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  1. GameChanger

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 October 2018

    Just in time. Got my renewed Passport yesterday... Whew!
  2. Adam mentioned to look out for 10/03/2018. Pending?
  3. Ben Shapiro puts the separation issue in perspective. Only need to listen for a couple of minutes. Better to know the whole truth and not just a half opinion.
  4. GameChanger

    Questions For Adam's Update 4-25-2018

    Instead of asking when, I'm gonna ask how much longer can Iraq survive with the currency the way it is? As always... thanks for what you do. Hoping all that you've done has not been in vain.
  5. Hmmm... whish there was a march to "End people violence". Seems that it would be all encompassing and going after the cause. Misguided and under-informed people are trying to set policy based on emotional flares. Our first step in solving problems is open discussion where the first premise is to admit that our own opinion could be flawed whereby we are open to all the facts to reach a suitable end for the greatest common good. It's communication 101 which is no longer taught. So stop marching and start talking/fixing. Just say'n
  6. Adam has a dinar seller advertising on this site. Has anyone used the company? Any other places to purchase dinar (banks or online)... not including private parties? Prefer NorCal if someone has to list a private party. Thanks
  7. GameChanger

    Questions For Adam's Update 3-15-2017

    Hey Adam, Just a bit confused. I'm hearing good positive stuff from you and other reports which is great with regard to recent increased possibility of RV. I'm wondering why would they RV while they are still involved with one of their largest cities, as in Mosul being occupied (in part) by ISIS?
  8. GameChanger

    Roxy Music - Avalon

    Had this song as part of my wedding video. A VERY romantic song indeed!!!
  9. GameChanger

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 December 2016

    Born and raised. Yup, the days of Freddie B., Otis, Gene, Mark, Ted (Stork), Tuz, Snake, Ghost, Alzado, Marcus, Lester (Got any stick'm), etc.... Oh I remember the days! And yes, love the current raiders. Good old days seemed to have more character. Regardless... GOOOO RAIDERS... "Just Win Baby"!
  10. GameChanger


    Well, I'm kinda with you but remember B. Madoff? A lot of big mucky mucks were on board with him too... sad
  11. GameChanger

    Is Our Dinar Real???

    Thanks Wiljor! Ive looked at all the special marks and security emblems especially when I purchased it 6 years ago. Just wondering if the currency will still be valid if there is any type of government change or some other situation that we haven't thought of.
  12. GameChanger

    Is Our Dinar Real???

    I've been in this for 6 years and purchased some IQD from "Dinarbanker", "Sterling...", "Tampa...?", and I think one other. I always took the advice from the forums on DV and even saw that AM had Sterling as an advertiser (properly vetted?). So, with the recent Sterling situation etc.... how do we know that our Dinar is actually a piece of paper with value (albeit low at the moment)? Just wondering. Hopefully my decoupage paper is worth something... just say'n.
  13. GameChanger

    Opinion on Trans gender in public restrooms?

    Pee like a boy... Boy's Bathroom Pee like a girl... Girl's Bathroom Period...! End of discussion.
  14. WHEN!!!!!?????... will the world decide wrong is wrong and swift elimination is the only way to expedite wrong doers meet their maker to get true judgment. Truly disgusting!!!
  15. GameChanger

    Ok... Where are we now?

    It would seem to me that if there are banks, investors, etc. involved in the post RV plan that they would have their finger on the pulse of an inevitable RV/RI . That being said, I would suspect that Adam is in contact with them where he would also have a better sense of what's likely to happen. The problem is that there has been moments of excitement yet limited forward movement. Granted, if you got in early enough you may have tripled or quadrupled your IQD value. That, in and of itself, is fantastic but I suspect most of us are looking for bigger value change. So, where are we now?. Or, better said, If they are going to RV/RI then what are the specific accomplishments that need to be done to do so. And... what is the status of each potential accomplishment. Are they only the HCL and stability (ie. ISIS)? If it's those two things only then we are in this for a lot longer time... years... I suspect. Hey, sorry... just typing out loud and babbling. I felt that I had more concrete information about a year ago... now... it feels like flopping in the wind.

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