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  1. When the dinar does RV, they will all say, "See, I told you I knew what I was talking about!!" 😁 I for one, won't hold anything against them. As my wealth grows, it doesn't really matter to me who takes the credit.
  2. I sure would like to see that EO. I think it's more like EO, EO, O! (You have to sing it for the full effect!)
  3. So, their reporters publish what they want without any facts? Sound familiar? 😁
  4. I thought that movie was so cool when it came out, and now I watch clips of it and realize how stoooopid my thinking was. I am glad we can change the way we think! I want to be a little better today than I was yesterday, because if I am not, then I am only 2 days older and no smarter. Alot of folks on here have helped me do that and I am grateful to you all for your help.
  5. I can't wait for Thugs to comment on this one!
  6. I read the new tax form will only have part 1 and part 2. Part 1: How much did you make last year? Part 2: Send it all!
  7. If they are paid about $35k a year (US$), that's $14B a year that the government is paying for nothing. Waste leads to more waste. For decades, they have been flush with cash from oil monies, but they have blown most of it on things like this and now their excess spending is catching up with them. Kazemi is trying to get their spending under control, but he's "taking candy away from the babies" and the babies don't like it! Go Kazemi, Go!
  8. Usually all the squirrels come out of our woods from the right and run across the yard to the left. Yesterday a squirrel came out of the woods on the left and ran to the right. Could this be an RV trigger? 😂😂 Ron, I appreciate your posts too!
  9. Horsesoldier, it has to be flat. Have you ever tried to put some water on a beach ball and make it stay there? Either the world is flat or there is some magic going on!
  10. DT finds the news, reads it, chews on it, digests it and it comes out as rainbow poop! Thuggy, I appreciate you "coloring" the news. You highlight what is important to us and it makes the reading more palatable!
  11. So who goes first? Should Kurdistan give Baghdad the oil first or should Baghdad pay the Kurdistan for the oil first? Wasn't this an agreement that we will pay you for oil that you give to SOMO?
  12. Sadr always looks like he is so mad he can spit nails. Thug, you think it's cause his turban is too tight?
  13. If you're from the south, you don't even have to ask this question!😃😃 I'm from eastern NC.
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