again and good luck to everyone!!
  5. Yota, sorry for your loss, it’s never easy losing a parent. Prayers coming your way. Also thanks for all you do to make this site what it is!
  6. This is from the horses mouth, saying they need to do something in the next couple months. This is probably the best thing I’ve read since I got into this in 2004.
  7. This sounds encouraging, maybe by next week this will be resolved. Been going on way too long!
  8. Funny how the Kurds are ready to give up the oil now that there is no value.
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