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  1. I don't often drink tequila, but when I do, I always drink it with salt! And I wake up with a headache!
  2. CL, I don't understand why we call it common sense, because it's not so common anymore. In fact, I am not sure that it ever was!!
  3. Don't tell my 82-year-old mother this is a myth!! 😂
  4. Does he really care about the poor class in society? This reminds of the US government confiscating all the gold in the US and then raising the price of gold. I guess he feels like he has stolen enough to make it worth his while, now it's time to raise the value! As an investor, should it really matter to me HOW the dinar goes up, or should I simply be happy that it goes up?
  5. I get the feeling that you don't do anything a teency weency bit! I believe you are "all in or all out"!! You give everything you do everything you have. That's a great trait to have! 👍👍
  6. I think I have gotten the equivalent of a master's degree on this site since I joined oh so many years ago. I wasn't sure where Iraq was on a map, I certainly didn't know anything about how their politics worked and I had never heard of crypto. I live in a military town (Marine Corps) and I run into Marines quite a bit who served in Iraq. I can converse with them about things happening over there. My son-in-law was a crew chief on the Osprey, the tilt rotor plane that takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane. He brought us one of the flags they flew over Camp Bastion. We have it displayed in a shadow box in our office. I used to go over to Fern Valley Road in Louisville, but that was in the early 80's. It's probably changed since then. 😃
  7. Hey Jeepguy, Are you going to bail on us when this thing hits? You aren't gonna stick around DV and continue the fun? 😂😂 I graduated from Rowan County high school in Morehead. It's about 30 miles east of Lexington.
  8. There's always one that you know is bad and he doesn't disappoint. The only time he's good is when he is "dispatched" towards the end of the show. Now I wonder when it's gonna happen...
  9. BamaGirl, it's like watching a good mystery on TV, where the good guys end up being the bad guys and the bad guys ending up being the good guys. I never know who is who til their true colors come out. The only difference is that I don't have anything riding on the TV shows!
  10. So, they left all our troops there, but now instead of calling them "troops" they call them "advisors"? Am I reading this right?
  11. I'll tell you what I will do Davis. When this thing does hit, I'll let you buy me whatever truck you feel will best suit my needs. I'll take a GM, Ford, Chevy or RAM. See what a nice guy I am? 😆 By the way, I love your sense of humor!
  12. Maybe his administration couldn't put a budget together so he knows if this administration puts a budget together, it will only make him look bad.
  13. As a friend of mine used to say, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull!" And he wasn't even from Iraq!😆 But you are right dinarham, we are holding on till the end, because we have faith, and the principle part of faith is patience.
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