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  1. Despite the decision of Abdul-Mahdi .. US fighters dominate the atmosphere of Iraq Political | 03:33 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - A few days after the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, announced the cancellation of foreign flight licenses in Iraqi airspace and restricted them with the prior approval of him or his representative in the government, an Iraqi official said US fighter jets are the most Presence in Iraqi airspace during the past seventy-two hours. Abdul-Mahdi took his decision to restrict air traffic following increasing indications that the bombing in a camp belonging to the Popular Mobilization near Amerli, and Muqsar al-Saqr, south of Baghdad, resulted from a raid by an aircraft likely to be "Israeli." The Prime Minister announced last Thursday, in a statement issued after a meeting of senior military and security leaders, a series of security decisions, the most prominent of which was the cancellation of all previous approvals for flights in Iraqi airspace, including foreign drones, as well as an investigation into the bombing. Falcon Camp. The statement considered that any flight in the airspace will be treated as hostile, unless it has a prior authorization to fly Iraqi airspace. A senior Iraqi military official in Baghdad said, "The program of the air umbrella of the coalition forces in Iraqi airspace has not yet changed the decision revealed by Abdul Mahdi, last Thursday, US fighter jets and aviation that provides Iraqis with air pictures and important information in the movements of Iraqi ground forces, especially between Latitude 34 and 36, continues at the same pace. " In reference to the areas of Nineveh and Anbar specifically north and west of Iraq. The US military official said that "the US aviation is quicker in response to the requests of Iraqi military sectors to provide air insurance for its movements than Iraqi flights, and the possibility of covering the air continuously and high-resolution images to monitor the border with Syria in particular does not currently have Iraq." He revealed that "there is an understanding with the international coalition on the subject, through a joint coordination room through which the Iraqis are informed of US flights, or to any of the coalition countries against the terrorist Daesh," pointing out that "there are American promises to improve Iraq's air defense capabilities." We hope that these promises will be believed, as there is pressure to go to Moscow to buy air defense systems. " And announced the international coalition in Iraq, last Friday, complying with the directives of the Baghdad government to prevent the conduct of aircraft with military missions special airspace of the country, except with the permission of the Prime Minister. The coalition, which marks the beginning of next month, the fifth anniversary of its establishment led by the United States, "senior leaders of him met with officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, to discuss the directives of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on the movement of the coalition." "As a guest within Iraq's sovereign borders, it complies with all laws and directives from the government of Iraq and will immediately comply with all directives from our Iraqi partners while they are implementing the prime minister's order," the coalition said in a statement late on Friday. Meanwhile, the MP of the Building Alliance, Abdul Amir al-Mayahi, questioned the credibility of the international coalition on its commitment to the decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister to restrict aviation with his consent. Al-Mayahi said in televised remarks that "the international coalition's commitment to Abdul Mahdi's decision is not enough and should not be reassured," adding that "the United States does not care about the Iraqi decisions." He stressed, "We will not be assured of the commitment of the United States to the decision to restrict the flight with the consent of Mahdi." It is noteworthy that the deputies of the Alliance for Construction, Reform and Reconstruction, intend to enact a law to get the US and all foreign forces out of Iraqi territory.
  2. 1982 Date of issuance of banknotes in Syria .. Who is the hero of the Syrian pound? Economy | 11:09 - 20/08/2019 Follow - up - News balances used to Syrian citizens to see pictures of political or historical figures known on paper currency, but this rule did not apply to the generally accepted champion of paper per the Syrian pound. Perhaps many Syrians do not know the character who decorated the Syrian pound banknote for years, although it has accompanied them since 1982, the date of issuance of banknotes of this category. Many may be surprised that the photo of the person on the banknote is of a craftsman named Diab Abdullah Fares, from Harasta in Damascus countryside, born in 1933. The reason for his photo printing on the coin is because he was awarded the title of production hero in a glass factory on the outskirts of Damascus. Damascus in the foot. Known information about Fares, he was sent a training course by the glass factory to Belgium in the seventies of the last century, and returned to Syria to work there until he retired in 1980, and died at the age of 72 years. It is funny stories that happened with the literal that one day he was stopped by a police and asked him his identity card replied Diab: "It 's in your pocket and took out his Syrian paper lira and said to him:" This is my identity, "according to the published site" contemporary Syrian history. " Began The Syrian pound has been operating since 1948 after the separation of the Bank of Syria and Lebanon, which was issuing the Syrian-Lebanese pound, and the pound is divided into 100 piasters. Syrian banknotes carry pictures of well-known political and historical figures. The 25-pound paper carries the image of the historical leader Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, while the image of the kingdom of Zenobia is found on the 100-pound paper. As for the value of the Syrian currency, it is worth noting that it declined with the ignition of the Syrian crisis, where it dropped from the limits of 50 pounds to the dollar in 2010, to be traded on the black market at 610 pounds to the dollar, that is, the dollar has risen 12-fold against it in the past nine years. /s
  3. During the new legislative term .. Parliament seeks to approve the law slums and land secretion Political | 10:19 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - The Committee of Parliamentary Services announced on Tuesday, its endeavor to pass the law of slums and land secretion in parallel to end intersections in the first quarter of the second legislative year, which begins in September. Abbas al-Atafi, a member of the committee, said that "the committee seeks to legislate the law of slums and land secretion at the beginning of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the parliament." Al-Atafi said that "the law of slums read a first reading and waiting to read the law of land secretion so that the two laws run in parallel and end the indiscriminate housing in cities." He added, "The Services Committee has completed the law of the Maritime Authority intersections, which is one of the important laws that restore maritime sovereignty of Iraq."
  4. The regional government reveals the number of its employees and surprised everyone with oil imports Release date:: 2019/8/19 19:56 • 1060 times read The spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gutiar Adel, on Monday, on the continuation of the payment of salaries of employees of the province with fixed monthly dates, pointing out that Baghdad sends the salaries of 682 thousand employees only. Adel said during a press conference that "Baghdad and the region agree to resolve the outstanding problems, especially oil and financial files and article 140 of the Constitution and several other files in the interest of both sides have also been formed several committees to discuss and solve problems." He added: that according to the Financial Budget Law of 2019, which set 12% share for the Kurdistan region, 12 trillion and 800 billion dinars, but Baghdad has sent only 452 billion dinars until the eighth month, stressing that the regional government has good intentions to deal with Baghdad, but will not They give up their rights and are optimistic about reaching an agreement. Adel said that "the priority of the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the salaries of employees in fixed monthly dates, pointing out that Baghdad sends the salaries of 682 thousand employees only, while the number of employees in the region more than one million employees." He stressed that "the provincial government is committed to the payment of salaries on time, noting that the region delivers the revenue of 250 thousand barrels of oil to Baghdad." The Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said earlier that "the problem of exporting the Kurdistan region of more than 250 thousand barrels of oil must be resolved, and the budget did not address such a situation, and we need to discuss and dialogue with the region." And that "the budget law obliged the Kurdistan region to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil to the federal government every day, and if the region does not deliver this share will cut into the share of the region Mayawazi," stressing Only salaries are a right for our people in Kurdistan because they are our children. " He pointed out that "the government pays salaries and dues to the Kurdistan region under the budget and do not pay the rest part because the budget law obliged to deduct the corresponding amounts represented by the value of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day."
  5. AFC President: FIFA's decision is a win for Iraqi football and a strong impetus for the development of the game in the country Date: Editing:: 2019/8/20 15:32 • 6 times read AFC President Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa praised FIFA's decision to host the Iraqi team in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and Asian Cup finals. 2023. He said Al - Khalifa , " the new resolution as an extension of the decision of the International Football Federation Council last year to lift the ban on the establishment of official international matches in Iraq , " considering the decision a gain of Iraqi football and strong impetus to the efforts of the development of the game in the country. " He congratulated the President of the Asian Football Confederation Iraqi football family The new international resolution, pointing out that the approval of (FIFA) to hold the Iraqi national team matches in the World Cup qualifiers in the city of Basra is the fruit of the great efforts made by various Iraqi official bodies in creating the ideal conditions to host many continental benefits The latest is the ninth West Asia Championship, which has received a positive rating from FIFA. Al-Khalifa stressed that "AFC has always been a true supporter of the Iraqi demands to host official international matches, based on a deep belief in the status of Iraq on the continental map and as an effective component of the Asian system, saying: We have worked to support the good efforts made by Iraq represented by the Ministry Al-Shabab, Al-Shabab, and Al-Ittihad have already agreed to hold the Iraqi Club Championship matches in the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup in Iraq over the past months. Asian Youth Cup qualifying under the 19-year-old, confirming that the AFC was a pioneer in activating the decision to lift the international embargo imposed on Iraq. " The AFC President expressed his confidence in Iraq's ability to provide the factors of organizational success for the Iraqi national team matches in the qualifiers for the World Cup finals and wished the Iraqi Federation and the competent authorities all success in confirming the merit of Iraq in hosting various football benefits in the best possible way.
  6. German Defense Minister arrives in Baghdad and meets with Abdul Mahdi Release date:: 2019/8/20 9:58 • 242 read times BAGHDAD (AFP) - German Defense Minister Ingbert Krump Karnbaur and her delegation arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday morning. The German minister met Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi
  7. Nahrain Bank issues instructions for the advance of students worth 3 million dinars Economie 2019-08-20 | 07:54 414 views State-owned Islamic Bank of Nahrain on Tuesday issued a 3 million dinars student advance "Students in private schools and universities (evening studies) should review the bank's branches for the purpose of reviewing the Murabaha financing regulations recently launched by the bank," the bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. The bank added that "the instructions include the maximum funding of three million dinars, and the rate of Murabaha 25%," noting that "the financing period is 10 months and the first installment is due after 30 days of receiving the amount of education." The statement added that "the applicant of finance must provide the supporting documents with the identity of the educational entity, as well as to provide support from the educational entity to continue the student constantly," noting that "the student funding to provide a guarantor from the employees of government departments is equal to the net monthly salary is twice the installment, either. If the student is an employee and is continuing to serve, he does not have to provide a sponsor.
  8. Abadi: My meetings with leaders not for the purpose of returning to power and our opposition is not to overthrow the government of Abdul Mahdi Political | 10:31 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - The former prime minister, leader of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, that his meetings with political leaders is not for the purpose of returning to power again, pointing out that his party's opposition to the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi is not to overthrow, but to evaluate its work. Abadi said in an interview with the newspaper "Al-Monitor," and continued (Mawazine News), that "the meetings I have with political leaders and religious references is not to return to the presidency of the government although it is a legitimate right, but it is visits and natural meetings conducted as an official and head of a political coalition, it can not be We consider every meeting and visit in order to return to power, stressing that "our opposition to the government of Abdul-Mahdi is not to overthrow it, but to evaluate its work." In response to a question if he failed to return to the premiership in the future, Abadi explained: "Those who want to work work in power and beyond, and my activities are part of the political movement that must continue to support the political process and strengthen the state," he said. The state-building process needs to be cumulative. ”
  9. Its leader: Victory did not participate in the formation of the government .. I know the source of data that accuses me of anti-crowd Political | 11:20 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News The former prime minister, the head of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, that his coalition did not participate in the formation of the government, pointing out that he knows who issues statements accusing him of "anti" crowd. Al-Abadi said in an interview with the newspaper "Al-Monitor", followed by (Mawazine News), that "the victory coalition is not part of the government, evidence that we did not participate and did not sign the formation, the only victory coalition did not sign the agreement to form." And about the accusations of him to host the crowd and identify with US policy? "When they issued a statement a few weeks ago accusing me of" being "with the" enemies of Iraq, "I was at the same moment meeting with leaders in the crowd. "In private meetings they say you are our hope, and in the media they talk this way. My relationship with a lot of leaders is positive and I meet them constantly, but some want to use the crowd for their own goals."
  10. Abadi: Abdul Mahdi's government is committed to US sanctions Political | 12:16 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - The former prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, that the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi is committed to US sanctions and follow the same commitment announced by his previous government. Abadi said in an interview with Al-Monitor, "I was not a mediator in this sense, each state has its policies. Perhaps things at the stage of Barack Obama easier in terms of the relationship between the two countries, considering that Obama was keen on the nuclear agreement, and Iran's view of America "You cannot mediate unless there is a willingness on the part of both sides to negotiate. It is difficult to convey and tolerate messages. Their differences are not part of them, as are their agreements." This came in response to whether it facilitated any direct cooperation between the United States and Iran? Are they cooperating today in Iraq? Responding to a question about his opinion on the Iraqi government's position towards US sanctions on Iran Is Abdul-Mahdi committed to it, saying: "Abdul-Mahdi is committed to US sanctions and follows the same commitment announced by my government, and deal with Iran and according to it, and Iraq did not violate these sanctions."
  11. Abadi: Abdul Mahdi can not fight 40 files of corruption at once Political | 02:49 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - The former prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, saw the inability of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to fight 40 cases of corruption at once. "Abdul Mahdi made a list of 40 files and said he would fight them, but in my opinion he cannot fight all this corruption once," Abadi said in an interview with a US website. He pointed out, "Today there is new corruption through the sale of positions in this government, and there are significant violations in the Iraqi state through these operations."
  12. Good morning she is promoting that site, still does. Links have been removed in the past.
  13. Dollar Rises on Stock Exchange Fight Today Date of edit:: 2019/8/20 9:31 • 539 times read BAGHDAD: Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Tuesday, stabilized the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar. The market price in Baghdad Stock Exchange struggle 1205 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 500 dinars for one hundred dollars. As for the prices of buying and selling dollars in banking companies, they were: the selling price of one dollar 1207.5 dinars, or 120 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar 1197.5 dinars, or 119 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars. The price of foreign currencies, gold and oil - until the preparation of this news: Euro World price: 100 euro = 110.88 GBP World price: 100 pounds = 121.28 Turkish lira World price: 100 dollars = 564.50 Turkish gold ounce World price 1499.50 dollars a barrel price of crude oil Brent = $ 60.05 The price of a barrel of US crude oil = $ 56.47
  14. China warns of strong ISIS return in Syria Release date:: 2019/8/20 13:17 • 117 times read BEIJING (Reuters) - China's special envoy to Syria said on Tuesday it was possible that the Islamic State's radical group in Syria could return to its former era and urged progress in the political process between President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. "There is now the danger of terrorist organizations like ISIS returning," Chinese Special Envoy Shi Xiaoyan told reporters after talks with UN Special Envoy for Syria Gir Pedersen in Geneva. "We see some indication ... there is a need to end the war on terror." Reuters. The State Department has warned of the same, saying that terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq have rebuilt themselves "as before", according to a report published by "Bloomberg". President Donald Trump said in February that the United States and its coalition partners had succeeded in liberating Syrian and Iraqi territory from IS. The head of the US National Intelligence, Dan Coates, then warned that thousands of fighters were hiding underground to regroup. In June, the Center for War Studies in Washington published a report saying that ISIS still maintains a global financial network that funds its return and enables it to restructure its operations. He added that ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was "systematically working to reshape the organization to prepare for a new wave of violence in the region."
  15. A US intelligence report warns against ISIS and reveals its funding methods in Iraq Release date:: 2019/8/20 12:56 • 283 times read The New York Times said on Tuesday that the Islamic State terrorist organization IS is regaining strength in Iraq and Syria, and groups are launching attacks there, and it is re-equipping its financial networks, aiming to recruit new people, as confirmed by US and Iraqi military officials and intelligence officers. Though US President Donald Trump praised the group's total defeat this year, regional defense officials look at things in another way, acknowledging that what remains of the terrorist organization is there to stay. The report pointed out that the report of the US Inspector General issued recently, warned that reducing the number of US troops in Syria from 2,000 troops to less than half that number, ordered by Trump, means that the US military had to reduce its support for the forces of his Syrian partners in combat. ISIS, and that US and international forces now can only try to ensure that ISIS remains out of civilian areas. Although there is little concern that ISIS will regain the “Caliphate”, the terrorist organization continues to mobilize up to 18,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria; these dormant cells and attack teams have carried out ambushes, kidnappings, sniping and assassinations Security forces and leaders in the community. The New York Times reported that the organization could still benefit from a large "war fund" of up to $ 400 million, which was either hidden in Iraq or Syria, or smuggled to neighboring countries to keep it safe. It is also believed that ISIS has invested in trade, including fish farming, car trade and drug cultivation, pointing out that ISIS is using blackmail to finance its clandestine operations, as it burned the crops of farmers in northern Iraq, who refused to pay for it. US intelligence officials point out that Camp Houl, in northeastern Syria, is evolving into a focus of ISIS ideology and a huge breeding ground for future terrorists. The report by the Pentagon's inspector general, for his part, notes that the inability of Syrian Kurds to provide more than "minimal security" in the camp allowed the spread of ISIS ideology there. The US military's Central Command told the authors that ISIS is likely exploiting insecurity to recruit new members and re-engage members who have left the battlefield. According to the paper, a new United Nations assessment concluded that family members living in the Hul camp "may pose a threat, if not properly handled." The trends, described by US, Iraqi, and Western intelligence and military officials, documented in a recent series of government and UN assessments, portray an "Islamic state" in a new escalation, not only in Iraq and Syria, but with branches from the West. Africa down to Sinai. The return of ISIS poses a threat to the interests of the United States and its allies, with the US administration withdrawing troops from Syria and shifting its focus in the Middle East towards a looming war with Iran. One important indicator of IS's resurgence is the amount of munitions dropped by US planes in Iraq and Syria in recent months. The new inspector general's report, which assesses ISIS activities between April 1 and June 30 this year, concluded that the group had reappeared in Syria and strengthened its armed capabilities in Iraq.
  16. Rising oil and barrel prices touch $ 60 Release date:: 2019/8/20 10:59 • 132 times read Oil prices rose on Tuesday on optimism about easing trade tensions between the United States and China and hopes that major economies will adopt stimulus measures to stave off a possible economic slowdown that could hurt oil demand. Brent crude <LCOc1> was up 8 cents at $ 59.82 a barrel by 0652 GMT after gaining 1.88 percent on Monday. US crude was up 9 cents at $ 56.30 a barrel, after rising 2.44 percent in the previous session. The United States said it would extend a deadline to allow Huawei Technologies to buy components from US companies, a sign of a simple cooling off of the dispute between the world's largest economists. Crude prices also supported the bullishness of equities around the world with growing expectations that global economies will move to counter slowing growth. At the same time, a Reuters poll of seven analysts revealed that US crude inventories were expected to fall by 1.9 million barrels in the week ending Aug. 19. The American Petroleum Institute will release inventory data later on Tuesday
  17. China warns of a strong return of ISIS in Syria 2019/08/20 01:26 PM BEIJING (Reuters) - China's envoy to Syria said on Tuesday it was possible that the Islamic State's extremist group in Syria could return to its former era and urged progress in the political process between President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. "There is now a danger that terrorist organizations such as IS will be reactivated," Chinese special envoy Shi Xiaoyan told reporters after talks with UN special envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen in Geneva. Reuters. The State Department has warned of the same, saying that terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq have rebuilt themselves "as before", according to a report published by "Bloomberg". President Donald Trump said in February that the United States and its coalition partners had succeeded in liberating Syrian and Iraqi territory from IS. The head of the US National Intelligence, Dan Coates, then warned that thousands of fighters were hiding underground to regroup. In June, the Center for War Studies in Washington published a report saying that ISIS still maintains a global financial network that funds its return and enables it to restructure its operations. He said ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was "systematically working to reshape the organization to prepare for a new wave of violence in the region."
  18. Iran opens four official border outlets with Kurdistan Economy | 01:36 - 20/08/2019 BAGHDAD - The Iranian Consul General in the province of Sulaimaniya Mehdi Shushtari, his country agreed to the opening of four new border outlets with the Kurdistan region. "We are working to open four border outlets with the Kurdistan region," Shushtari said, noting that those outlets that will be opened will be on the side of the border with Sulaymaniyah. Halabja Deputy Governor Kawa Ali Karim said on Saturday that Iran had formally agreed to make the outlets "Kelly, Shoshmi, Tawila, Sheikh Saleh and Bishtah" international trade and tourism outlets, adding that the Iraqi and Iranian sides are scheduled to hold a joint meeting soon on this issue. A 43
  19. Oil gains exceed 2% when settled with geopolitical tensions 19 August 2019 09:53 PM Mubasher: Oil prices rose more than 2 percent on Monday, as geopolitical tensions in the Middle East settled on Monday as a Saudi oil facility was attacked over the weekend. The rise in oil comes with gains in global stock markets amid hopes of central banks stimulus measures. Investors are also awaiting trade conditions between the world's two largest economies, with White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow saying that representatives from the United States and China will speak within 10 days. But gains in the black gold market were limited by last week's OPEC report , which gave a pessimistic view of concerns about the growth of global demand for crude. At the settlement, the price of futures contracts for US Nymex crude for September delivery rose 2.4 percent to $ 56.14 a barrel. Brent crude futures for October delivery rose more than 1.9 percent to $ 59.77 a barrel by 6:50 pm GMT.
  20. Parliamentary finance likely high Kurdistan region proportion of the budget 17 August 2019 - 14:23 A member of the committee Sherwan Mirza in an interview quoted by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said that "the Commission began its preparations to write a draft federal budget for Iraq for the year 2020," Likely "high proportion of the Kurdistan region of that budget from 12.67% to 14%." He added, "Talks between the governments of Erbil and Baghdad are witnessing good progress in order to resolve the outstanding problems between the two sides, especially the question of the budget," noting that "is not expected to return the proportion of the region of that budget to 17%
  21. Iraqi-Iranian agreement to reopen Mandali-Sumar port within a week money and business Economy News _ Baghdad The governor of Iran's Kermanshah province, Hoshank Bazond, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Iraq and Iran to reopen the Mandali-Sumar port in a week. Bazund told the official IRNA news agency that it was seen by the economics news that "given the developmental role of Sumar border crossing in the Iranian provinces of Kermanshah and Diyala, Iraqis, especially officials in Diyala, are keen to reopen this port and restore its activities officially." He added, "Efforts are underway to reopen (the Iraqi part of) this port by the end of next week, with the permission of the Iraqi Prime Minister," adding that "a meeting was held today with the Governor of Diyala and the Chairman of the Provincial Council on the border of Sumar, as the Iraqi side made proposals for this According to the memorandum of understanding signed between the two sides, we look forward to reopening the Sumar crossing within a week. " The Border Ports Authority announced on 11 August 2019 that it had started the procedures of closing the Mandali border port in a "flexible way" that would enable traders to withdraw consignments gradually, pointing out that the closure will be temporary until the necessary measures are taken to develop the port. Views: 49 Date Added: 20/08/2019
  22. Sudan: Article 140 does not need a law, but to allay the concern of "political agreement" August 20, 2019 - 8:58 BAGHDAD / SUMMER NEWS Lawmaker for the State of Law coalition Mohammed Shaya al-Sudani said on Tuesday that Article 140 does not need to be applied to the law, but need a "political agreement" in order to dispel concern. Al-Sudani said in a press statement that "the decision of the Federal Court against Article 140 is binding and can not be challenged," but "the problem of Article 140 does not lie in the issuance of an article, law, decision and instructions, but need a political consensus to remove the anxiety facing the components that have been coexisting for thousands of years. Years. " He pointed out that "the solution of Article 140 is a challenge to the political forces," stressing that those forces should "prove to the people that the components are mature and responsible for addressing the article in a manner that takes care of the interests of all."
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