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  1. May I enquire how you are getting 9%. Always looking for a good place to park some dough. thanks
  2. Well fancy that... guess I've had toooooo many beers today. I stand well corrected. 840 million USD it is. Actually, I never knew there was such a number when I was in school. Funny how a few zero's changes things. GGGGGOOOOOOOOOO RV!
  3. .00084 (rate of USD to IQD) x 1,000,000,000 IQD= 840,000 Unless things are super cheap in Iraq... 840k is nothing for small business.
  4. Could be British pounds to dinar which is even more than USD. I suppose it could be a large number of other currencies but the numbers, I suspect are, not far off. Still hoping someone can apply some hard facts for the 1:1 usd argument. Thanks
  5. I can appreciate the digital banking but the discrepancy in trillions concerns me.
  6. I suppose we should also consider what their build up reserve is and has been since 2002. Anyone know that number?
  7. So, doing a bit of investigating (not sure if numbers are accurate because I got'm from the internet). If there are 45 Trillion IQD in circulation and Iraq only holds 5 Trillion in country then why would they RV at 1:1? They would have a lot of value to cover. Iraq is currently at max output capacity of 5 million barrels a day production. 5 million x 365 days a year = 1,569,500,000 barrels per year. If oil reaches $60 a barrel then their revenue is $94,170,000,000/year. If you value their currency for a 20 year production which generates 1,883,400,000,000 (this is almost 1.9 trillion). A far cry from 40 Trillion. And I understand there could be many variables over the 20 years but I'm just say'n its a bit off to me. I think the math is right but not sure if the numbers are right but they seem reasonable. Please help me understand what I'm missing. Thanks
  8. Thanks Starr. Just purchased from another source. Best Wishes
  9. Looking for 1M. Son wants to get into the IQD saga. PM if you have some available. Thx
  10. Just wondering. The Venezuelan Bolivar is 1USD:248521BOL. They have more oil than Saudi Arabia. Once they get there government squared away in the next few years (10+?) would their currency go up??? Should we consider buying a bit of Bolivar with minimal purchase amount? ie. 100 US to buy 248,521,000 Bolivar
  11. So, the reason I started this thread was to see how passion and opinion can overshadow "facts". I will therefore state my opinion as if it has any value. First, I have experienced and spoke with quite a few vets from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afg, etc., where they have shared some dark places in their hearts as well as other thoughts. The common thread is, even if they enlisted/were drafted for their country, in the end they fought to protect the brothers (and/or sisters) to the right and left of them all along carrying out the policy of the government. Although "Country" was important and they are passionate about their country... they are MORE passionate of their comrades. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE would they not defend their brothers/sisters and yes... to the death. Extremely honorable and respectful. That passion/intensity runs deep... regardless of time spent in service. The players in our government have a way to tap that passion. The conservatives along with the FAR RIGHT and the liberals to include "Snowflakes" also have extreme passion... albeit from very different places in which they will go to great lengths to protect their comrades, event to the point of looking the other way for their perceived greater good. We have a government which polarizes us to perpetuate our perceived need for them. The government utilizes the media and weaponizes it. We count on them to be defenders of our core beliefs (the Constitution and or religious). One of the problems seems that we have different views on how our liberties/beliefs apply and to who they apply to. I guess the core question is why are we so divided when the constitution is concrete and religion has been solidified over the ages. They said, she did, he did, oh know he didn't, oh know they didn't... We are all grabbing at some resemblance of the TRUTH but it seems frequently fractured, inflated, deflated, distorted, and quite honestly more about opinion. The media has tapped into our passion and is trying to direct us to SOME AGENDA. Facts matter and opinions can create passionate blindness. Maybe, for the sake of sanity on this thread, we can move forward by sharing SOURCES of facts. I KNOW people get opinions from many pundits and extreme view websites. If we can not get a consensus of what sites/sources are factual then we will NEVER begin to come together. If, during a discussion, both sides come in with their thoughts/facts that are 100% right without the remote possibility they may not be all that accurate... then there is NO chance of middle ground or resolution. So, if you are going to spout off some "facts" you better have a viable source. Just because everyone agrees with your opinion doesn't necessarily make it fact. ie. "Hands up don't shoot." Remember? Started one way and ended up another (after a full investigation). So... I'll end with this... What Are the FACTS of why the left doesn't like Trump... NO OPINIONS
  12. I appreciate your comments above. They seem like opinions. In my life of over 50 years... I have never seen opinion used as fact nearly as much as it is used today. So... I'm hoping with so many bright people on this site that we could get to some "Brass Tacks" of the issues. It's funny, I speak to extremes of both parties and moderates of both... if you use a little verbal jujitsu, you can get to the chore of their feelings/opinions. Usually though, there are NO FACTS to support the opinion... just more opinions. All that being said... what are "The Facts Mam... Nothing but the Facts"
  13. I'm gonna slightly reverse the "NO OPINION" statement and say that it is my OPINION that the only thing the left could not like about Trump is his "Non PC" way of speaking to include some massagonisitc speak. From a factual standpoint all the changes made in the administration seem to have a sound basis. However, the superfiscial optics appear to be driving the left opposition and not the meat of the changes. From my fact checking... the policy changes seem to be making our lives better. I must be missing something. What fact are the left upset about???
  14. Happy New Year Adam et al. Thanks for all you've done and continue to do. How about a topic/bullet point of: Adams Weekly Updates Far more convenient I think. Thanks again and GOOOO RV 2019Q1
  15. Just in time. Got my renewed Passport yesterday... Whew!
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