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  1. Thanks Sage, Insurance is such a profitable business. The fact that they are now talking about it tells me they are trying to bring other industries besides oil into their country. Did they have any kind of group like our OSHA over there? I have seen pics of them doing some pretty crazy things on their building products over there. But then again, just like with our news, I never really know what's real and what's not.
  2. He says, "It's coming next week, but don't get fixed on dates"! That's like saying, "If you weren't so dumb, you'd be smart"!! Anyway, I got fixed after we had all the kids we wanted. Does that count?
  3. Most of our insurance policies have a "terrorism clause". I wonder what they will do with that clause in their country in the future?
  4. I'll bet you are. That mask looks like it would be hot! 😁
  5. Maybe he's got a camera and a recorder in his "boots on the ground".
  6. Smokey Mtn Dinar, Just give me exact spelling of your name and I will write you in on the next ballot. What are you wanting to run for?😄
  7. This is kind of like setting your watch 15 minutes ahead so you won't ever be late. It's a trick they do in their accounting. And what I have noticed is that people who set their watches 15 minutes ahead are still always late!
  8. I wrote a check to my wife of 38 years yesterday from one of our bank accounts to another account in my name at another bank. I wanted to transfer some money from one account to another and it would take at least two days if I did it electronically. The bank would not let her deposit the check written to her into that account because they said she was not on the bank account she was trying to deposit the check into! She had to bring the check back to our office and I had to sign the BACK of the check that I had signed on the front! And it was a small check for only $250!
  9. It has always amazed me that the irs says that we owe a certain percentage of our income in taxes. And then they start giving us ways (deductions)to legally get out of paying those taxes. What is it? Do you want our taxes or not? Don't take this wrong; I am all for the deductions. I take every one of them that I can without getting in trouble. I has some tax issues about 30 years ago and I never want to go through that again. If our tax code was a lot simpler, then we probably wouldn't have a need for the irs. But that's just my dream, and it will probably never happen.
  10. Y'all are willing to give up all this fun for a few million measly bucks? 😁😁
  11. Thank you 3 Bucks. I guess we can't use the logic of how much oil Iraq has to determine their currency value, can we? 😄 Could you imagine if we had to pay $7.4 million of our dollars for a bottle of water? I think I would have to start from the water hose again like I did when I was a kid! See what socialism does to a country?
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