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  1. 1 Jan 20121. 18,000+ years is too long for me to wait.. I’m out.. 😂
  2. I see another article that says they are going to borrow again, however the plan is this time to borrow from the citizens and not the CBI.. in other words IMO, borrow from the citizens (RV) to get them to turn in their dinars from their houses in exchange for a higher rate somehow.. we will see.
  3. I think the term “borrowing from the citizens” is a Brilliant way of saying RV or raise the value so the citizens would be happy to turn in their dinars in their house walls for huge purchasing power... possibly told to turn in their physical dinars to a bank and in return, you will get a MasterCard debit card and your dinars will be worth 1:1.. or something similar.. time will tell..
  4. Lol it’s from a guru... I’m sure he has several articles from reputable news sources that specifically say that everyone will be paid the 1st week of December... Gurus don’t make stuff up after all... lol
  5. Nope, I thought the same thing.. several years ago...
  6. I think the Gurus are also forgetting it has to be published in the gazette before it is law which may be up to another 2 weeks.. But I’ll take tomorrow...
  7. Lap makes sense in a normal world, but this is 2020 and we know what Kim Clement has said.. It will revalue soon and the RV will help Iraq and this nation...
  8. I just discovered something that maybe others already know, but I didn’t.. and I think it is significant.. Did you know that Amy Coney Barrett, the new Supreme Court Justice was an attorney in the 2000 Florida Presidential Bush/Gore lawsuit ? She provided research for Bush.. She knows a lot about voter fraud.. Now we may know why Trump appointed her for more than 1 reason.. I think that’s very interesting.. look it up..
  9. I have read the articles about the watermarks, etc.. but haven’t seen anything about the possibility of that being looked into from the actual media, just you tubers.. I guess as always, time will tell.
  10. Is everyone as confused as I am right now? I put all my faith in the fact that Kim C said Trump Would serve 2 terms, as well as every other prophet I have ran across on YouTube in the last several months.. Even though I don’t like Trumps personality, I do like what he has done for Israel and several other things for our nation. After listening to Kim C, I believe Trump has been placed here by God to do his bidding. But here we are, as far as Trumps possibility of being re-elected, seemingly dwindling daily.. I am reminded “when things seem at their worst, I shall free them up.”.. Are we goin
  11. DoD maybe once it RVs if Adam keeps the site going, we may can get a group together to go over there. I know my Shia friend would definitely go and he could take us to all the sites and show us around.. just a thought..
  12. Thanks DoD.. I have heard that.. I subscribe to a channel on YouTube of a couple that have travelled to 100 Countries, 1 of them was Iraq.. it even shows them getting 4, 25k dinar notes out of an ATM there in Erbil.. lol Anyway, they talk about how nice everyone is and how they just give everyone food to eat, etc.. I think it’s a 3 part video, but it is cool.. If anyone is interested here is a link to the 1st video...
  13. The reason so many say $3.22 is because supposedly this is the last known exchange rate of the Dinar to the USD before the devalue started many many moons ago.
  14. Hey Longtimelurker, I feel the same way you do, kinda connected after 16 years on this ride. I have never been to Iraq although I feel like I kinda know how they live hearing so many stories from my 2 Iraqi friends. I have spoken to my Shia friend about going there and he said is it does RV, that we should go and he would show me around.. I want to do that but I don’t know if it would be safe for a white American to go to Najaf or Baghdad now.. I think if I did go see Iraq, I think a safer place would be the Kurdish region. I would get in touch with my Kurdish friend and maybe go w
  15. Thanks Pepperina! I used to post more when I was talking to my Iraqi friends daily but I haven’t talked to my Kurdish friend in a long time and we used to be close, so I need to call him and my Shia friend that I work with is on another shift, so I don’t see him much anymore either. If they ever have something important that they hear, I will either add it to the “Shia Friend” thread or make a whole new thread all together. I have a feeling this RV will surprise us all including them..
  16. Hey Wheelman.. No, you may be thinking of GregP.. sometimes I used to end with “we shall sea..” I kinda stole that phrase from a lady in the dinar community about 10 years ago..
  17. Hey Guys.. I have 2 Iraqi friends ( One Kurdish from Erbil and the other one I currently work with a Shia from Najaf) they are both originally from Iraq, but both have lived here in the US for many years now. I texted my Shia friend yesterday about the upcoming US elections and how it might effect the Middle East and his response was, he sees lots of changes coming, but didn’t elaborate.. (Sorry if that sounds like guru talk, but it is what he said and it probably doesn’t mean much) 😂
  18. Great post 8th ID.. I'm 50 now, and my entire life I have been a skeptic of modern prophets. I have always believed they were real vague in order to say later, see, it happened just like I said.. when in reality what he said was so vague anything could have happened and he would have taken credit for it.. anyway, I thought they were all con artists.. UNTILL.. Kim Clement came along. I first was hooked when he predicted that America would be attacked as planes through in the air over Long Island.. This prophecy was not vague.. For the last year or two I have studied hi
  19. Love love love the 80s music! The best music ever! Glad to have been a teenager during this time, and now I’m 50! Doesn’t seem possible . If you look in my phone 80% of my music is... Big 80s, especially 80s Rock!! Love it!
  20. Longtimelurker you are correct.. I have seen them abbreviate the rate that way also in the past. They usually mean 121,000 or 120,000 for every $100.. IMO nothing to get excited about yet..
  21. Hey DoD.. both my Shia friend and my old Kurdish friend live here in the states now. They were both translators for the US Army civilians with the DOD back in 2003 or so but my Kurdish friend was a much higher level translator. He was making a ton of money from the DOD and would sometimes even translate for Gen. Petraeus.. He had some incredible stories. Anyway, he would go back to his home in Erbil where his brother lives about once a year. So he was just telling me if he had to pay taxes on dinar here, he would go back home and not have to.. He would ultimately change it over to
  22. I remember my Kurdish friend telling me years ago that paying taxes in Iraq was voluntary, so nobody really does it.. seemed odd to me.. I mentioned taxes taken out when it RVs, either capital gains or income tax and he looked at me funny and said, I’ll just change over my dinars for USD in Iraq and wire them to the US.. (meaning no taxes for him)..
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