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  1. Uh... 95% of US deaths are age 50+. Of those, appx. 80% (total) are over age 65 (source... CDC website... FACT). JB was against the China travel ban (called it xenophobic) of which, by all accounts dramatically helped limit the spread. FACT. Masks (if they are going to help at all) MAY limit the transmission of asymptomatic or symptomatic, however a mask is not necessary if you are COVID-19 negative (which DJT gets tested more than any human on the planet). He has worn one and has said "masks are a good thing". I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that many people may not like the man'
  2. Not sure how to ask or if this is the right place. Here it goes... if I had a few extra bucks that I wouldn't need for a year or two... how could I invest it in OIL? I'm ignorant of the whole thing but I like buy low and sell high. Maybe see the answer in VIP? Thanks
  3. May I enquire how you are getting 9%. Always looking for a good place to park some dough. thanks
  4. Well fancy that... guess I've had toooooo many beers today. I stand well corrected. 840 million USD it is. Actually, I never knew there was such a number when I was in school. Funny how a few zero's changes things. GGGGGOOOOOOOOOO RV!
  5. .00084 (rate of USD to IQD) x 1,000,000,000 IQD= 840,000 Unless things are super cheap in Iraq... 840k is nothing for small business.
  6. Could be British pounds to dinar which is even more than USD. I suppose it could be a large number of other currencies but the numbers, I suspect are, not far off. Still hoping someone can apply some hard facts for the 1:1 usd argument. Thanks
  7. I can appreciate the digital banking but the discrepancy in trillions concerns me.
  8. I suppose we should also consider what their build up reserve is and has been since 2002. Anyone know that number?
  9. So, doing a bit of investigating (not sure if numbers are accurate because I got'm from the internet). If there are 45 Trillion IQD in circulation and Iraq only holds 5 Trillion in country then why would they RV at 1:1? They would have a lot of value to cover. Iraq is currently at max output capacity of 5 million barrels a day production. 5 million x 365 days a year = 1,569,500,000 barrels per year. If oil reaches $60 a barrel then their revenue is $94,170,000,000/year. If you value their currency for a 20 year production which generates 1,883,400,000,000 (this is almost 1.9 trillion). A f
  10. Thanks Starr. Just purchased from another source. Best Wishes
  11. Looking for 1M. Son wants to get into the IQD saga. PM if you have some available. Thx
  12. Just wondering. The Venezuelan Bolivar is 1USD:248521BOL. They have more oil than Saudi Arabia. Once they get there government squared away in the next few years (10+?) would their currency go up??? Should we consider buying a bit of Bolivar with minimal purchase amount? ie. 100 US to buy 248,521,000 Bolivar
  13. So, the reason I started this thread was to see how passion and opinion can overshadow "facts". I will therefore state my opinion as if it has any value. First, I have experienced and spoke with quite a few vets from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afg, etc., where they have shared some dark places in their hearts as well as other thoughts. The common thread is, even if they enlisted/were drafted for their country, in the end they fought to protect the brothers (and/or sisters) to the right and left of them all along carrying out the policy of the government. Although "Country" was important and they
  14. I appreciate your comments above. They seem like opinions. In my life of over 50 years... I have never seen opinion used as fact nearly as much as it is used today. So... I'm hoping with so many bright people on this site that we could get to some "Brass Tacks" of the issues. It's funny, I speak to extremes of both parties and moderates of both... if you use a little verbal jujitsu, you can get to the chore of their feelings/opinions. Usually though, there are NO FACTS to support the opinion... just more opinions. All that being said... what are "The Facts Mam... Nothing but t
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